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April 7, 2011


what’s on tap for friday 4/8 & Vote for Yuri!

by Andrea O'Connell

Are you ready for the conclusion of the Frye Hearings in the State v. Casey Anthony case?  The plan is to wrap everything up tomorrow.  It’s a fairly good-sized agenda, including closing arguments on the Chloroform motion and the Cadaver Dog motion, both of which were heard during last week’s Frye Hearings.

Also on tap tomorrow:

  • The motion to Exclude evidence of a stain in the trunk.   This will be ruled on by Judge Perry from the pleadings only; no arguments or witnesses.
  • The Phantom Heart Sticker – this will be argued tomorrow
  • The spoilation issue related to the defense request to exclude all references to “the smell.”   Will be argued on 4/8
  • Chloroform motion – closing arguments heard on 4/8
  • Cadaver Dog motion – closing arguments heard on 4/8

Additionally, the State of Florida deposed Dr. Jeffery Danziger, and Dr. William Weitz today, April 7th, and will likely want to file motions related to these witnesses.  The State will likely request to have Casey Anthony examined by their own experts as a result of hearing what these two doctors have to say.  You may remember that the defense wants these doctors to tell the jurors about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and “state of mind” and “Consciousness of Guilt” matters.

There is also the matter regarding the witness who was “pushed” by George Anthony, and the landscaper on Suburban Drive.   I believe the court is going to allow the defense to call them, though I am not aware if there will be discussions with regards to these witnesses tomorrow.  (The State has recently deposed these two witnesses.)

Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote for Yuri!

Click here to vote for YuriNow on to a much nicer topic!

Detective Yuri Melich has been nominated for an America’s Most Wanted All Star Award!   Sunday is the final day for voting!  Please remember to vote, and ask your friends to vote, too!

It would be a terrific to honor one of Caylee’s greatest advocates – an honor that is very deserved.

Click the picture of Yuri and you will be directed to his profile, which is the voting page on the America’s Most Wanted web page.

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  1. Apr 7 2011

    I voted and I am praying he wins! He truly does deserve the honor.

    I am looking forward to tomorrow’s court. CptKD, I hope you will be able to let us know what is going on! I will have it on but I must finish the floor tomorrow-its as boring as Baez’ closing arguments! {yawn}

    • Apr 7 2011

      Awesome, Sherry! We can always count on you… and CAROL, too!
      LOL – yes, doing the floors during Baez’ closing arguments, sounds like a plan – Ashton, with his arguments, may just sweep Baez’ arguments under the courtroom rugs….

      • Apr 7 2011

        Luv da pun, hon! (✿◠‿◠)

  2. carol
    Apr 7 2011

    Yes I will vote for Yuri Mellich

    • Andrea OConnell
      Apr 7 2011

      Awesome! Thanks Carol! I think he may get into the finals – I really do!

      Sent from my iPhone

  3. Apr 7 2011

    Andrea, I voted for Yuri.

    • Andrea OConnell
      Apr 7 2011

      Yay! Thanks Jonathon! I think, with all the bloggers voting, he may just win!

      Sent from my iPhone

  4. grownyoungmom
    Apr 7 2011

    voted for Yuri, he’s my hero 🙂
    will try to listen in during work tomorrow if it doesn’t raise my blood pressure too much, lol

    • Apr 8 2011

      Oh yes! Watch that BP! Glad you voted! Thanks GYMom. Voting ends Sunday everyone.

      Sent from my iPhone

  5. CptKD
    Apr 8 2011

    Ok – I’m running a little behind this morning…
    I just logged on –

    From what I am gleaning, Sims is arguing why the State’s expert botanist testimony should be thrown out.

    The hair in trunk will be argued next.

    I’m going to go back into the live chats to see if I’ve missed anything big.

    If she’s at closing arg’s arlready, and we started at 0900hrs., then there shouldn’t be too too much…

    Stand by – CptKD

  6. CptKD
    Apr 8 2011

    Inmate Anthony is wearing the PLAID shirt she had on Wed… This time without the sweater on over top –

    She looks tired with bags under her eyes…

    I think Baez may have been late –
    Will double check, but that might explain why she looks a little nervous, to me, this morning –

    Ok – Ashton is up already…

    That’s the quickest I’ve seen Simms speak –

    Alright – I’m off to listen and search back a bit…

  7. CptKD
    Apr 8 2011

    And so this is what I’ve found out –

    When Inmate Anthony entered the courtroom, she was wearing khaki colored pants and a patterned (Plaid) collared shirt. Her hair is pulled back again today.

