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March 30, 2011


anthony case hearing scheduled tomorrow morn

by Andrea O'Connell

A hearing, in the State v. Casey Anthony, is scheduled tomorrow morning, at 10:00 a.m.  The hearing will be focused on the six new witnesses the defense wants to add.  Since it is well past the deadline, the defense must show good cause for adding the witnesses at this late date.

Here’s the defense motion regarding adding the six new witnesses.  Click here.

The six new witnesses are:

  1. Jeffery A. Danziger, M.D. – To rebut and argue “state of mind” and “consciousness of guilt.”
  2. William Weitz, Ph.D. – Dr. Weitz’s specialty is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  The speculation is he will mitigate some of Casey’s behavior as being caused by PTSD.
  3. Kenneth Lewis, Asst. State Attorney – Will be called only if the State calls Maya Derovich.  The State claims they are not calling her, so this witness is moot.
  4. Sharon Cadieux – A witness to the “pushing” scene outside of the Anthony’s home.  However, the defense, in their motion, provide absolutely no reason for calling this witness.  Let’s say it all together:  “Hmmmmmmmm!
  5. Daniel Kondus, Supervisor of landscaping on Suburban Drive – There is no reason given for calling this witness.  One could surmise that the defense may ask him if his work takes him along the area of Suburban Drive where Caylee’s grave site was.  Or, perhaps this witness observed something?  We will find out tomorrow, supposedly.
  6. Patrica Young – Well this is quite interesting, too.  This witness, it says in the motion, was recently deposed as a member of the Texas Equusearch volunteers who searched for Caylee.  However, this witness is on the battery complaint against George Anthony. Can we say it one more time, all together now:  “Hmmmmmmmm!”  Here’s the Police Report: Click here.

With regards to using George as reasonable doubt in the trial, there appears to be some back-pedaling today.  Some media outlets are reporting, “No”, the defense is not going to use that tactic.

Mark Lippman, the Anthony’s attorney, released a statement saying George is not involved in the tragic death of his granddaughter, and anyone who suggests such a thing will be in big-ole legal trouble.  But, then Attorney Lippman, in the next breath says this:

If there’s a reasonable scenario that could cater to how the circumstances then turned out later, certainly you present it, it’s absolutely necessary if you’re going to represent your client zealously.

This situation is getting “curiouser and curiouser.”

Tomorrow will be verrrrryyyyy interesting.

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  1. offthecuff
    Mar 30 2011

    The Judge would have to be pretty nice to allow last minute witnesses, but he has been tolerant before.

    However, I’m not sure how tolerant he can be if the defense doesn’t present in particulars why they want some of these.

    PTSD sounds like a fishing expedition! A reasonable, original traumatic stress would have to be identified to apply this!

    Gee, I guess it was pretty traumatically stressful for Casey to be Caylee’s mom while living all-expense paid with Mammy and Pappy WHEN ALL SHE WANTED TO DO WAS DANCE!

    Or maybe Casey never got over wanting an abortion, having been forced to deliver. It’s just so stressful to live beyond your own selfish dimension.

    • Mar 31 2011

      Hi offthecuff…. Oh yes…. Baez and Company have forgotten their license to fish was suspended long ago…. On the other hand, Judge Perry knows the defense has an uphill battle and he may be lenient… maybe!

  2. Kitt
    Mar 30 2011

    A supervisor of landscaping?! Can’t wait to see what that’s all about!
    As for the protesters and the “pushing” incident…I’m not speaking in defense of George Anthony or anybody, but I’m inclined to feel that he was provoked. Sure, he shouldn’t have lost it and made physical contact, but on the other hand, I feel all those protesters there night and day were out of hand. Just my opinion.

    • Mar 31 2011

      Hi Kitt, I agree that he was provoked – and he was living on raw emotion. When all those protesters were out in front of the Anthony home and yelling and making such a to-do, I felt sorry for them on the one hand, but then I was also mad at them for engaging with them and not staying inside to try to ignore them.

