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April 8, 2011


a prediction: it’s all coming in!

by Andrea O'Connell

Today’s hearing began with a wimper as attorney Dorothy Clay Simms argued against the State’s botanist, Dr. David Hall.  Dr. Hall will provide testimony about the root growth that was both through and around the remains of Caylee Anthony, at the grave site.

Regarding the duct tape with the residue of the heart sticker – we expected this motion would be argued at today’s hearing, but it was not.  We learned today that this issue will be decided by the Judge through the pleadings (motions).

The argument by Linda Drane-Burdick on the issue of the Cadaver dogs, was effective.  Mr. Baez’ arguments were on the weak side with regards to this motion.  Mr. Baez simply could not overcome the arguments made by Ms. Burdick.

Ms. Burdick described the careful training of these dogs, the impeccable records kept, and the professionalism of both dog handlers.  She even quipped, “Lawyers aren’t evaluated as often.”

With regards to the stain in the trunk.  The argument today was a weak one by the defense.  Mr. Baez suggested that the stain in the form of a young child in fetal position created “hysteria” in the public.   Hysteria?  I don’t think so.  Sadness is more like it.  Disgust and aversion for Casey would fit that bill, but not hysteria.

The most important point was made as a result of Mr. Baez stating, rather vociferously, “there was no DNA found in the stain.”  Well, butter my biscuit, Mr. Ashton may have exclaimed under his breath!  That’s pretty  disingenuous of Mr. Baez!    Mr. Ashton, however was calm, cool and collected when he said to the court, during a decomposition event, the DNA decomposes, too!

The defense was all drama all the time today.  There was a bit of comedy, too.  When Mr. Baez made cynical remark at the podium, Judge Perry, in a stern tone, advised Mr. Baez to cut out the editorial remarks, and added, ‘You want to make unrelated comments, see the clerk and pay $100!’  Judge Perry, early on in the hearing, was in NO MOOD for any foolishness.   The players were much better behaved.  They needed to be – Judge Perry would not stand for any foolishness!

The Frye hearings are over now; only Judge Perry’s ruling remains.  With regards to these few days of hearings, the defense did not provide evidence strong enough for the Judge to exclude State evidence or witnesses.  Mr. Ashton reminded the court that the arbiters of the truth will be the jury as they weigh the testimony of the dueling experts.

Though I cannot say for certain, but it seems to me that Judge Perry will be liberal in allowing all the evidence, despite how new some of it is.  I tend to believe that Dr. Vass, the FBI analyst – Karen Lowe, Dr. Hall, the Cadaver dog evidence, and the stain in the car will all come in.  In addition, my favorite attorney of all time, Bill Sheaffer, concludes everything will come into the trial, too.

The State has not finished deposing the two defense Psychiatrists and will have motions to present to the court in short order. These new witnesses will be addressed by the parties at the next hearing, scheduled for next Friday, April 15th, at 1:30.

On a separate note…. Voting continues until Sunday for Yuri Melich!  Don’t forget to VOTE!

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  1. Apr 8 2011

    I agree! Baez just didn’t sound like he had done his homework. His closing arguments are similar to the motions he files-case law, if any, comes not even close to this case in similarity.

    BTW, Judge Perry seems to have gotten Mason to knock off the good ol’ boy crap and now he’s getting Baez in line to knock off his cutsey remarks that only he thinks is funny.

    {sorry for the bad grammar-brain fart for the right way of spelling it out, lol}

    • Apr 9 2011

      LOL Sherry…. Bad grammar brain-fart?! I don’t think so! You don’t have any brain farts, Sherry!

      Yes, I had noticed that Cheney Mason has simmered down. I wonder if it’s because the poor guy can’t hear that he relies on the output from the court reporter coming – the text of the proceedings? Judge Perry does raise his voice so Mr. Mason can hear him…. Dunno!

  2. Lona1
    Apr 8 2011

    Ha Ha Andrea! Isn’t all this so cool? Justice for Caylee Marie Anthony is coming! Baez is such a fool. Casey is such a liar and the prosecution team is so awsome!

    • Apr 9 2011

      Oh, it is Lona1, it is. The prosecution really does bring all the goods to this trial and it only makes the defense appear all the worse.
      Like Bill Sheaffer said, the defense has very, very little to work with. Too bad, so sad! They reap what they sow…..

      • Apr 9 2011

        Very little to work with starting with Casey and ending with Baez

  3. Weezie
    Apr 9 2011

    If only, If only…… Why is it I’m feeling uncomfortable about the upcoming trial? If Baez and team don’t start to get their ducks in a row, we will all see first hand how justice even for Casey will not be served, and years upon years, and revearsals of fact will be thrown into a rising taxpayer’s account.. I don’t believe that any of you would wish that to happen. This mob of characters, that so malign the Defence or no better than the Anthony haters. Please can we try something new – like etiquete?

