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Today: Anticlimactic, Tomorrow: Frye ’em up!

If you happened to blink you might have missed today’s hearing in the State v. Casey Anthony case.  It lasted barely twenty minutes and was uneventful, in part because the State has no objection at this time, to the addition of the defense witnesses.

The Assistant State Attorneys are reserving their objection (to the witnesses), until they have the opportunity to depose the two doctors, Dr. Jeffery A. Danziger, and William Weitz, Ph.D.  The deposition of the two doctors is set for Thursday of next week.  If the State decides to object to the witnesses, they will inform the court, perhaps during the status hearing scheduled for the next day, Friday, April 8th.

One of the witnesses on the defense list, Sharon Cadieux (witness to the George Anthony “pushing” event), is playing hide and seek.  Neither the defense or the State has been successful in their attempts to contact this out of state witness.  Both sides have dropped her.

Tomorrow beginning at 9:00 a.m., the Frye Hearings resume, and will continue Saturday morning.   The Frye Hearing will address the stain in Casey Anthony’s trunk, and the heart shaped sticker.

I am unsure of what additional items are on the agenda.  However, the defense has advised the court they want a hearing on the reliability of Dr. Hall (root growth), as a witness.  They claim he does not have the requisite experience to testify in the trial.  Here’s the motion.

In another motion, the defense is asking for a rehearing regarding the decomposition found in the strand of hair belonging to Caylee that was found in the trunk of car driven by Casey Anthony.  The defense claims that Karen Lowe, who we saw testify in the initial Frye hearing, has a stake in the outcome of the case (I have no idea what that is supposed to mean!), and that her testimony was pure opinion. Here is the motion.

It remains to be seen if these two motions will be addressed during the Frye Hearings, or if they will be addressed during the status hearing, on Friday the 8th.

Judge Perry advised the players today that he has reserved a two-week period, just prior to jury selection, in the event the court needs to hear last minute motions.  The dates include the entire week of April 18th, and the following week, April 25th.

So, I’ll see you tomorrow, 9:00 a.m., sharp, for the Frye Hearing!

On a whole other separate note, I am celebrating three solid months of writing a post a day in the WordPress Post-A-Day Challenge!

It’s a year long challenge and I’m at 90 posts as of today…phew!

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