    Casey spent some time talking with Cheney Mason before things got underway.
    ASA Jeff Ashton arrived.

    Apparently a reporter got to talking with Cindy Anthony for a few minutes about the trial, and she indicated that her lawyer is trying to get the family 4 reserved seats during the trial.
    It would appear that the family was “overlooked” in planning.

    The ladies who usually accompany Cindy Anthony appeared to not be here with her this morning, but her one courtroom companion has arrived.

    She also told this ‘Reporter’ that George is, “suffering from allergies at home.”

    It seems I made an error (Ahston had objected to something), and so Simms is STILL up and she stated that there is, “no logic” behind Dr Hall’s (botanist) conclusions.

    ASA Ashton says it should be up to jury to decide if botany believable.

    And so they are curently talking about hair that showed “decomposition” now…

    Speaking of HAIR and decomposition…
    Simms hair is once more, resembling as such – LOL!

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist the little ‘dig’!!

  8. CptKD
    Apr 8 2011

    Dorothy Clay Sims is challenging the findings of the prosecution’s forensic botanist findings.

    The prosecution’s forensic botanist findings, gave an approximate timeline for the amount of time Caylee’s remains were left at the scene.

    Sims is arguing against Dr. David Hall’s testimony, saying it is based on “speculation and conjecture.”

    Hall testified earlier this week that larger plant roots found at the recovery scene, could have been growing for three to five months.

    Judge perry asked if hair comparison had been introduced in Florida before.
    The answer to that was “no”.
    But apparently a New York case has allowed it in.

    Assistant State Attorney Jeff Ashton said the defense has presented NO evidence that would exclude Dr. Hall’s testimony as an expert witness.

    He added that the defense had it’s own expert, dating the root growth at the recovery scene.

    “It will be up to a jury to decide who is right or to reject both,” Ashton said.

    Simms is back up and arguing some more…

    This D-team, can never make it short and sweet!

    JP getting upset at the Attorneys!

    Mason stood up, and blurted out something, and HHJP has stated only ONE lawyer per side is allowed up.

    I apologize, I couldn’t hear what he said, seeing as he was still at the table with no mic in front of him.

    If they want to confer with each other, they are not to just stand up and say whatever to each other.

    He wants to move on…

    And now Baez is up…
    He actually had the nerve to try and be ‘cute’, and made a comment about NOT being a part of “that” which had just taken place, between Simms and Mason and Ashton –

    HHJP just smacked him down!

    Editorials he is not interested in – “You want to make un-related comments, see the clerk and pay your $100.oo”


    Baez the bore, now up regarding the ‘stain’…

    • Apr 8 2011

      Touché is right! Judge P is not in the mood for any back talk today?!! Good! Thank you for your GREAT reporting!

      Sent from my iPhone

      • CptKD
        Apr 8 2011

        You’re welcome, Sweetie!

        Sorry for not being able to report all that is being discussed, but I am trying to capture what info stands out, being that when Jose is talking, it’s similar to white noise.

        He is non-sensical and rambles…

        I swear that this is done on purpose as to distract from the real facts and evidence at hand.

        He seems to just go on, and on, in the same continuous circles…

        It’s making me dizzy!

        MAKE IT STOP!
        Please, make it stop!

    • Apr 8 2011

      Not sure if this is the smackdown you are referencing~

  9. CptKD
    Apr 8 2011

    Once again, Chief Judge Belvin Perry just explained that he will not tolerate any editorial comments today…

    Baez says, there is no proof whatsoever that stain in trunk was of “biological” nature.
    He states, the FBI analyst created “hysteria”.

    Ashton says the defense has offered NO evidence that calls into question the accuracy of this science.
    He explained that the darkening of hair roots IS a sign of decomposition after death, and has been recognized since 1988.

    “The concept is generally accepted,” Ashton said.

