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April 2, 2011


no april fools

by Andrea O'Connell

I have been wanting to talk about an incident that happened the other day outside of the Orlando courthouse where Casey Anthony is being tried for Capital Murder.  I am referring to the disgusting actions of Mr. Cheney Mason when he bellowed to reporter Kathi Belich, “You are probably the stupidest reporter on the face of the Earth.  Get out of my way.”

If you ever need clarity on the definition of the word misogyny, look at that video.

There is nothing more irritating than to see stupidity and braggadocio take the place of good lawyering.  Now, I’m referring to both Mr. Mason and Mr. Baez.  It is interesting, though, how the two men differ in their techniques.  Mr. Mason prefers so show his braggadocio outside the courtroom, or in motions.  Mr. Baez, on the other hand, more consistently flaunts his stupidity, though he attempts to hide it with braggadocious behavior.

A fellow blogger, Bull Stopper, wrote a post very recently on this same topic. Is Cheney Mason the Stupidest Attorney on the Face of the Earth?

Bull Stopper asks: “Who will win the stupidity contest, Mr. Baez or Mr. Mason?”

Who will win?  Only the defendant, Casey Anthony, will be able to give a definitive answer as she enters the chamber in which she will face the combined result of her defense team’s stupidity and her own terrible actions, the ultimate penalty which can be imposed by the state of Florida, the loss of her life.  ~Bull Stopper.  Read post here.

This is one of the most disturbing aspects of this case:  Casey Anthony, by the choice of her counsel, could pay the ultimate price – her life.

It seems obvious to most of us that she is not being well served by either Mr. Baez, or Mr. Mason. This is lost on Casey Anthony.

We know the evidence against her looms large, but it also appears her own attorneys are using her to their own advantage. Mr. Mason once said this case will be “fun.”  Fun for him?  Isn’t that nice. I hope he’s having fun now as his legitimacy fades.

Sure, Mason and Baez want to save Casey Anthony from a sentence of death, but it appears they are not acting in that regard – they are attempting an acquittal.  But, the die is cast – it was cast long ago when Baez, early on, failed to act on the mountains of evidence against his client.  An acquittal is not in the cards.

I truly believe that another attorney would have walked away from this case, knowing there was no way it could be won.  If Baez had walked away, and Anthony continued to declare she was not guilty, in the face of the overwhelming chain of circumstantial evidence, then a Public Defender would perform due diligence by advising her to think twice about her decision as her situation is serious and the evidence against her is enormous.

I have no doubt a Public Defender would have worked a deal with the State Attorney’s Office, especially early on in the case.   I seriously believe all deals are off now.  The State Attorney has invested too much in this case to let it go in a plea deal.  If the State Attorney thought some of their evidence was flawed, no doubt they would discuss a plea.  Not now – their case is too strong.

Cash strapped Florida should not have to pay for the trial of this sick young women who barely held a job or contributed to society, or to the State of Florida, in any way.  It is an abomination of justice, and is an injustice to the people of Florida, of which I am one.

I believe in our system of justice.  I believe the Defense Attorney’s role in the system is critical to ensure justice is fair and balanced and not over run by over-ambitious good ole’ boys in law enforcement. I say this because there are good ole’ boys (not in this case), that have long and strong arms that could wreak havoc on the innocent in our society.

Against the person of Casey Anthony, there is a chain of circumstantial evidence that, when known by a jury, will stay chained to her legs and point to one outcome.  Guilt.

And yet, the State of Florida must suffer and pay for an outcome we know is coming? To me, this is the definition of injustice.  It’s also an injustice to Casey Anthony; she is clearly not being well served.

It was revealed recently what the defense cost to the State of Florida has been in excess of $200,000.  An article recently published by WFTV reports the following:

Casey’s defense spent more than $200,000 before asking taxpayers last year to pay the rest of Casey’s legal expenses. WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer says that’s twice as much as a client of limited means would spend on a murder defense.

I wonder how many innocent defendants will suffer as a result of the financial shortfall this case will cause?

The costs referred to above do not take into account the dollars spent by the Assistant State Attorney’s Office, which is funded by Florida taxpayers.

