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48 hours – I can’t ignore it

Should I ignore the 48 Hours Mystery show airing tonight?

Over this past week, back and forth I go.  Yes. No. Yes. No.

It’s infuriating that CBS has pitched the show as a shocker, to generate interest, to titillate the viewers.  Just horrible.   But, I want to hear for my self what propaganda is used; what deceit will be presented?

I do want to hear what is presented to the “focus group”. What information did they feed the focus group to render their decision?

Will the show be an infomercial for Baez and Company?  What trickery will they attempt to get away with?  How gross will the blather be?

Maybe it won’t be blather.  Maybe it will be evenly presented.   I don’t know.  What do I know?   I only know that everything CBS has done to create and promote this show is an affront to our system of justice.

I am going to record the show and watch it later.  If anything, this may provide insight into the defense strategy – if they have a strategy.

I’m taking my mom to the theatre tonight to see a play.

The DVR is set to record.

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