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today: dedicated to Dr. Vass

It was wild and crazy in that Orlando courtroom today, I tell you!  At one point during today’s hearing in the State of Florida v. Casey Anthony, the tension was so thick it was palpable – the kind of tension that freezes a person right in their very tracks.

Most of the testimony today was about Dr. Vass, the wonderfully charismatic State Expert who testified to the high levels of chloroform, and of decomposition present in air samples.

Like the song goes….”this is dedicated to the one I love….”   Today was (not so lovingly) dedicated to Dr. Vass. His name was on everyone’s lips.  It was a day of “who can discredit Dr. Vass best?”

Frankly, it got tiring.

Cindy Anthony made an appearance on the stand today.  And, my goodness, 3 years later, she remembers she used a whole can of Febreeze in Casey’s car to stifle the “worst smell she’s smelled in her life,” and she used dryer sheets (yup, those help!), which she’d forgotten to testify to in her deposition.  Oops.

Well, Cindy has a reason for everything.  She explained her reason for not mentioning this in her depo was due to her just starting a new anti depression drug at the time of the depo.  But, now she’s able to remember.  She spoke directly to Linda Drane Burdick, who was not questioning her, and said, “I told you that Ms. Burdick.”  (That was embarrassing.)

Oh, but it did turn out to be a nice day for Cindy after all because  Casey mouthed the words “I love you, too” after she stepped down from the stand.  Do you think it’s because Cindy may go along with the plan to destroy George?  Did Cindy agree to the blame it on George tactic? That’s my guess.

The Judge stepped in numerous times to yell at Mr. Baez and Mr. Ashton, who, like siblings, each want to get a leg up over the other. Mr. Ashton, as fantastic an attorney as he is, is also a major hot-head and cannot stand Mr. Baez, clearly.  They clash so vociferously and despise each other so clearly, that the Judge must play referee.

I believe what Mr. Ashton hates the most about Mr. Baez are the tricks that he plays, the discovery he hides, and the fact that Baez is, clearly, devoid of any sense of professionalism in that courtroom.

The defense called Dr. Kenneth Furton, a researcher from Miami, who was a little terse and snippy.  In the beginning of his testimony, he held his chin in the air so high, you could almost look inside his sniffer.

As the day went on and Dr. Furton not able to channel Dr. Vass and become him, his chin slid down to such a degree he wore what can only be described as a “hang-dog” look. Poor puppy.

So, it was a day about Dr. Vass.  The wonderful Dr. Vass who most scientists in his field look to and emulate, would probably blush at all of the day’s attention.

In short, the defense just needs the smell of garbage to take the place of the smell of a body decomposing. Dr. Furton, in my view, was not able to do that for them.

The bottom line today was the fact that Dr. Furton has always based his studies, his findings and his experiments on separate body parts decomposing.  Not entire bodies.

And therein lies the rub.

There’s a big difference between the two events, as can be imagined.  Dr. Furton would not concede this at all.  He would not admit that results from a whole body versus a body part going through the decomposition process, would be vastly different.

That’s when I kind of stopped listening to him.

No hearing on Saturday.  The Frye Hearings begin again, next week, on Wednesday.


Oh Happy Day!

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