  3. Kimberly
    Mar 30 2011

    Hi everyone I’m Kimberly and a fairly new reader of this blog. I was wondering if the PTSD would be to explain Casey being traumatized by caylees accidental death and the others to explain why she might have been afraid to tell the truth based on fear of her violent father. I of course am only speculating on behalf of these new witnesses being introduced, it is not my personal opinion of what might have happened in this case.

    • Mar 30 2011

      Hi there, Kimberly! Nice to meet ya! :mrgreen:

      You have a good idea about the PTSD cause and fear of George effect. It doesn’t bring about the reasonable doubt of the DTs strategy, if going with George as possible murderer is their aim though. But its a good one for penalty phase.

    • Mar 31 2011

      Hi Kimberly! Thank you for visiting… I do hope you will visit and post often. 🙂

      What you state is definitely a strong possibility – in fact, I bet you’ve hit the nail on the head, especially, as Sherry indicated, for the penalty phase. They’ll probably lay it on thick during the penalty phase, and I believe they are going to “try” their utmost to get the doctors in during the case in chief…. we shall see! Never a dull moment in this case!

  4. CptKD
    Mar 30 2011

    I will definately be tuning in tomorrow morning to see this show down. . . It ought to be a good one, and I wouldnt miss this for nothing. . . We are slowly getting closer to the real deal, and so the tension is mounting. Tomorrow will be quite telling in how things are going to unfold, and I wonder how Baez and Mason will react should they NOT get what they want. Perhaps Mason will tell JP to STEP DOWN! -LOL-

  5. char
    Mar 30 2011

    But wouldn’t Casey have to admit guilt for all these people to say she was scared etc? I was not happy with the Anthony Attorney backpeddling like he did. I hope George Anthony gives this alot of thought because he will have to live with his betrayal of Caylee the rest of his life if he allows this to happen.

  6. char
    Mar 30 2011

    I read a very good article earlier that the Judge does not have to step down and will not be forced to unless he openly admits that he is bias. Thats not going to happen. The state of Florida would consider it Judge shopping if they ask for another Judge to step down on same case.

    • Mar 31 2011

      That’s what I understood, too, Char. They have no chance of getting rid of Judge Perry…. He is to well respected by the Judicial in Florida for anyone to interfere with his work in this case, I believe.

  7. Mar 31 2011

    I wonder if we will meet the new lawyer for the DT~

  8. Yo
    Mar 31 2011

    Nancy Grace said on some show that Roseann Barr was hosting that she thinks the trial will be delayed. Judge Perry has made it very clear to the duhfense that the trial will start on time and will not be delayed. What do you guys think? With all the motions and hearings the DT is requesting, it just seems we’re never going to go to trial and NG may be right.

    • Mar 31 2011

      Hi Yo! Well, anything can happen in this case to stall it, but Judge Perry will have everyone working every Saturday to ensure this monster begins as scheduled if he has to! He seems bound and determined to see this thing start on time…. That’s my take on it anyway.

      Sent from my iPhone

  9. CptKD
    Mar 31 2011

    I apologize, Andrea!
    I’ve got nothing for you with regards to this morning’s hearing.
    I got all set up, and then things got started, and within seconds all the feeds starting messing up.
    Apparently the weather is quite severe this morning in Orlando, and so the stations were all having trouble.
    I’m trying to find out what happened, and so should I discover what actually occurred, I’ll let you know.
    I know that it was incredibly short, as was HHJP with Mason!
    Looks good on him – You don’t mess with the Chief Judge!
    Anyways, I only got to hear a few words out of Ashton, and it was all over!
    Will let you know what I found from here….

    • Mar 31 2011

      Thank you so much, CptKD! So the hearing must not have very eventful….! I sure thought it might have been an interesting one. Anyway, I appreciate you being my reporter on the ground – kinda sorta! I have a day off from work tomorrow, so I will watch with you! Thanks again.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • CptKD
        Mar 31 2011

        So glad that you will be around tomorrow.
        I didn’t even have Kim with me today, and
        it’s soooo lonely without you guys…LOL!