If Casey Anthony is found guilty and sentenced to death, the cost will then be in the millions.  It is well documented that the cost of imposing the death penalty far outweighs the cost of a life sentence.

The die is cast now.  Similarly, by casting Baez in a chance of a life-time role as her attorney, she may very well die.

The truth is, when a fool hires a fool, every day is April Fools day.

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  1. Apr 2 2011

    “The truth is, when a fool hires a fool, every day is April Fools day. ”

    Well done again, Andrea!!

    • Apr 2 2011

      Thanks, Kim! Every day is a fools holiday in this case. 🙂

      • Apr 2 2011

        Ain’t that the truth!!

        It gets more bizarre every single day. We knew this would be a circus but I think we need to add the 2 more rings to make it full fledged 3 rings!

  2. Apr 2 2011

    Fantastic article Andrea. Well we all have heard the saying ”there is no fool like an old fool”, but in Casey’s case there is no fool like a” young fool.” Casey just loves her Jose so she is happy, happy to have him represent her.

    • Apr 2 2011

      Hey Knightowl! Yup, she does adore Jose, I say, too bad for her. 😦

  3. Apr 2 2011

    kim/manfred, Louie and i say a big hello.

    • Apr 2 2011

      I am waving – Manfred, Marnie and Molly are snoozing at the moment

  4. Apr 2 2011

    OMG – I’m sitting at the computer not paying any attention to the time…..LOL, I have a wedding to get to! See ya! 🙂

  5. Apr 2 2011

    Have fun!!

  6. katydid
    Apr 2 2011

    I was watching some news channel yesterday and there was a commentator on the show that stated the defense in this case is the most inept and sleazy he has ever witnessed. I think that about sums it up.

    • Apr 3 2011

      Hi Katydid…. That sure does sum it up…. Imagine, that ineptness and sleaze will be center stage soon for all to see. I wonder if Baez and Company will clean up their act when they are center stage? I tend to doubt it, in fact I predict it will get worse.

  7. Hilde
    Apr 2 2011

    the Statement by Mr.Mason saying this Case will be fun shows Stupidity all by itself!
    How can any Attorney make that Statement as serious as this Case is. A little Child was murdered, myself I don’t see the fun in it whatsoever!
    As the Way Mr. Mason talked to Ms. Belich is just ignorant and shows no Manners and Professionalism on Masons Part.
    Mason needs to look at the Mirror and he will see who the Stupid One really is!

    • katydid
      Apr 2 2011

      I believe in this whole circus of a defense…They are forgetting the victim a beautiful little girl who lost her life at the age of 2 1/2 years old. She will never have her first day of school…learn to drive…have a first date…go to college…and never marry and be a Mother. Even her Grandparents have turned their backs on her. It is a shame that such sleazy and I mean sleazy attorneys are making a mockery of her life.

      • Apr 3 2011

        Katydid…. Your post brought tears to my eyes. By the DT supporting the hateful mother as they do, and now as her grandparents do, Caylee seems lost in all of this. I have faith that the State will bring this trial back into focus and on Caylee, I really do. Although a great deal of focus will be on putting Casey away for the rest of her life, Caylee’s name will be on the lips of the Prosecutors…. they won’t want the jury to forget the reason they are there: justice for Caylee who lost her life before she knew she had one to live.

  8. Mona
    Apr 2 2011

    I wanted to say thank you for your blog. I am new to reading it and as a South Florida resident, it is hard to find blogs that are not overtly defense biased or overrun with trolls. I appreciate your insight and the fact you blog everyday. Thank you.

    • Apr 3 2011

      Hi Mona! I am so glad you found us, and thank you for your kind words, too! I know there are some mean folks out there on some blogs – it’s curious that mean people would congregate on blogs having to do with the topic of a lost child. I don’t understand it at all.

      I found it best to ignore that…. When posters first post to this site, they’re swept up into moderation until approved. Then they can post all they want. It’s the best way I’ve found to keep the bullies away. 🙂

      Talk to you again, soon. By the way, I’m in South Florida, too!

