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I don’t see Pink Elephants, Mr. Baez

There was just one short moment today when I could tune in to today’s Frye Hearing in the State v. Casey Anthony.  I know that a few very interesting experts testified today. Among those testifying today was Dr. Barry Logan, Dr. David Hall, and Dr. Jane Bock.

I was able to sneak a listen into today’s hearing for less than five minutes, and what did I hear?  A discussion from Mr. Baez about Pink Elephants in the room.  According to Mr. Baez, a Pink Elephant was in the room, but was being ignored by everyone.  After making that statement to the court, Judge Belvin Perry had the most beautiful retort!  He said, “I don’t see Pink Elephants, Mr. Baez.”  That was all that I heard, and I thought – Wow!  This must be a very, very interesting hearing!

That was really all I was able to see, unfortunately.  But, I did hear about the defense wanting to claim the chloroform could have come from a swimsuit of Caylee’s left in the trunk of the car.  That’s a bit of a stretch, to put it mildly.

My favorite attorney analyst, Bill Sheaffer, made one very telling remark.  He said, in essence, the defense argued today with a sledge hammer, and the State used a scalpel.  In addition, he concluded that the State should prevail in their effort to allow the results of Dr. Arpad Vass, from the Oak Ridge Laboratories.  If this should occur, it will be a tremendous advantage for the State as it scientifically confirms the smell of decomposition, that so many will testify to. The science will seal it.  Bill Sheaffer said:

The prosecutor will show there’s no debate in the scientific community that Dr. Vass’s methodology and findings are not generally accepted.

In addition, he concluded that other evidence will prove there was a decompositional event in the trunk – cadaver dogs indicated it was there, Casey Anthony’s family, and others, also confirmed the horrible scent.

I would like to extend a very special thanks to CptKD, a reader of the blog, who so graciously reported through out the day on the happenings in the courtroom.

CptKD also advised that Judge Perry should have his rulings rendered by April 21st, if not before.

There are more hearings on Friday, beginning at 9:00.

Have a lovely night, all.


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