        I’ve included a recap below, that was provided
        to me from Nan11 over at Mainstreamfair.

        It definately was a short hearing, but
        tomorrow will be a long day.
        That’s a ‘for sure’ thing.
        It may go into the evening hours, and if
        necessary, even Saturday.

        I’m rather looking forward to
        it all…

  10. Venice
    Mar 31 2011

    Oh, Casey Casey Casey. What a tangled web you have weaved. (with the help of your familia). Ho-Hum……

  11. CptKD
    Mar 31 2011

    From Nan11 over at Mainstreamfair…
    God Bless her, for being on the ball, and for
    having found the right stream, in order to
    capture the rather brief hearing.

    This is what she was able to provide me with:

    – It really wasn’t much.

    – No Baez.

    – The defense struck Cadieux–that was the woman who witnessed George push Young.

    – The depos for two doctors are scheduled for next week.

    – Jeff Ashton has a CD with 236 pictures on it. He will deliver a copy to the court and the defense today. (Some pictures were previously sealed.)

    – Tomorrow’s hearing will start at 9:00 am.

    – Rather pleasant, cooperative tone through-out. Casey had no babysitter, and no legal work to help with. She sat still with her lavender onesie on and her hair in a perky ponytail.

    – Apparently Cindy was in attendance.

    And that’s the wrap up for today!

    Once again – I thank Nan for all the info
    she was able to provide me with!

    Giant Kudos to her!

  12. CptKD
    Mar 31 2011

    Compliments to WEBSLEUTHS for the re-cap they provided for this morning’s brief hearing:

    The Hearing was an opportunity for the Defense to show good cause for adding the witnesses past deadline, and for the State to object to the adding of the witnesses.

    But, Ashton and Mason tried to work it out between themselves before the Hearing this morning. There is no problem with 4 of the 6 new witnesses, but Ashton is waiting until after the depositions of Dr. Danziger and Dr. Weitz (on April 7th), to decide if the State will object to the Defense adding these two new witnesses past the deadline, decide if the Defense good cause is not good enough.

    The State has already taken the depositions of the other possible new Defense witnesses, Patricia Young and Daniel Kondos — the State Atty Lewis is not necessary to depose because the State is not calling Maya Derkovic, and the Defense withdrew Sharon Cadieux.
    So, LDB said the State is not prejudiced by the Defense adding the new witnesses (except for Danziger and Weitz).

    Thinking tomorrow’s going to be a ‘doozy’!

    • Mar 31 2011

      And, kudos to you, my dear, for being so generous with your time and keeping all of us updated!

      I’ll see you tomorrow!

  13. Venice
    Mar 31 2011

    You know Casey is dying to give us all the bird in the camera! She is ONE COLD MAMA!

    • Mar 31 2011

      Venice! I bet you are 100 percent on the money with that one!!!!

  14. Michele237
    Mar 31 2011

    I saw the video this afternoon of this morning’s hearing — I almost felt sorry for KC (I said almost) — she is extremely self-consious (I though it was painful to watch) as she knows the cameras on on her at all times — Baez was not there to pay attention to her or comfort her — she had very obvious bags under her eyes — is the upcoming trial finally wearing on her?

    • Mar 31 2011

      Hi Michele237. I know what you mean. She looked very, very disturbed today – more than I’ve ever seen her. Perhaps you’re right and she’s finally realizing what she’s facing…. But, even it does start to dawn on her, she’s not sorry for what she’s done, I can guarantee it.

  15. CptKD
    Mar 31 2011

    You said it, Venice!
    She so is DYING to do something with those hands…

    Those cold, hard hands, that snuffed the life out of
    her very own precious baby girl –

    She disgusts me to no end!

  16. Oct 19 2011

    I’m still shocked that Casey Anthony was let off. This is OJ all over again, I hope she gets in trouble for “improper disposal of body” or something to send her to prison…


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