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April 15, 2011


Hearing today at 1:30

by Andrea O'Connell

There’s a hearing today in the State v. Casey Anthony case.  Will there be fireworks?  I tend to think there will be with regards to the motions filed by both the defense and the state regarding the admissibility of the defense mental health witnesses and proposed testimony.

Will the 48 Hours Mystery show be discussed?  I sure hope something is put on the record about it.  It’s so darn maddening!

Have a wonderful day, all!  Of course, I have to work, but will tune in later this evening – after I play with my new washer and dryer being delivered today!  Yay!

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  1. Apr 15 2011

    I don’t know if you saw this or not

    • Apr 15 2011

      Hi Kim! No I didn’t see this! Thanks a bunch….

      Sent from my iPhone

      • jon
        Apr 15 2011

        Enjoy your new washer dryer. Just make sure the pooch doesn’t jump in. I had a cat once that used to like to jump into the top loader when my mother wasn’t looking: mother just threw things into it and turned it on once and all of a sudden Puddie Tat came flying out the machine! what a mess!

  2. Diana
    Apr 15 2011

    Baez will say the photo means nothing, and she was so distraught she had to drink and party to numb the senses and not let her friends know her baby was kidnapped……..oops no……..she’s not going with that story anymore. Hmmmm……then she was partying to try to forget the accidental death of Caylee. I’m glad this picture surfaced.

    • Apr 15 2011

      That picture blows me away. UGH! I can’t wait for court today. As confusing as it is. I will try to understand it hahaha. On Baez’s part anyway.

    • jon
      Apr 15 2011

      What about all the other party photos of Casey? I suppose she was distraught on those occasions as well, as in the case of squatting and urinating between cars in the parking lot. She’ll probably regret she was so into have party photos taken of herself at every given opportunity (like when she wrapped herself in a flag).. If Baez goes this route, I hope the State will be able to pull in every photo of Casey that’s out there showing this was her regular behavior.

  3. CptKD
    Apr 15 2011

    Well, I am still waiting at the Doc’s. I had to come in as a walk-in, and so there is a stack of folks in front of me. I only need medical clearance for dental work, but the nurse cant do it. It must be the Doc. I sort of told a white lie, and explained that I MUST be done by one due to having to appear in court. The ever so kind receptionist said she would sneak me in between two patients. . . Lol! So thought I d check in as I was out last night. Anyways, I trust I ll be home by 1330hrs! C U’s!

    • Apr 15 2011

      Did you tell them you had to be in court in Orlando, Florida? LOL! Hey! That might speed things up more!

      Love that party pic of Casey! Look at her eyes-they are mournful and scared because her daughter has been “kidnapped” (well, Lee giggles inappropriately and so Casey smiles and laughs inappropriately, too!). I’d love to see this pic shown on 48 Hours!

    • Apr 15 2011

      Oh that’s hilarious! And true – you do have an appt. for court! LOL…. :).

      Sent from my iPhone

    • Apr 15 2011

      That is toooooooooooooooooo funny. I may try that some day. Bless you and hope you make it in time.

  4. Apr 15 2011

    OOPS that was too CptKD. My reply did go under her reply. SORRY!!!

  5. Apr 15 2011

    Ok it’s early and I am eager. that was suppose to be “My reply didn’t go under her reply. SORRY!!!! AGAIN

    • CptKD
      Apr 15 2011

      I am sooooo sorry –

      I can’t explain right now, but let’s just say that my plan sort of back-fired.
      I will explain later.

      I just got in, signed on, and I believe what’s happening right now, is that the two sides and JP are currently “in camera”, and they have all left the courtroom to enter the Jury room for a private discussion.

      I will go now, and try to find out what’s happened and what I have missed so far.

      I believe HHJP had only reserved 3 hours of court time for today’s hearing and so I’m not sure where things are going from here…

      I will be back –

  6. Lona1
    Apr 15 2011

    Too funny!

  7. CptKD
    Apr 15 2011

    From WFTV:
    (With appreciation and thanks!)

    At Friday’s hearing, the defense announced they would not be using either of the mental health experts, so the issue immediately became moot. Prosecutors had argued Casey Anthony is a murderer and a liar, but not mentally ill.
    WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer had said before the hearing started that the defense was treading on risky territory. Sheaffer believes, if the judge allowed the state to examine Casey, there would be no limits on what its experts could ask her.
    “The state’s psychiatrist could diagnose Casey as a psychopath, capable of killing her daughter, and showing no remorse,” Sheaffer said (watch full interview).
    Also at the hearing Friday, Judge Belvin Perry said the heart-shaped sticker evidence that the defense was fighting (read their motion) would be admissible at trial, but that the defense could, at that time, attempt to fight it again.
    The defense does not want the jury to hear about the heart sticker investigators found with Caylee’s remains that matched up to residue that was later destroyed by fingerprint testing done on the duct tape over Caylee’s face. Investigators found similar stickers at the Anthony home.

  8. CptKD
    Apr 15 2011

    I’m reviewing the hearing videos,
    but I have to tell you –
    I’m confused and concerned about
    this Saturday night’s 48Hrs program.
    From what I’ve seen and what I’ve
    heard thus far, there was absolutely
    NO mention of this program playing
    this wknd.
    I don’t understand why it was NOT
    brought up, nor was it prohibited
    from being released.

    Can someone please explain to me,
    how this episode is allow to continue
    and go forth?

    If this were happening here in Canada,
    it would not be allowed until AFTER
    the trial.

    I don’t understand why it was not
    addressed, or questioned by the State,
    or the Court’s JP, himself?

    Is this really going to be allowed to
    go on, and actually air?


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