    “This PowerPoint has nothing to do with the admissibility of the evidence.”

    Baez responds with, that being that the stain should have had DNA if it was that from a decomposing body.
    He says SOMEONE will testify to that.
    When JP asks him, ‘who”?
    He basically says “VASS”!

    Apparently, some people entered into the courtroom a short while ago. It would appear that they have papers showing they’re here for jury duty.
    Hhmmmmm –
    Just stopping by?
    Hoping to be on this Jury, maybe?

    Ashton get’s up and refutes Baez statement attributing to the stain, and states it IS possible to have a decompostional stain that does NOT include DNA.

    “Let’s move on to the next Motion”, says JP.

    Baez asks for a 5 minutes, as he is, as per usual, “un-prepared”. JP says we don’t usually have five minute recesses, and they have just recently started, but he grants the request and calls for a recess.

    Recess until 10:15 while Baez prepares for next motion!

    LMAO – What a loser!

  10. CptKD
    Apr 8 2011

    Court is back in session…

    Baez is up with his “power point” presentation on the Chloroform…

    Not sure where he is going yet…

  11. CptKD
    Apr 8 2011

    Cindy Anthony keeps shaking her head as Baez reads emails between CSI Mike Vincent and ORNL scientist Arpad Vass…

    Again, Baez is going on and on, and making it all about, Vass and that, “he is not a chemist”!
    Although he has a chemist that works with him, he is not one himself.

    Judge taking time out on bench to access WesLaw.
    It’s a legal resource.

    I love WesLaw!!!
    It’s the greatest Legal Tool ever!!!

    And here is some more ‘pen-clicking’ for good measure!

    Wouldn’t be a day in court, if not for him and that damn pen!

    Baez said Vass testing from carpet sample led to “chloroform hysteria”.

    Brief recess is required for the court reporter to fix computer that shows live text of what’s being discussed to attorneys.

    Baez back on his pathetic closing…
    On and on, and on he goes….
    It’s enough for me to want to strangle myself –
    He laughs and laughs, and there is NO reason to be laughing.
    Funny, he’s the only one that’s doing it!
    Nothing FUNNY going on, so I guess he’s laughing at himself –
    How ironic!

    He’s claiming that the State should fall on its face, as they have had experts that in fact could, contradict what good ol’ Dr. Vass has opined and testified to.

    Dr. Vass did not testify to error rates with regards to Chloroform, nor did the FBI, says Baez.

    Ashton is now up, and is explaining that Baez is wrong and is arguing the wrong components with regards to Frye.
    He keeps mentioning the error rates, and that is not what is up for debate.

    He states that Dr. Vass did use generally accepted methods, and the methodology used was agreed to by Furton, and Logan. Even though Logan, he is without qualifications where the Chloroform is concerned.

    Ashton says there is no question that Vass and ORNL use “generally accepted science”.

    Baez will now argue to exclude K9 alerts.

    Still remaining to be argued is the ‘smell in trunk, and heart sticker’.

  12. CptKD
    Apr 8 2011

    As Baez continiuos to ramble in his familiar circles, Ms. Cindy Anthony continues to take notes in gallery…

    Guess she’s playing PARALEGAL, now too – ROTFLMAO!!!

  13. Apr 8 2011

    He is very circular in a round sort of way, isn’t he

    Great work, Cap!!

    • CptKD
      Apr 8 2011


      HE reminds me of, this time when I was young,
      and my brother one year had gotten a toy for Christmas, called:


      Whenever I see Baez, especially in a BROWN suite –
      That IS exactly who I think about!


  14. CptKD
    Apr 8 2011

    Jose stating that the K9-Dog, needs to get up on the stand and testify…

    Again, he states that he cannot find Case Law and so this should be dis-allowed as evidence…

    Once more, we get the pleasure of listening to more pen clicking….
    Obviously he doesn’t read Dr. Glass’ blog!
    And he so SHOULD!

    He wants to play some presentation video.
    Linda objects, but JP allows Baez to play the video.

    The video is showing a portion of a FL Supreme Court case involving a case where dog alerts were at issue.

    Not sure where we’re going with this, but Linda looks completely un-impressed…

    And, I’m with her on this one –

    • Apr 8 2011

      I’ll bet HHJP will find case law if there is any!

