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The CBS 48 Hours Mystery “Only Casey Knows,” was much ado about a lot of nothing.  The defense lawyers did try to make the State’s case seem like a walk in the park for them to overcome, however it was all posturing and fabricated information.  Nothing we haven’t heard before in other press conferences from Baez and Company.

The defense objective was completely transparent:  Make it seem like we have a slam-dunk defense because the state has no evidence, and certainly not enough for a death penalty decision.

No evidence?  That’s right Mr. and Mrs. Average American TV Viewer, this case is a walk in the park for the defense.  The State has NO DNA, no physical evidence, NO evidence of homicide, blah blah blah – same ole’ song – Casey is being railroaded.

Yeah right.

The show, naturally, was slanted only one way, BUT not necessarily toward Casey Anthony’s innocence.  The focus group concluded, the death of Caylee Marie sure may have been an accident.

There we have our defense strategy.  Okay… That’s all well and good, but if Anthony does not take the stand, how does the evidence of “accident” come in?  It doesn’t.

The focus group idea fell flat as far as I am concerned.  How can a focus group decide anything in 4 hours?  Determining guilt is no walk in the park, and with the defense’s jury consultant,  Richard Gabriel, running the focus group, it was clearly a scam.

The show was as transparent as it gets.  The message: The state does not have the goods to convict Anthony of anything other than, if the State is lucky, involuntary manslaughter.

Yeah right, again.

Cheney Mason – made out to be the venerable lawyer in the group – did his very best to pull the wool over the collective eyes of TV land.

Mr. Mason said, “…this is the biggest case with the least amount of evidence I’ve ever seen – anywhere.”

Okay, I will forgive Mr. Mason this, as he is unable to hear what’s going on in the court proceedings.  He is unable to follow what’s going on in the courtroom, therefore he thinks he’s being honest.

There were a number of shots of an office space in which Mr. Cheney and Mr. Baez were working diligently on something or other.  There were shots of Mr. Baez “at work” going in and out of offices. Looking like he’s a busy lawyer.  The “staging” in the show was maddening and ultra fake.

I’ve done quite a few television shows and commercials; I know that it is painstaking to set up a single television shot.  Mr. Baez and Mr. Mason were in a number of shots and each camera sequence would take a minimum of an hour.  I would guesstimate that the time Mr. Cheney and Mr. Baez’ gave to making this episode took probably three days.

Wouldn’t you think if you have a client faced with the Death Penalty, you’d want to spend that time working on your case?

Oh, that’s right, there is no case!  That’s the purpose of the show!  All potential jurors must be told about the slam dunk this case will be for the defense.  Kind of like subliminal messages: Perhaps the defense believes that the more they talk of the State’s case being weak, the more people will accept it as truth, subliminally, or otherwise.

I don’t think this episode did it for the defense.  I always enjoy this program and have found they do a good job with telling most stories.  Not this time. Instead of a coherent story, it was fluff, dramatic music, and hyperbole.

I did notice there seemed to be new pictures of Caylee.  I wonder if there was a new licensing agreement attached to the photos?  Who was paid for the use of the pictures?  Is this funding the defense, or lining the pockets of the Anthony’s?  Is it paying Richard Gabriel’s fees as a jury consultant?  Judge Perry denied the defense funds from the JAC for a jury consultant.  Is Gabriel working pro bono, too?  Hah!  Fat chance.

The show did a nice job on Linda Kenney Baden’s hair and make-up.  She looked very nice, but spoke bizarrely.  Why would she discuss Anthony’s lying about the Nanny?  Why would she say (I’m paraphrasing), “It’s going to be difficult for the jury not to find her guilty of something.” WHAT?!  Now, didn’t that statement completely turn on its head the reason for doing this valentine-love-story in the first place?

Oh, and take note of this:  Mr. Baez told us again that once the case begins, we will learn of the “very compelling reason” for the 31 day time-frame when Anthony was on the lamb and enjoying her beautiful life.

This was communicated only a few days ago when Mr. Baez advised the show “In Session” that during the defense opening statement, the reason for the 31 days will be solved.

Yeah.  Right.

To address the State’s case, Florida Attorney General, Pam Bondi spoke, and did provide some balance.  Bondi appeared to have intimate knowledge of the case, and discussed Anthony’s “habitual lies” to which Linda Kenney Baden said:  “She’s a liar.  That doesn’t make her a murderer.”  Not true in this case.

All in all, it was much ado about nothing new.

Hype.  Plain hype in every sense of the word.

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