  9. Apr 2 2011

    oh and i forgot to address Mason being nasty to Kathy Belich. First of all to Mason, stupidest is not a word. The proper sentence to Kathy would have been your are probably the most stupid reporter on the face of the earth. However if he had any manners he would not have said this statement to her at all, but since he has no manners it makes him the most stupid person on the face of the earth . I would have said Lawyer but that would have been stupid of me as we all know he is a poor pitiful one of those.

    • Apr 3 2011

      Hi Knight Owl…. What floors me about Cheney Mason – he has been working as a lawyer for quite some time, and enjoyed a fairly good reputation, and yet he condones Baez’s actions. One doesn’t earn a good reputation by acting as Baez does. I do think that Cheney’s reputation could be sullied for good as a result of this case – and well it should be.

  10. Hilde
    Apr 2 2011

    knight owl, Louie is such a sweetie!
    Looking at his Picture always makes me smile 🙂

    • Apr 2 2011

      Louise is also a scamp! He likes to worry Knight with his disappearing acts

      • Apr 2 2011

        OMG!!!! Louie will kill me!!

        He is Louie – NOT Louise!!!

      • Hilde
        Apr 3 2011

        lol Kim

  11. Apr 3 2011

    I am glad you liked my article! 🙂

    I enjoy your writing, as well. You have a gift for making the complex legal process simple.

    Your work is both needed and appreciated.

    • Apr 3 2011

      Thank you kindly, Bull Stopper!

      Yes, I thought your article was excellent!

      I do enjoy the insight you bring to light via the words people use. I find myself listening differently as a result of reading your interpretations of the way people talk. Reading your blog has taught me a lot, and I always look forward to the “learning” I gain as a result of reading your posts. I enjoy the intuitive way you analyze the spoken and written word – you always open my eyes to something new – always! 🙂

  12. CptKD
    Apr 3 2011

    Once again, you ve nailed it right on the head. I also agree completely with ‘ katy’ and the one word she used SLEAZY. . . In my whole entire experience with LE, and the Canadian Court System, I have NEVER seen such a disgrace to a justice system by a Defence Team. The Costs associated with Inmate Anthony remind me very much of a case here in Ontario where an ex cop killed his lover. He soaked our Legal aid system in a similar fashion, still wound up GUILTY, and caused a re-vamp for Legal Aid.

  13. CptKD
    Apr 3 2011

    This ex-officer, owned property, had money stashed, but gave everything to his children and ex-wife. From there, he latched on to Legal Aid, played games with the court system, the Crown, and the Judge. He would urinate in police vehicles when being transfered to court, he refused to wash, would defacate while in court, and wound up having to have a special room built for proceedings. It was embarrassing, and he knew it. BUT that was the Defendant. NOT HIS LAWYER. In fact, HE RULED the poor man.

  14. CptKD
    Apr 3 2011

    Needless to say, this dragged on for years. The monies put into this case were the most extreme. He played it to the very end. This has left our system struggling to assist those that REALLY need, or require legal aid. They now question every penny, every case, and help only in serious cases. Others are now left having to accept Criminal Records, just because the cant get help to fight any smaller misdemeaner charges. That, because of HIM! And that’s a problem. That is NOT fair to our people. .

  15. CptKD
    Apr 3 2011

    The State of Florida, like our Province here in Canada, will never be the same after this Anthony case. And yes, it is the people who will suffer because of HER, and her ridiculous Representatives. This is a big joke to them & it burns my ass, that it continues. She has NO CLUE as to how much she has cost the State as a whole & is so IRONIC, that she NEVER contributed. She lived at home for free, procreated, & left the world looking and fighting for her own flesh & blood. What a PATHETIC fiasco!

    • Apr 3 2011

      Hey CptKD. I hope you had a nice B-day weekend!

      The case you’re referring to here sounds hellish. Perhaps the defendant you’re referring to knew how to use the system for all it’s worth, since he was an ex-cop.
      I hope that the Casey Anthony case does not result in a loss in monies for legal representation like that guy’s trial did… What a horrible case you describe!
      The thing with the Casey Anthony case is that she’s getting above and beyond what a similar defendant’s lawyers would be paid. I don’t doubt that other defendants will argue, down the line, that they deserve the same or similar treatment…. Fertile ground for lawsuits? Who knows!
      As furious as this case makes me, I remind myself that this is a once in a decade (hopefully longer) reality show in the court – like the OJ case – I wonder if these things just have to come around once in a while to teach us things about our system of justice. There has to be a huge lesson in this whole debacle – some kind of object lesson – I just can’t quite wrap my brain around what it is….