  15. CptKD
    Apr 8 2011

    The audio on this presentation is rather poor, and really has resulted in nothing, thus far.

    JP askes Baez what he’s trying to get from this.
    The dog in this Supreme Court Case, had located and alerted on DRUGS –
    NOT a decomposing body.

    “Unless you have something different than these clips, I must tell you, I do not find this helpful” – HHJP

    • Apr 8 2011

      I stopped what I was doing to watch this part of the show. It was as if Baez was trying to get HHJP to believe there was no difference in the two scenarios! HHJP did not look at all impressed with any of Baez’ arguments. How many times was he told over the course of this Frye hearing that error rates are not part of the Florida Frye standards! Argh! 😡

      • CptKD
        Apr 8 2011

        Thanks for doing that, Sherry!

        I was killing myself trying to remember the name of what he kept going on about:

        One was the “False positive”,
        And the other was the “ERROR RATE”!

        Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

      • Apr 8 2011

        YW! YW! YW! :mrgreen:

  16. CptKD
    Apr 8 2011


    If council had done what you have just done now, you would have objected and found it un-acceptable.

    Baez will REFRAIN from showing OTHER videos!
    (Thank goodness)

  17. CptKD
    Apr 8 2011

    “There is no legal standing that this should be introduced as evidence”, says Baez.

    And on , and on, he goes… blah – blah -blah

    Gerus was either RIGHT or WRONG at that house.
    Gerus was either RGIHT or WRONG at the car.
    And so how can we know for sure?

    Has the dog been properly trained?

    There is nothing to go by to determine whether the dog is right or wrong?

    And so let’s click the pen again, some more.

    The Case Law he just tried to use, was questioned by JP, and when asked for the outcome, he stumbles and mumbles, and then concedes that it has since been overturned. LOL!


    Dogs DO TRICKS! Says, Baez…

    Mason told someone that they would finish before lunch.
    At this rate, I don’t see it.

    We still have ‘heart sticker’, and the ‘exclude smell’.

    I need a break!

    I’ll be back in a bit.

    Will especially try to be back for Ashton’s argument, k…

    gotta do a water change on my one fish tank – Right here in the home office, so I will keep listening…

    I just can’t sit here anymore, and listen to him.
    It never ends, and the pen is soooooo annnoying.

    Added to that – I need to get off my lil butt, and get some circulation going in me legs… Back soon!

    • Apr 8 2011

      Oooh! Is that salt water or fresh water? I once had a tank so large that I climbed right in it to clean it before use! It was a saltwater tank with lion fish and a humma-humma (can’t pronounce its whole name).

      Baez wanted to use the term false positive for on the field work by the dogs when false positives can only be used purposely for training. Like LDB said, just because no body is found doesn’t mean its a false positive!

      Keep up the good work, CptKD! It is appreciated!

      • CptKD
        Apr 8 2011

        Thanks, Sherry –

        Thanks also for helping me out in the areas I’m missing on!
        Appreciate it, lots.

        No, the tank is FRESH water, and right now, the fish haven’t been doing so well…

        I’ve had to treat for ‘open/red gill’ disease.

        They seem to be bouncing back, but I need to change 25% of the water and re-treat today…

        Usually it’s not so much work for me, but due to illness in the fish, it’s been demanding more of my attention.

        I actually have two tanks!
        One in the office and one in the tv room.

        I absolutely love them!
        Even if they can be alot of work…

      • Apr 8 2011

        I love fish, too, and have had both salt and fresh water tanks. They are very relaxing to watch especially when you have John Cougar Mellancamp singing in the background~sigh…too much work for me and the expense keeps me from having a tank now.

        YW to whatever I can contribute. 😀

  18. CptKD
    Apr 8 2011

    Sugar – Snaps!

    Linda just came up!
    I can’t leave now….

    She hopes to be done before lunch so that JP can call a recess and send them off for a break….

    She is so polite and professional!
    Her speach patterns just flow, and it all is enlightening.
    You can’t help, but want to hear more…

    So – this fish will have to wait another couple minutes – LOL!

    Will let you know what unfolds….