    • Apr 9 2011

      I hear you, Weezie. Many people, my self included, get so darn mad at the inadequacies and the “tricks” of the defense and we can’t help but malign them, deservedly so.
      This case will not be reversed. It will not be, Weezie, so you can rest easier. Judge Perry, in all the years he’s been a judge, has never been reversed on appeal. However, I do remember reading that one portion of one of his cases was questioned, he has never been overturned. Although Casey has crappy attorneys, and it’s terribly maddening, especially as it concerns the death penalty, she has made her own bed. And it’s a hard and cold place, but she made it.
      I wish she’d wake up and realize that she could very well get death (although maybe she’s begun to think about it, I don’t know of course), and she’d better begin to show a mother’s love and a mother’s loss for her own baby girl.
      Oh yeah, she’s incapable. I forgot.

    • Apr 9 2011

      I think having unsettled feelings about the trial is good for us, Weezie. It reminds us that we are human after all and justice for a murdered child is what we are seeking. Casey doesn’t seem concerned in the least, does she?
      I have faith Judge Perry will keep a firm hand on the reins once trial begins. He is a well seasoned professional after all.

      A mob of characters is a very appropriate title

      • Apr 9 2011

        So nicely stated, Kim, and absolutely true. Casey doesn’t seem concerned at all; sometimes she seems downright giddy. It’s very alarming to see that… Maybe she doesn’t care how she acts now? Maybe she will put on a new facade when the jury is seated? I wonder….

      • Apr 9 2011

        I think she will attempt a new facade since a false front is all she has. She can’t fool us, though. We have seen all of her little out bursts. A raging tantrum in jail, a whining ‘make him stop’ in the courtroom, the evil glares when someone displeases her. She can’t hide any of it.
        I truly believe as the pressure mounts on Casey and Baez both during trial, we may indeed see more of the spoiled rotten brat/ child we have all known and come to despise.

  4. Venice
    Apr 9 2011

    I hope the State makes Caylee’s name and spirit be present at all times! I hope they don’t overtry this case to death, and keep the truth alive solemnly in Caylee’s spirit.

    • Apr 9 2011

      I was thinking the very same thing this morning, Venice. I hope they keep a very, very large picture of her on display in the courtroom at all times, so some of the so called defense groupies will know this trial is for and about doing justice for Caylee’s sake.

      • Apr 9 2011

        Yes, on the big screen Baez was using for his badly done power point 😉

    • Apr 9 2011

      We will hold Caylee up throughout this trial. She will prevail

  5. Apr 10 2011

    In the past almost three years, I have had to question my own reasons for being so preoccupied with this case. I am not by any means alone in my obsession with Casey Anthony, her choices and her denial of her crime . I believe the attraction to the evil in Casey exists in part because I can identify with denial in my own life. It is, after all, part of our human nature to avoid facing up to harsh reality and the painful truth of who we really are. We all have our regrets about choices we did and did not make.
    While I may find it horrific that a mother kill her own child and then deny it in the face of glaring evidence, I can identify with Casey’s denial on the level that I too have made mistakes I was glad never became public, but even though not considered to be criminal, I still regret to this day.
    What we really want from Casey, George, and Cindy is total honesty. Or do we? If they gave it to us, they would no longer have our fascination. While the truthful confession would bring them and us a sense of relief, the fascination with the case would end. The media would ditch their story as done and only refer to it as a boring afterthought. How long did it take for us to get over Susan Smith once she admitted to drowning her two sons? She confessed.
    She gets life in prison. End of story. It was time to move on to the next sqaulid
    episode in the next life of another innocent child.
    That’s how I explain this obsession. We might have some pretty rough stuff going on in our own lives, but when we watch the drama of Casey Anthony unfold, we can count our blessings and breathe a sigh of relief that it is not us in Casey,George or Cindy’s shoes.

    • Apr 10 2011

      Hi Billie! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings here. I’m often preoccupied with crime and trials because I find it fascinating – the OJ trial had me tied to the TV constantly! Now this case is much easier to access as a result of the internet.

      What you mention about counting our blessings at not living in this horror is so true, and I oftentimes count my blessings that people like Casey Anthony are very far removed from my personal life. I also look at the Anthony family dysfunction and compare it to the dysfunction in my own family, and realize how lucky I am to have a pretty together family – normal – if there is such a thing. I would venture to say that many folks look at the Anthony’s and thank their lucky stars they do not walk in their shoes.

