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what’s on tap for friday 4/8 & Vote for Yuri!

Are you ready for the conclusion of the Frye Hearings in the State v. Casey Anthony case?  The plan is to wrap everything up tomorrow.  It’s a fairly good-sized agenda, including closing arguments on the Chloroform motion and the Cadaver Dog motion, both of which were heard during last week’s Frye Hearings.

Also on tap tomorrow:

  • The motion to Exclude evidence of a stain in the trunk.   This will be ruled on by Judge Perry from the pleadings only; no arguments or witnesses.
  • The Phantom Heart Sticker – this will be argued tomorrow
  • The spoilation issue related to the defense request to exclude all references to “the smell.”   Will be argued on 4/8
  • Chloroform motion – closing arguments heard on 4/8
  • Cadaver Dog motion – closing arguments heard on 4/8

Additionally, the State of Florida deposed Dr. Jeffery Danziger, and Dr. William Weitz today, April 7th, and will likely want to file motions related to these witnesses.  The State will likely request to have Casey Anthony examined by their own experts as a result of hearing what these two doctors have to say.  You may remember that the defense wants these doctors to tell the jurors about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and “state of mind” and “Consciousness of Guilt” matters.

There is also the matter regarding the witness who was “pushed” by George Anthony, and the landscaper on Suburban Drive.   I believe the court is going to allow the defense to call them, though I am not aware if there will be discussions with regards to these witnesses tomorrow.  (The State has recently deposed these two witnesses.)

Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote for Yuri!

Click here to vote for YuriNow on to a much nicer topic!

Detective Yuri Melich has been nominated for an America’s Most Wanted All Star Award!   Sunday is the final day for voting!  Please remember to vote, and ask your friends to vote, too!

It would be a terrific to honor one of Caylee’s greatest advocates – an honor that is very deserved.

Click the picture of Yuri and you will be directed to his profile, which is the voting page on the America’s Most Wanted web page.

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