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April 21, 2011


the stain and the stories

by Andrea O'Connell

We waited with bated breath for news of the promised rulings in the State v. Casey Anthony case.  Then, toward the close of day it was reported that Judge Belvin Perry ruled on only one of the many Frye issues argued in the case.

The Judge is allowing the State of Florida to introduce the stain that was found in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s Pontiac Sunfire.  Why is this so important?  Simply, it shows – proof-positive – that human decomposition happened in the trunk, and it is, presumably, Caylee’s little body in that trunk.

When decomposition occurs, one of its by-products are volatile  fatty acids, which are present in the stain.  In addition, the stain, as we have previously heard, looks as if it’s in the shape of a small child, in a fetal position.  The defense would like to spin this evidence as “nothing” due to the absence of DNA.  The jury will learn that DNA is not present because it also decomposes and cannot be detected.

Judge Perry’s order is short and to the point on this issue.  Click here to read order.

Also today, defense depositions of Tony Lazarro and Amy Huizenga were published.   Click here for Tony’s deposition.  Click here for Amy’s deposition.

These two depositions are interesting to read and are not lengthy.

Tony Lazarro has trouble remembering much of what occurred prior to July 15, 2008.  I believe there is a somewhat important discrepancy in this most recent deposition, however.  I recall that when he was interviewed in 2008 regarding the first time Casey ran out of gas, he said she poured the gas into her car.  He also stated that he did not get very close to her car.  However, in this recent deposition, he thinks, because it would have been a guy thing to do, that he must have poured the gas into the car.  He further stated that he smelled no foul odor emanating from the car.

In his OCSO interview in 2008, he recalled that Casey rushed to pour the gas in her car, presumably to keep him away from her car.  When he was interviewed in 2008, he also did not smell an odor from the car.

In addition, Tony recalls Casey telling him that George Anthony was physically abusive toward Casey, who made George seem like a rough and troubled man.  This plays well with the defense’s plan to show George Anthony in a very bad light.  Tony also discussed Casey’s problems with Cindy Anthony.

When Cindy first arrived at Tony Lazarro’s apartment to pick up Casey, she said to Tony, “I hope you have a lot of money because she will take you for all you have.” This is hardly the Casey that Cindy would like the world to see.

As for Amy Huizenga, her memory is sharp.  She recounts the drive with Cindy to pick up Casey, on July 15th.  Cindy discussed the smell in the car, the fact that she wanted to take custody of Caylee, and that Casey may end up in jail.

Cindy Anthony’s previous stories to the FBI, to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, in her deposition with Morgan and Morgan, and to the media, she portrayed Casey as her best friend; and the perfect daughter.  I wonder if Cindy will admit on the stand, when she’s faced with the truth, the truth about she and Casey’s relationship?

The jury will undoubtedly learn of the volatile relationship between the mother and daughter – Casey’s jealousy, and the physical fight on, or around, June 15th, when, allegedly, a fight erupted between the two and Cindy had to be pulled from choking Casey.

Cindy’s own mother said to an OCSO detective (I’m paraphrasing), that she hoped Casey didn’t hate her mother more than she loved Caylee.

In conclusion, although Cindy has tried from day one, to construct the perfectly loving family facade, it’s all a lie.

Although the family is not responsible for Casey’s actions, Cindy does provide some of the context and the dysfunction for us to better understand Casey’s psychology.

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  1. Apr 21 2011

    Why am I feeling so happy about the saddest thing I have ever heard of happening?
    How did I devolve into a person elated to hear such a horrifying thing?

    • Apr 21 2011

      Hi Kim, I feel the same way… It’s such an awful discussion and circumstance and yet for the sake of justice, there is great relief in this news. I know exactly what you mean.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Apr 21 2011

        This small pathetic woman makes me sick and I simply want to see it over. It has gone on far to long. Her twit of an attorney needs to look up from his navel and admit defeat

  2. Apr 21 2011

    I’m glad you mentioned the discrepency about TL pouring the gas in the latest depo where he said that Casey poured the gas in his first depo. I thouht maybe I was imagining that and wasn’t up to checking to see if it were true. I found TL to be a bit absent minded and a bit peeved with Baez. A couple of times or more he told Baez that he should have depoed him closer to the event. I think TL wants to get on with his life finally.

    Baez knew what he was doing with his delays of depo taking-he was hoping the memory would fade. That makes it easier for him to feed his desired answers into the witnesses head through suggestion.

    And what the ~hey~ was Mason’s problem? He left the depo because he couldn’t stand to hear anymore of what TL was saying. Childish!