      I also think: how easy it is for us to “judge” others, and I think, who am I to judge people i have never met? So, I do try to keep the judgmental and cynical musings out of my rants about this case, but I am not always successful. Because this case is so public, it is fairly easy to have an opinion about every move the lawyers make, the Anthony’s make, and every facial expression of Casey Anthony as she sits in the courtroom with the camera in her face.

      Casey made her bed here, and she’s living the hell she created by not coming forward with the truth. And like you say, would we really want to know the whole truth? I would like to know the whole truth about how Caylee died because I would like to know that she did not suffer, but I would not want to know about the alleged abuse by George or Lee. I don’t want to hear about it, and I don’t believe it’s an excuse (if it’s true, that is).

      At any rate, thank you again for your excellent observations and comments.

      • jon
        Apr 11 2011

        I too have questioned my fascination with this case and why I’m so intrigued by it. I think what tipped the scales for me is the fact that the entire Anthony clan is so completely unlikeable. Except for the victim, Caylee, there’s no one I can feel any sympathy for. I remember with Andrea Yates and Susan Smith, the grieving husbands/fathers of the children and the way they received support from family and community,but in this case: nothing. I remember commenting on a blog very earlyon as to why, when we saw George and Cindy on television, they never had any “support” around them; no family, no friends, no one. It was very strange. They turned me off almost as soon as the case gained notariety and I’ve never been able to warm up to any of them. I think I’m so fascinated because the whole investigation and pretrial business is like watching a horrible traffic accident: you can’t look away. Just my ramblings……..

      • Weezie
        Apr 11 2011

        Jon you raise a very good point. NOONE is going to stay tuned to a dull and boring build up to a trial. Many young babys and girls have been taken and murdered and you only hear about it for a while on NG or JVM and sometimes sporadically on HLN NEWS. Because of the dysfunction of everyone concerned, and the desire to know if Col. Mustard, or Mr. Plum did it in the house, so to speak, we stay glued. Just wait till all the media arrive with their mobile units and huge spanning satelites. No doubt everyone is waiting and wondering if this could get bigger than OJ’s trial. You bet, but without Johnny Cochrane, sadly. In fact, it was the lawyers that made that trial so riveting actually, and then of course Kato, the dog Kato Kalin, the limo driver, OJ’s friend and partner from football days, oh and dont forget Kardashian (yup the father of those famous youg girls in Hollywood.). All I remember is the look of shock on his face when the verdict was not guilty. He knew all along that OJ did it. Wow, it’s like yesterday. Anyway, we shall see fireworks even with JP leading the pack. It’s just bound to go that way.

  6. Apr 10 2011

    Andrea, I must also say “bravo” to Billie. How insightful and true Billie’s description of our obsession with this case is. The Anthony case seems to unfold like a soap opera. Who would bother to watch a soap opera if it was not filled with suspense and we cannot wait for the next episode? This is just human nature. We are a curious breed and want our curiosity satisfied but, as Billie mentioned, do we really want to know?
    I was drawn to this case for two different reasons, the first being curious and second, I have always been fascinated with the law. I am drawn to a court case like a bee to nectar. Andrea, when the OJ trial was on, I harvested more weeds than veggies from my garden. LOL I should be ashamed but I’m not. I did learn something important about the OJ case and that is, no case is a slam dunk. I will keep my guard up until Casey’s verdict is read.

  7. Val Smith
    Jun 14 2011

    The judge in this case seems to already have convicted casey :0 He over rules every obejection from the defense, whle in the same breath, sustaining every objection by the prosecution. I am not so sure the state has made good on what is incumbent of them; PROVING beyond the shadow of a doubnt that Casey Anthony is even guilty. The evidence seems ratyher circumstantial to me and for all who are so Pro Death Penalty, I would remind you that it does not deter the murder rate 🙂
    Val Smith

    • Weezie
      Jun 14 2011

      It’s not a BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT, it’s BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT, THAT the prosecution must present its’ case. Tell me how you see not guilty in this case please. Explain why a person would NOT call 911 after an accidental drowning or overdose? 31 Days of partying and lying and stealing does not make this person NOT GUILTY. Aggrevated assault is what I think the Jury will conclude, which at the penalty phase could result in DEATH. It will depend on the mitigating as opposed to aggravating circumstances. I can understand your reticense of the Death Penalty. I guess we could say that Casey is one lucky person there wasn’t a camera showing how she did this dasterdly kill. IF anyone believes it was an accident, then Harvey the Rabbit is REAL>

      • Jun 14 2011

        Harvey’s not REAL??? 😯

      • Weezie
        Jun 14 2011

        waving, with my glass in hand. luv you.

      • Jun 14 2011

        luvins back atcha! 😉

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