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April 5, 2011


Vote for Yuri… Frye hearing 9:00 a.m.

by Andrea O'Connell

There’s a Frye hearing tomorrow morning, beginning at 9:00 a.m.!  Don’t forget to watch.  Still on the table to discuss, the heart sticker evidence, the stain in the trunk, and I believe the plant-root growth.

Also….  Vote for Yuri at this link:

You are encouraged by America’s Most Wanted to vote every day!

Pass the word to vote!

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  1. Apr 5 2011

    I voted!!


  2. Apr 5 2011

    Thanks for the reminder! I almost forgot! See ya all on the morrow for the rest of the Frye hearing. Are they done with Dr. Logan? Who else will be testifying?

  3. Mona
    Apr 5 2011

    Hi all — I need an update from the past events, if you could help. There were a few months I went “no-casey” because I couldn’t take anymore. Why is Det. Melich now working in Internal Affairs and no longer missing persons?

  4. Weezie
    Apr 6 2011

    I don’t know how far the sticker argument might go, but since we know there were books and books of stickers at the Anthony’s home, I am guessing that the Prosectuion will layout some kind of link to keep the evidence in? Right? THE STAIN! There are photos of the stain, will the Defence avoid brining those up or will they force the Prosecution to bring them in for the grand trial? How do you get that photo dismissed (Defence wants it out).???? Then we get to the plant root growth, which should take another 2 days….. This is not going to be over by Friday in my opinion. This is the dogsled part of the case. The dogs are tired but the helmsman is push push push, let them doggies roll ahead even if it kills them. lol

  5. Venice
    Apr 6 2011

    Casey never flinched when discussing Caylee’s remains. No remorse. Not good for Casey. Judge Perry, and the jury, will not take to her very well at all. She needs to worry!


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