      • CptKD
        Apr 4 2011

        What was incredibly disgusting about this case, is that he WAS versed in the system, and he used it for all it was worth.

        The case itself, was horrifying.

        He had killed her, and stuffed her into a huge garbage container, then sealed her in his basement behind a false wall.
        He nearly got away with it!

        She had had a long standing affair with him,
        while married with one son.
        But what sealed his fate, was the fact that she was,
        along with her HUSBAND renovating the kitchen
        in the home the both shared.

        As much as he said she was LEAVING her husband
        and stuff to that effect, it became blatantly obvious
        that something was not right.

        He finally wound up getting so involved with the case,
        and eventually revealed where her body could be found.

        It was a horrible experience for all involved.

        Including the Medical Examiner…

        In effect, he had kept her for such a time, as to have
        her decompose, in a nature in which, her remains were
        basically liquified, and so actual cause of death was
        not determinable.

        She was literally ‘poured’ onto the autopsy table.
        Unidentifiable, cause of death, undeterminable, and it was as if he had planned it that way.
        Like he knew just what to do, how to do it, and when.

        So sick, that it’s almost “genious” in nature.
        That is what these people are –
        They’re so messed up upstairs, and yet, there is this quiet
        intelligence that lives in these evil souls…
        It is downright frightening, when you think about it

        He was found GUILTY, needless to say.

        But to this day, NO ONE knows, other than from his
        rendition of what happened, all the intricacies of her death,
        and the sense behind it.
        Perhaps I should say “NON-SENSE” –

        He obviously was not happy that she wasn’t going to be
        leaving her husband for him, and that angered him, seeing
        as he HAD left his wife and two kids for her.

        When that was not reciprocated – He killed her!

        And then he played some of the most vile, and wicked games.
        With his attorney, the Jury, the Judge, the Legal System itself,
        and the People…
        Truly a depraved individual!

        He has filed for an appeal, but good luck to him.

        The Justice who presided over this case, did everything she
        could to accomodate the man, and she was very thorough in
        crossing her t’s and dotting her i’s.

        God bless the woman – It was one of the WORST trials held here
        in one of our Regions just north of the City of Toronto –

        She had the patience of JOBE, and the legal knowledge of a Supreme Court Judge!

        As for him –
        He will never be allowed to walk the face of this earth,
        as a free man, ever again!

        Thank goodness!

  16. Hilde
    Apr 3 2011

    the upcoming Trial of the Anthony Case has been called the Trial of the Century only comparing it with the OJ Simpson Trial.
    Well OJ Simpson was a beloved Football Player and had a lot of Money. Casey Anthony is not famous for anything, except maybe her Lying, lots of People are good at Lying and there are also lots of Mothers accused of killing their own Children. Casey Anthony also had no Money of her own, sponging of her Parents and not holding a Job to support herself and her Daughter. Again Casey Anthony was and is No One Special!
    If it wouldn’t been for the Murder of her own Flesh and Blood we would never even have heard of her or Baez, Mason etc.
    The only Similarities between the OJ Simpson Case and the Anthony Case is the Defense in Both Cases seem to be using the same old Tricks, which in the Simpson Case obviously worked.
    Now there is a Difference, People thanks to modern Technology can follow this Case closely and see exactly what the Defense is up too and just maybe this Case will have a better Outcome than the OJ Simpson Case and true Justice will be served.
    The Media did help making this Case as big as it is, Every One involved in this Case wants their 15 Minutes of Fame, that is one Reason every one jumped on Board, it definitely had nothing to do with wanting to help an accused Murderer.
    It’s all about the Money or Fame or Both with those Players. What about Caylee, she is the One had to suffer and die so others can make a Name for them selfs. Really sickening if You ask me.

