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when all else fails, change the story

It would have been a very Good Friday if Judge Belvin Perry had filed the remaining Frye rulings today.  For a while this morning, WFTV was reporting that, despite it being Good Friday, the Good Judge – the Good Trooper that he is – would actually file his rulings today!   It didn’t happen, of course, but surely we will hear learn Monday about these Frye rulings.

One thing we did learn today: the 48 Hours No Mystery Defense Propaganda Show was not enough press for Mr. Baez.  Now he is scheduled to appear in a soon to be aired In Session segment.

The Defense Team really needs this coverage now – they need to pepper the jurists minds with salacious spin.  Why?  The story must change.

Most people have heard something about this case – generally they’ve heard negative press that goes something like this:  A young woman’s child goes missing for over a month and she parties the whole time and probably killed her own baby.

Jose Baez needs a new story out in the public, and fast.  Will the new story be: A young mother, abused by family members, looses her senses for over a month after learning her family may be responsible for the death of her child? 

Do you think that part of the defense strategy is to get a new story out in the public?

It’s entirely possible.   When truth or evidence fails, inundate the press, taint the jury pool, and twist, twist, twist the truth!    They are already succeeding – many people are aware of the “talk” with regards to George Anthony as reasonable doubt, right?

No matter how reprehensible or hypocritical – desperate times call for desperate measures.

It will be interesting to monitor the press in these last couple of weeks to see what story they are floating.

I’ll keep my eyes and ears open!

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