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I have been wanting to talk about an incident that happened the other day outside of the Orlando courthouse where Casey Anthony is being tried for Capital Murder.  I am referring to the disgusting actions of Mr. Cheney Mason when he bellowed to reporter Kathi Belich, “You are probably the stupidest reporter on the face of the Earth.  Get out of my way.”

If you ever need clarity on the definition of the word misogyny, look at that video.

There is nothing more irritating than to see stupidity and braggadocio take the place of good lawyering.  Now, I’m referring to both Mr. Mason and Mr. Baez.  It is interesting, though, how the two men differ in their techniques.  Mr. Mason prefers so show his braggadocio outside the courtroom, or in motions.  Mr. Baez, on the other hand, more consistently flaunts his stupidity, though he attempts to hide it with braggadocious behavior.

A fellow blogger, Bull Stopper, wrote a post very recently on this same topic. Is Cheney Mason the Stupidest Attorney on the Face of the Earth?

Bull Stopper asks: “Who will win the stupidity contest, Mr. Baez or Mr. Mason?”

Who will win?  Only the defendant, Casey Anthony, will be able to give a definitive answer as she enters the chamber in which she will face the combined result of her defense team’s stupidity and her own terrible actions, the ultimate penalty which can be imposed by the state of Florida, the loss of her life.  ~Bull Stopper.  Read post here.

This is one of the most disturbing aspects of this case:  Casey Anthony, by the choice of her counsel, could pay the ultimate price – her life.

It seems obvious to most of us that she is not being well served by either Mr. Baez, or Mr. Mason. This is lost on Casey Anthony.

We know the evidence against her looms large, but it also appears her own attorneys are using her to their own advantage. Mr. Mason once said this case will be “fun.”  Fun for him?  Isn’t that nice. I hope he’s having fun now as his legitimacy fades.

Sure, Mason and Baez want to save Casey Anthony from a sentence of death, but it appears they are not acting in that regard – they are attempting an acquittal.  But, the die is cast – it was cast long ago when Baez, early on, failed to act on the mountains of evidence against his client.  An acquittal is not in the cards.

I truly believe that another attorney would have walked away from this case, knowing there was no way it could be won.  If Baez had walked away, and Anthony continued to declare she was not guilty, in the face of the overwhelming chain of circumstantial evidence, then a Public Defender would perform due diligence by advising her to think twice about her decision as her situation is serious and the evidence against her is enormous.

I have no doubt a Public Defender would have worked a deal with the State Attorney’s Office, especially early on in the case.   I seriously believe all deals are off now.  The State Attorney has invested too much in this case to let it go in a plea deal.  If the State Attorney thought some of their evidence was flawed, no doubt they would discuss a plea.  Not now – their case is too strong.

Cash strapped Florida should not have to pay for the trial of this sick young women who barely held a job or contributed to society, or to the State of Florida, in any way.  It is an abomination of justice, and is an injustice to the people of Florida, of which I am one.

I believe in our system of justice.  I believe the Defense Attorney’s role in the system is critical to ensure justice is fair and balanced and not over run by over-ambitious good ole’ boys in law enforcement. I say this because there are good ole’ boys (not in this case), that have long and strong arms that could wreak havoc on the innocent in our society.

Against the person of Casey Anthony, there is a chain of circumstantial evidence that, when known by a jury, will stay chained to her legs and point to one outcome.  Guilt.

And yet, the State of Florida must suffer and pay for an outcome we know is coming? To me, this is the definition of injustice.  It’s also an injustice to Casey Anthony; she is clearly not being well served.

It was revealed recently what the defense cost to the State of Florida has been in excess of $200,000.  An article recently published by WFTV reports the following:

Casey’s defense spent more than $200,000 before asking taxpayers last year to pay the rest of Casey’s legal expenses. WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer says that’s twice as much as a client of limited means would spend on a murder defense.

I wonder how many innocent defendants will suffer as a result of the financial shortfall this case will cause?

The costs referred to above do not take into account the dollars spent by the Assistant State Attorney’s Office, which is funded by Florida taxpayers.

If Casey Anthony is found guilty and sentenced to death, the cost will then be in the millions.  It is well documented that the cost of imposing the death penalty far outweighs the cost of a life sentence.

The die is cast now.  Similarly, by casting Baez in a chance of a life-time role as her attorney, she may very well die.

The truth is, when a fool hires a fool, every day is April Fools day.

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