  19. CptKD
    Apr 8 2011

    Sorry – THE FISH will have to wait.
    Not ‘this’, as that would relate to me!

    I’m a ‘CAPTAIN’ – Not a fish!

  20. CptKD
    Apr 8 2011

    Linda Drane-Burdick: “I will try to answer all your questions submitted, by noon.”

    Dogs have been trained in the field, and receive a Certification.

    If you want to look at the cases that Mr. Baez suggested to the court, then you need to look, not only to the dog and their evaluations, but their history, and whether they were trained under “OPERATING PROCEDURES”.
    Not just run of the mill training.

    Baez, gets up and wanders around while Linda is speaking…
    He is sooooooo rude!

    Gerus has been trained in more that human remains detections.
    As well, Bones has been trained, and is experienced in LIVE FINDS, as well.

    Mr Baez has thrown around certain words, such as ‘false postitive’, which has a negative connotation that the dog is wrong.

    It is to be concluded in examinations, and noted as “UN-CONFIRMED”. NOT as ‘false positive’!

    We would not be offering our argument to establish proof beyond a reasonable doubt, but there is probable cause, and a warrantless automobile search, is what lead to this and it should be offered to the Jury.

    Linda claims that there is NO specific case that addresses either sides’ positions.

    Baez up! AGAIN!!!

    • Apr 8 2011

      I liked it when LDB said the dogs are subject to competency tests just like lawyers are and even more so, then she hesitated for a sec and said something like, “if at all”. I took that to be a jab at Jose! 😆

    • Apr 8 2011

      One more thing to say~
      the LIVE finds means dead bodies, not live ones. It means that the bodies or the target decomp was evident/found.

      • CptKD
        Apr 8 2011

        Yes –
        Thank you, Sherry!

        I did not mean to infer that ‘LIVE’, meant ‘ALIVE’.

        My apologies if that is how it came across, or if I confused anyone…

      • Apr 8 2011

        No need to “spologize” on that! I thought LDB meant live bodies until she clarified it so I just wanted everyone to know, if they didn’t know already, what LDB meant with that word “LIVE”. Cadaver dogs aren’t worth a whit if they can sniff out live bodies, too, or so I’ve heard.

  21. CptKD
    Apr 8 2011

    Burdick says there was ample corroboration of dog alert.

    A dog trained to alert to human remains hit on Casey’s trunk.

    This is what occurred, and t he Jury should be allowed to hear what transpired.

    Baez continues to state that it is unreasonable and should not be admitted into evidence.

    I think Baez just made a ‘Star Trek’ reference to something?

    Linda asks that JP read a particular Case?
    Sorry – She went too fast for me to catch the name???

    Perry is giving the teams the final list of TV channels for the jurors. He claims the Defence did not file a response to (something?), but that the State did. (Not quite sure what he was referring to here, but I’m not surpised to hear that the Defence DID NOT do something, where the State did.

    It really does appear, and come across that Baez is rather lazy.

    That leg-wrok, and delivering of the goods when it’s expected of one, is somehow ‘beneath’ him, and/or exempting him from having to do, or report to superiors, as to the quality and substance to any of his WORK.

    Other than nonsensical ramblings, clicking that flippin’ pen, and playing sexy ol’ ‘lover-boy’ to that pathetic woman, he really does, and amounts to NOTHING!

    Anyways, we are on now on recess for lunch –

    After lunch HHJP expects to finish up with the rest.

    Back at 1330hrs.

    • CptKD
      Apr 8 2011

      “He claims the Defence did not file a response to (something?), but that the State did. ”

      With regards to ‘something’:

      I’m not sure if this was in actual reference to the TV Staions that the Jurors will be able to watch, or if it was regarding another issue or Motion.


      • CptKD
        Apr 8 2011

        You said, “NO MORE APOLOGIES”!

        So now, it appears that I will have “SPOLOGIES” instead!


  22. CptKD
    Apr 8 2011

    Perry has cleared his calendar for the week of the 18th. Nothing scheduled yet.

    He has decided that instead of starting the on the Monday the 9th, they will start on the Tuesday.

    Change in Jury selection –

    If unable to get a a Jury from the location chosen, then his intent will be to start Jury selection in their own County.

