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the stain and the stories

We waited with bated breath for news of the promised rulings in the State v. Casey Anthony case.  Then, toward the close of day it was reported that Judge Belvin Perry ruled on only one of the many Frye issues argued in the case.

The Judge is allowing the State of Florida to introduce the stain that was found in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s Pontiac Sunfire.  Why is this so important?  Simply, it shows – proof-positive – that human decomposition happened in the trunk, and it is, presumably, Caylee’s little body in that trunk.

When decomposition occurs, one of its by-products are volatile  fatty acids, which are present in the stain.  In addition, the stain, as we have previously heard, looks as if it’s in the shape of a small child, in a fetal position.  The defense would like to spin this evidence as “nothing” due to the absence of DNA.  The jury will learn that DNA is not present because it also decomposes and cannot be detected.

Judge Perry’s order is short and to the point on this issue.  Click here to read order.

Also today, defense depositions of Tony Lazarro and Amy Huizenga were published.   Click here for Tony’s deposition.  Click here for Amy’s deposition.

These two depositions are interesting to read and are not lengthy.

Tony Lazarro has trouble remembering much of what occurred prior to July 15, 2008.  I believe there is a somewhat important discrepancy in this most recent deposition, however.  I recall that when he was interviewed in 2008 regarding the first time Casey ran out of gas, he said she poured the gas into her car.  He also stated that he did not get very close to her car.  However, in this recent deposition, he thinks, because it would have been a guy thing to do, that he must have poured the gas into the car.  He further stated that he smelled no foul odor emanating from the car.

In his OCSO interview in 2008, he recalled that Casey rushed to pour the gas in her car, presumably to keep him away from her car.  When he was interviewed in 2008, he also did not smell an odor from the car.

In addition, Tony recalls Casey telling him that George Anthony was physically abusive toward Casey, who made George seem like a rough and troubled man.  This plays well with the defense’s plan to show George Anthony in a very bad light.  Tony also discussed Casey’s problems with Cindy Anthony.

When Cindy first arrived at Tony Lazarro’s apartment to pick up Casey, she said to Tony, “I hope you have a lot of money because she will take you for all you have.” This is hardly the Casey that Cindy would like the world to see.

As for Amy Huizenga, her memory is sharp.  She recounts the drive with Cindy to pick up Casey, on July 15th.  Cindy discussed the smell in the car, the fact that she wanted to take custody of Caylee, and that Casey may end up in jail.

Cindy Anthony’s previous stories to the FBI, to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, in her deposition with Morgan and Morgan, and to the media, she portrayed Casey as her best friend; and the perfect daughter.  I wonder if Cindy will admit on the stand, when she’s faced with the truth, the truth about she and Casey’s relationship?

The jury will undoubtedly learn of the volatile relationship between the mother and daughter – Casey’s jealousy, and the physical fight on, or around, June 15th, when, allegedly, a fight erupted between the two and Cindy had to be pulled from choking Casey.

Cindy’s own mother said to an OCSO detective (I’m paraphrasing), that she hoped Casey didn’t hate her mother more than she loved Caylee.

In conclusion, although Cindy has tried from day one, to construct the perfectly loving family facade, it’s all a lie.

Although the family is not responsible for Casey’s actions, Cindy does provide some of the context and the dysfunction for us to better understand Casey’s psychology.

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