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April 15, 2011


there’s a thing called the first amendment…

by Andrea O'Connell

The fact that the 48 Hours Mystery show, titled “Only Casey Knows,” is going to air is absolutely maddening.  But, there is not a thing that anyone can do about it, not even Judge Belvin Perry.   The reason, of course, is a result of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.  But, I’m still mad at CBS.

We know about the protections of the First Amendment as it relates to freedom of speech and freedom of the press.  But that does not stop my anger and my feeling that airing this show is a dirty low-down stunt, and  I am mad as hell at CBS.

I carry a little copy of the Constitution with me in my purse and am well aware of the First Amendment, as I am sure you are, too.  But, I’m still mad at CBS.

We know that the defense has every right to speak to whomever they wish, whenever they wish when no gag-order is imposed by a court.  But, is it right? Not in my opinion.  Is it ethical?  Not in my opinion.  Does it taint potential jurors?  Yes, in my opinion.  Is it illegal?  No, not under the Constitution of the United States of America.  But, I’m still mad at CBS.

During today’s hearing a very interesting request came out of the mouth of Jose Baez to the court.  He would like to turn off the cameras  in the courtroom.  Mr. Baez, like us, doesn’t like the freedom of the press either – unless it’s convenient.   His request is no different than ours.  We want to stop 48 Hours, and Mr. Baez wants to stop the cameras from rolling in the court.  Judge Perry told Mr. Baez that the Florida Supreme Court would not agree.  Perry said if he turned the cameras off, they’d be back on in 48 hours.

48 Hours?  Interesting. I have 48 reasons why I’m still mad at CBS.

Below are the words of the First Amendment of the Constitution:

Amendment One:  Freedom of religion, speech, and the press; rights of assembly and petition.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

There it is – that thing called the First Amendment which protects Mr. Baez, and Mason, and you and me when we want to express our opinions. Where it not for the First Amendment, I would not be able to blog as I do.  Neither would you. And, I am mad at CBS, but I sure cherish my rights.

What are some of the rights ripped out from under people in a Communist state?

  • People may not write or publish as they please – writers and Bloggers are thrown in jail.
  • People may not practice the religion of their choice;
  • The press is controlled by the Government;
  • People cannot assemble in protest in countries wrapped in a communist flag, but
  • I’m mad as hell at CBS.

I like my First Amendment Rights!  I am thankful for the First Amendment, but I am angry over how wrong it seems to air a show like 48 Hours before the system of justice has a chance to work.

Regardless, I am glad I live in a country where such a program can air.

And, you know what?  This is an object lesson many of us can learn from.


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  1. Linda
    Apr 15 2011

    Hello Andrea…..Just call $indy Anthony and ask her for some of her meds, and you’ll forget all about CBS…..LOL Baez has made this case a joke..but I think the joke will be on him.. I still think he will try to sneak something in the back door……only this time I think the Judge will be waiting for it……I been thinking about LKB and AL and I was wondering if Casey or Baez let it slip that there was no nanny, and that Casey indeed admitted to killing Caylee by mistake…..Would they either have to walk away, or tell the judge?

  2. Apr 15 2011

    Andrea sez:
    Perry said if he turned the cameras off, they’d be back on in 48 hours.

    ~Was that a dig at baez or what? OK, probably not but HHJP is smarter than the average bear and as busy as he is, I bet he knows all about the 48 Hours show.

    I’m not happy with CBS because thay didn’t take the high road. Profits come before justice. I’d fear, if I were them, that what goes around, comes around, and that payday is someday.

  3. CptKD
    Apr 16 2011

    I get the whole First Amendment thing. . . What I dont understand, is why JP did NOT not order and put in place today, a Suppression / Gag Order! That would have put an end to the two blow-hards and their idiot team players having any part of this Inmate’s television EXCUSE STORY being aired by CBS through its 48Hrs program. I an very suprised at the Judge’s choice to not do so…

  4. mary in michigan
    Apr 16 2011

    I believe the 48 Hours program will bite Baez & Mason in the behinds. If they take enough rope, it just might hang them. And, we will all be there to watch it! Karma baby, Karma.

  5. grownyoungmom
    Apr 16 2011

    I am mad at CBS too! 😉 As far as the gag order, too late at this point, but I have confidence in JP. I agree with Mary in Michigan, I think JP is giving them enough rope so they can hang themselves. MR BAEZ is going to have a hard time objecting to jury issues with the CBS piece coming out before trial. IMO

  6. Apr 16 2011

    If I didn’t know better I would think Andrea was mad at CBS


  7. katydid
    Apr 16 2011

    There is a thing called the 1st Amendment……and I also believe that Judge Perry was giving Bozo a hint when he mentioned 48 hrs. It is also on a Saturday night….so most people will not be watching. One good thing about it though is if Tot Mom is convicted….and I think she will….there is no chance of her trying to reverse he conviction because of the news media….there have been more defense appearences on TV than prosecution and that will bight them in the butt big time.

  8. eviemae
    Apr 16 2011

    Its Sean Krause Day… from now until vedict!…. ps: (express)… two thumbs up!


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