    He will accept any objections for that, but if deemed necessary he will have the Jury chosen from Orange County (?)

    D-Team NOT liking this – Not one bit!

    The Jury will be instructed with regards to what they can bring, what they can do and what is not permitted.

    They will be transported together and will be governed under rules and instruction.

    They will be Sworn, and so that should restrict and/or minimeze, any of the problems or issues that either side may have.

    And so that’s that!

    Court is in recess until next Friday at 1300hrs.

    • Apr 8 2011

      Wow! It was a half day…

      If a jury can’t be selected from the secret location, they may try to find a jury from Orange County? Well, I’m sure the defense would oppose this – it could be difficult to find people who have not already formed an opinion. On the other hand not everyone would necessarily follow the case or the story, but if you own a TV, you’re bound to hear a lot about the case since all local channels cover it incessantly. I imagine this would be problematic for the defense and they would fight tooth & nails to avoid this option.

      Thanx again for all the great reporting! And thx to Sherry too!

      Sent from my iPhone

  23. CptKD
    Apr 8 2011

    I am not clear, nor do I understand what transpired with regards to the Motions that were still outstanding…

    I’m assuming that they will be taken up next wk, or he will review the depostions and make his rulings from there?

    I’m not quite sure, and it wasn’t mentioned –
    Unless Imissed it.

    I wonder if that is what was discussed during the sidebar before lunch.

    Maybe they were put over to next wk???

    Time to go do some digging around and see what’s going on, and if I did by chance, miss anything…

    Go figure!
    I just sat down with my coffee, all comfy and ready to take on the afternoon, and VOILA – It’s all over….

  24. Apr 8 2011

    😳 I missed it, too!

    Both sides did receieve the location of where the jury will be chosen and if a jury can’t be found there then it will be found at Orange County. Mason not likin’ it. That’s all I know!

  25. CptKD
    Apr 8 2011

    Mason NOT “havin’ fun”!

    That’s the impression I get!

    He looks thoroughly pissed and miserable!

    I’m thinking he wishes he’d of just stayed far away from this one –
    As FUN as he thought it’d be…
    I don’t think it’s going, quite according to plan…

    Looks good on him!

  26. CptKD
    Apr 8 2011

    As much as the Defence struggled today with regards to the Hair Banding,
    the defense was forced to admit that evidence on hair banding has been allowed by a judge before.

    This will probably be allowed in, I’m thinking.

    Anyways, I just read over at WFTV, and next wk, court will not be starting until 1330hrs, on Friday the 15th.

    Hopefully, they’ll have things wrapped up that afternoon –

    Just FYI…

    Apr 8 2011

    Andrea you might already realize this but it was a surprise to me. I’ve been voting once a day for Yuri and today after I’d voted a friend asked me to vote for her as her server was down. All I did was enter her email address and it accepted her vote. So hypothetically if you have 20 friends that want to vote for him in one day you could do it. Provided you use all their email addresses.

    • Apr 8 2011

      Hey Bees! Well, actually I did think that was the case but then I wondered if maybe they’d not allow you to vote again using the same IP address… Well, it seems it’s okay! LOL! So! Now, I’ve used my family’s email addresses, too! It’s like that old adage: vote early – vote OFTEN!

  28. Apr 8 2011


    Nancy Grace finally got it out of Dr. Lee to admit that there is NO chloroform in Febreze! 😆

    • Andrea OConnell
      Apr 8 2011

      Really ????? OMG! That’s priceless. YaaaY! 🙂

      Sent from my iPhone

    • jon
      Apr 11 2011

      Yeah, it was really good. He tried to skirt the issue with a lot of other facts as if he were still on the defense team, but NG wasn’t buying it and got it out of him. BOMBSHELL>>>>

      • Apr 11 2011

        Hi all!! Yuri is a finalist!!!! Yay! We did it!

        Sent from my iPhone

  29. CptKD
    Apr 8 2011

    Please know that I made an error earlier in my reply with regards to the Jury selection and the days and times. The Jury selection will start on the 9th, with JP hoping that that will be completed on, or by Thurs-Fri. The actual TRIAL will start on TUESDAY the 17th of May. Just wanted to clear that up. Thanks!


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