    • Apr 4 2011

      Hi Hilde,

      Excellent comparison between the OJ defense lawyers and this ridiculous defense. I think it’s very true what you point out about accountability. I am sure that on the one hand, the Florida Sunshine law has been a huge nuisance to the defense – TOO BAD! If we didn’t have the discovery, just think what stories their minions could be throwing out there – we would be none the wiser.

      Baez cannot make an ill move now because we are determined not to allow him to screw this up for justice for Caylee. Judge Perry, Linda Burdick, Jeff Ashton, will be our voice in the courtroom.
      In the meantime, we’ll keep the flame going for Caylee….

      Thanks so much Hilde, you really bring it home.

    Apr 4 2011

    Good article. I really wish this was being discussed more, all the better to shine an even bigger light on the pig that is cheney mason. Has he always been a pig? My guess would be yes. You don’t just develop misogyny overnight like you would a runny nose. That shit is with you for life. I guess he was able to keep it a dirty little secret until recently. No doubt his family is well aware of this. What could possibly make a man who is nearing the end of his career decide to throw it all away in order to work alongside a complete idiot like jose baez, defending a slutty baby-killer like casey anthony? What the hell was he thinking? How did he go from saying she would be found guilty after a circus of a trial to two minutes later saying it was going to be fun and she would walk free???? What are we missing?

    Apr 4 2011

    Can we also discuss the obscene gesture Bill Sheaffer saw cheney make towards Jeff Ashton on Friday? Unfortunately the cameras did not pick this up. What would be the most effective way to show the world what a true pig cheney is? Talking about it on the blogs is good but it’s not enough. I want to know what will happen when he crosses the line with Linda Drane Burdick cause I think it’s only a matter of time before he does. If he hasn’t already. Should we be pressuring the mainstream medias to report on his behaviour?

    • Apr 4 2011

      Hey Bees! Thanks for your excellent comments & feedback. YES! Perhaps if Mason got a bit of his own foul medicine back in his face, he might feel differently about dishing it out? Nah, it wouldn’t phase him. The State Attorney and the Bar should hear about that incident – in no way is that how officers of the court should behave. It goes against the principles of the profession and (in my opinion) should result in a sanction. Too bad it was not on camera. What was that I saw was Baez, leaning against the jury railing, in front of the camera, stuck his tongue out to the camera. It was gross to see. The Orlando Sentinel has an excellent article out today that discusses the DT’s outrageous & hypocritical actions with the media. Back to work for me!!!

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Mona
        Apr 4 2011

        re: the Orlando Sentinel article on the DT behavior — I can’t seem to find it, does anyone have a link? Thank you!

      • Apr 4 2011

        Hi Mona… If you go to the Orlando Sentinel site and look at the “Breaking News” section, it’s there. :). I’m On my phone and can’t post links. The article’s title is: Defense probes investigators on media links – or something similar to that. I bet if you do a search on the Orlando Sentinel site you’ll find it!

        Sent from my iPhone

  19. Venice
    Apr 4 2011
    Check out this 9 minute clip of the last hearing. Casey flips the finger for the camera, and Baez jokingly sticks out his tongue at the camera. SO SHAMEFUL!

    • Hilde
      Apr 4 2011

      I just wonder will Casey Anthony still be smirking and laughing when the Trial begins? Also will Baez stick his Tongue out again at the Trial like a spoiled Brat? Unbelievable that is all I have to say! 🙄

      • jon
        Apr 6 2011

        I thought the same thing. I hope instead of smirking, Casey will be squirming and sweating throughout the trial. I think though, she might be just as cut off as she is now since I’m sure she thinks she’s going to walk when this is all over. I want to see her face when the verdict is announced.

    • CptKD
      Apr 4 2011

      So completely “un-professional”…

      And yet, so “believable” coming from that, Jack-ass!

      As far as Inmate Anthony –

      We’ll see just how many ‘Birds she flips’, when the
      verdict comes down and those TWELVE JURORS
      send her straight to JAIL/Death Row, without
      passing ‘Go’!

      Good flippin’ luck to her –

    • Apr 4 2011

      OMG! That was unbelievable. She DID give them the finger! What a piece of trash she is…. And Baez laughs, too, getting right down to her level…. gross.


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