    • Apr 23 2011

      Hi Sherry,
      Yes, I was a little disappointed with Tony L., but I can also understand how he needs to get beyond this and get on with his life. I feel sorry for the friends that Casey has dragged into this – their lives will never be the same – I am not sure who said it, but one of them said that all you have to do is Google their names, and pages and pages of info comes up.

      I know what Cheney was upset with: They were doing a WebEx session with Tony and he was having trouble hearing / seeing what Tony was saying. WebEx is a live (virtual) synchronous video capture tool that is like what they use in the courtroom to capture testimony from people out of state. I have used it before to train people at a distance. Works for depos, too, it seems!

  3. char
    Apr 21 2011

    Is it just me or did others think Tony L. had gotten softer in the Baez depo.

    • Apr 23 2011

      Hi Char… Yes, he did seem to be. He didn’t seem to be really engaged in this interview/deposition as he has been in the past.

  4. char
    Apr 22 2011

    I am still puzzled how Amy knew from Casey that the car had been towed on June 30th. and that her dad had gone and gotten it to take it to get fixed? Ok how did casey know that the car was towed instead of stolen (as she had hoped would happen). So did Cindy & George already know the car had been towed on June 30th but didn’t pick it up until July? Guess they figured they needed to clean up the house and yard first than clean the car. Amy said she didn’t ever speak to casey after the night she went with Cindy to get her yet she knew about the so called broken pipe at the house. The one Cindy writes about to Casey in jail letter.

    • Apr 23 2011

      Char, that was news to me, too. I was not aware that Casey knew that the car had been towed. She must have been watching the Amscot to see what would happen with her car, and told Amy her Dad had her car towed. cindy and george didn’t find the letter from Amscot until a few days after the fact – the notice that a piece of registered mail had come was on their front door, but they rarely used the front door and didn’t see the notice. It wasn’t until the 15th that George went to the post office to get the letter that they found out about the car….

  5. jon
    Apr 22 2011

    I’m really hoping that the other evidence will be allowed by the Judge, esp. the plant growth. That’s hardly “junk science” (one of Bozo’s favorite terms. It would great if the air quality tests were allowed as well.

    • Apr 23 2011

      Hey Jon… Me too. I do think Judge Perry is being ultra-careful in his decisions to ensure there will not be an appellate issue. He doesn’t like to be questioned! He has never been overturned, and I am certain he wants to keep that record!

  6. bignosycat
    Apr 22 2011

    Very good point Sherry about the late deposition. But Amy did well with her memory. I think Tony is concerned about his image – being a stand up guy pouring the gas. He also appears not to care, his answers are void of substance, he just wants the monkey off his back giving much fodder to the defense.

    Thank you for the information and the suggestion to read the transcripts and for the summary.

    • Apr 23 2011

      Hi Bignosycat! (love the name!)
      I agree with you… Tony, I’m sure, is really worried about what this is going to do to him. This could be a monkey on his back for years to come if he screws it up. What a horrible burden these young people have. Their testimony will be seen by so many people (televised), critiqued and written about adnaseum.

  7. kas
    Apr 22 2011

    In the first 48Hours special CBS did on the case, Cindy repeated her “she was my best friend” line. She also said, with regards to Caylee, something along the lines of “She wasn’t just Caseys’; she belonged to all of us.” I can’t remember the exact quote, but it was breathtakingly inappropriate–considering.

  8. Apr 22 2011

    Hi Andrea, everyone here, i never thought i would be siding with Mason but the Tony Lazarro depo reading was making me nuts too and i would have felt like walking out on it. I got half way through it and could not finish it as it was grinding my nerves too much. No wonder he picked Casey to date he seems very ding bat minded. I believe elderly people could beat his memory.

  9. Apr 22 2011

    Happy good friday everyone and have a ”Happy Happy Easter”.

    • Apr 23 2011

      Thanks, knight Owl… Wishing the same to you, and to everyone here a happy Easter!

  10. Apr 22 2011

    I am happy the stain came in but i didn’t doubt it would. Judge Perry is too smart not to allow that in. I also believe the air tests will come in too.

  11. Weezie
    Apr 24 2011

    Isn’t it strange that Tony is so non chalant about this? I would have thought he would be more in fear….. Does he not realize the significance of his answers? Or does he still have a soft spot for Casey. Do we know if he has ever communicated via letter to her since???? Also there is something strange about the car being towed later rather than sooner. the parents were never out of touch with Casey but all of a sudden nothing? Are we to believe the parents not knowing about the abandoned car until George went to the post office? I think Char has something here. But it’s probably because they didn’t have or want to spend the money to get the car out of hawk.


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