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this train is running

photo credit: Red Huber, Orlando Sentinel

The big news this morning?  The government is still open for business.  Personally, I think Judge Perry had is hand in the  decision in Washington.  Oh yes, the Honorable Judge Perry would surely not let Congress, or President Obama get in the way and delay the start of the State v. Casey Anthony trial!   I am being facetious, though it’s clear the trial is moving forward despite anything in its way.

Judge Perry, despite exhausting himself, is going to do what ever it takes to get this trial running, and on time!  Nothing can derail this effort now.

After watching the rerun of yesterday’s hearing, I wonder, did the lawyers find out yesterday where they were going to pick their jury?  I’m not sure, but Judge Perry did promise that if a jury cannot be selected from wherever location they are going, it is possible to return to Orange County, he said, and select a jury there!  It’s possible that the defense could prevail by arguing against that.  If the defense is successful in arguing against finding an Orlando jury, they will travel to a second secret location, during the following week, to try again.

However, I do think a jury can be found in Orange County, and it may be a happier jury than one that is plucked up from another county and shipped off to another location, then held in confinement for three months, or however long it takes to try the case.  The trouble with Orange County, however, is the fact that this case is incessantly in the headlines there.  One could not avoid it if they tried.

My family recently vacationed in the vicinity – just a half hour away from Orlando – and my mom told me, “Andrea, that case you’re following is talked about on every station, every chance they get – every day.”   No surprise to me – I see the online coverage of the local station and newspaper.   Is the interest that high in Orlando?  It must be, the television stations are all over the story and must be profiting from it.  But, have some  residents in the Orlando area tuned it out?  Are they so sick of it, they avoid it?  Possibly.  I can only surmise, however, based on my brother’s comments.

My brother and his girlfriend live in the Orlando area, and work in Orlando and neither of them have any idea what is happening in the case.  They tune it out but they are aware it’s happening.  Perhaps those of us who are so interested in this case, so involved in it, just assume “everyone” knows about it?  Maybe.  However, I would bet that many people are so busy living their lives they don’t have time to listen to all the news surrounding this case; it’s gone on far too long to sustain the interest of most people, I believe.

Because it’s taken so long to get to trial could work in the Court’s favor, ensuring Casey Anthony gets a fair trial.

Even though people may have forgotten about the case, I believe they remember little Caylee, her singing, and the dear pictures of her resting her head on the shoulder of her grandfather.  Even if  attention spans are short, a person would have to have had their head in a bag to avoid hearing about the case; the wild mother, and the images of the precious child.

I run into people, here in South Florida, who have very little knowledge of this case.  But, if I say, “It’s the case about the young mother who’s baby was missing for 31 days and she partied the whole time.”  They will invariably say, “Oh, yeah. I remember that.”  Then, in the next breath they say either, “Whatever happened?”   Or, they ask, “Is she in jail or did she get off?”

When I tell people I blog about the case, the reaction I usually get is a cock of the head, a furrowed brow, before they ask, “Really?”   The truth is, I don’t care one whit what anyone thinks!  I want justice for Caylee Marie.

The Orlando Sentinel pointed out in a recent article, Obsession with the Anthony case adds to the circus,  I am sure that is true in some respects.

This case has consumed many of us for many reasons.  For those of us interested in the law – this case is a fantastic classroom.  And it does make good theatre.

None of us need to find excuses for our interest in the case, that’s for sure.  But just like those of us who follow every event in the case, there are those who do not know a single thing about it.  Therefore, I have faith that, if the Judge can keep the defense in line during the selection process, a fair jury can be selected in any county in Florida, even in Orange/Oseola Counties.  I have no doubt a decent jury will be found.

Even if it takes two or even three tries to find a fair and impartial jury, the Honorable Judge Belvin Perry will not allow anything to stop this train now.

The cause is justice and it’s coming full steam ahead.

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