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April 12, 2011


Shameful CBS

by Andrea O'Connell

It doesn’t get any lower than this.  Well, given the defense team, it could get much lower.  I’m referring to the 48 Hours CBS show that is scheduled to air Saturday.

Hal Boedeker of the Orlando Sentinel, got the inside scoop and wrote about the show today.  The show, he said,  used mock jurors and presented them with who knows what information, and this mock group agrees to acquit Casey Anthony.  Yes, acquit her!

If that is not pure propaganda, I don’t know what is.

The only way this mock group could vote to acquit is if they did not hear both sides of the story, the evidence that points in one direction only –  and it’s not towards acquittal.

This is total distortion and the airing of this PROPAGANDA is clearly for purposes that are salacious and dishonest. The defense, says Hal, is not involved with the mock jury, but they are aware of the results.

By using this mock jury, CBS is making a mockery of the justice system in the United States.  It’s just wrong on so many levels!

In Hal’s story (story link), he spoke with a representative from the venerable Poynter Institute and got their take on the situation. The Poynter Institute is a revered journalism organization – you don’t get any better than Poynter for research, teaching, and learning about journalism.

In Hal’s article, there is a statement by Al Tompkins, an instructor at Poynter, in which he calls the situation and the upcoming 48 Hours show, “Shameful.”  He goes on to say:

We have a system in the United States that works pretty well. It’s a system of discovery, of hearings, of cross examinations, and it’s worked pretty darn well for a long time. We have no business trying this case.

Tompkins went on to say:

When do we finally allow the court system to work? If we believe there’s a miscarriage of justice, let’s expose it. We can allow the jury to hear a case and adjudicate it before we turn it into a drama.

I do hope that Judge Perry weighs in on this situation and puts it in the record on Friday.  I tend to think he will.

When all is said and done, the defense still has no case despite the fairy tale they want to put out to a Florida jury.  They have no case. Period.  End of story.

Here’s the information to lodge your concerns to CBS and one of their sponsors:

Leave your criticism and comments here:

This is the link to the CBS blog relating to the show, it is flooded with comments.

This is the facebook page linking to the only sponsor revealed for the show so far, Breathe Right:

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  1. Apr 12 2011

    I just got through reading what Richard Hornsby had to say about this matter. It was really interesting.

  2. Apr 12 2011

    That was an interesting post by Hornsby-more DT unethical tactics, imo. One thing I’ve been hearing in some of the comments on this 48 Hours show is that there evidently is a good possibility to seat an impartial jury judging by the mock jury who obviously had no clue about this case. Perhaps Judge Perry will change his mind about the change of venue and save the Florida taxpayers’ money. I can dream here if no other blog will let me…

    • Apr 12 2011

      Yes, it was an EXCELLENT post by Hornsby! He really does his homework! But, darn, reading his post made me even angrier! Regardless, kudos to his lawyerly sleuthing!

  3. Apr 12 2011

    Supposedly Breathe Right is not sponsoring that 48 Hours show. They were a target because they have an ad with the trailer for the show.

  4. Apr 12 2011

    Let’s add more to CBS’ shame-its sweeps week!

    Click to access 2010-2011-Sweeps-Dates-for-nielsen-com.pdf

    April 28-May 25

    • Apr 12 2011

      My boo-boo! The show airs prior to sweeps week! 😳

      • Andrea OConnell
        Apr 12 2011

        Oh too bad! But it was a fantastic idea Sherry! Still I do think it’s about ratings. And I just read Richard Hornby’s post – if it’s true, and I don’t doubt it is, there are some backroom deals happening and they smell pretty bad too.

        Sent from my iPhone

  5. Addie
    Apr 13 2011

    IMO there is NO way this show should be allowed to air prior to trial. If it does air though I can have a few questions. One is that Judge Perry will go ahead with the trial in Orange Co. and hopefully save Floridians their hard earned tax dollars. Two, is IF found guilty and an appeal is brought forth, can’t it also be brought up that the Defense team , CBS and everyone involved created their own mess ( thus over riding any appeals ). Third, this in NO way seems legal to me. Can’t Judge Perry invoke a GAG order on this ? Four, aren’t their any ways to charge Baez & Co. with falsifying ( or lying ! ) to JAC and the taxpayers of Florida ? It appears to me that this whole sham should be legally investigated and a stop put to it, now !
    Yes, I did add comments to every CBS site and will continue to do so.
    This is just wrong, wrong wrong !

    • Apr 13 2011

      They tried the Gag order in the beginning of this trial. The defense fought not to have one so I am assuming it’s too late for that now. I am not sure. It would be nice.

  6. Apr 13 2011

    I hope people don’t get hate messages on twitter cause I am posting this everyday on mine.

    “CBS shame on you. Are you trying to help taint the Anthony Jury Pool? Why not air your mock trial after the jury is selected?”

  7. offthecuff
    Apr 13 2011

    Wow! Doesn’t CBS inspire you to try your own focus groups?

    Say, a bunch of kindergartners? We can demonstrate the facts through a puppet show or their toys and gauge their reactions and responses. No wait! That would be too traumatic for them! Young children can be so truthful.

    Or, how ’bout using a PITA focus group, using the facts of the case except replacing Caylee with a pet, maybe even a yorkie. What would the results be?

  8. Apr 13 2011

    Here is a great article on JURY TAMPERING.

    • Apr 13 2011

      Hi Shyloh! Thanks for the link! The great thing about the Anthony case is the fact the jurors will be sequestered so it would be difficult for tampering to occur, though not impossible, it’s not likely to happen! That is one blessing!

      Sent from my iPhone

  9. cali patti
    Apr 13 2011

    Guessing CBS is enjoying the attention it is recieving from this controversary. Attention equals ratings and ratings matter, seldom the reason for the ratings. I cant see the justice system doing much about this because of first amendment. I could be wrong.

    Does CBS have the right to air almost anything it wants to?
    Does John Doe puplic have the right to censor a media outlet?
    Are people stupid enough not to be aware that no offense was
    presented to the mock jury?

  10. Venice
    Apr 13 2011

    Just beyond words anymore!!! I have written them multiple times, just as I’m sure half the world has.

  11. Venice
    Apr 13 2011

    GOOD…Nancy Grace doing a Casey special Friday night @8.

  12. katydid
    Apr 13 2011

    Now who is tampering with the jury pool? Maybe the prosecution should claim foul! But hey, who watches that show anyway? I haven’t watched it in years…..not since cable tv and now AT&T U-Verse.

  13. katydid
    Apr 13 2011

    Hope the great Judge Perry slaps a GAG order on them.


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