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Vote for Yuri for America’s Most Wanted All Star!

Click here to vote for Yuri
Click here to vote!

It’s time to vote for Yuri for the All Star Award (the grand prize) in the America’s Most Wanted competition!

Beginning tomorrow, April 21st, the eight finalists will compete for the big prize. Although there are eight deserving American Most Wanted finalists, none are as deserving as our candidate!

To vote for Yuri Melich, click his photo on the left, or click this URL:

Wouldn’t it be a nice tribute if Yuri won?!

Please tell all your friends to vote – starting tomorrow!

You may vote once per day, and you’re encouraged to do that – but, only one time per-person per day, please.

Spread the word….and put it on your “to do” list to vote, vote, vote!

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