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April 23, 2011


busy day!

by Andrea O'Connell

William Shakespeare

It’s a really busy Saturday for me…. in fact, I’m late in getting my act together!  I have to make a pot of my famous spaghetti sauce – yes, this Irish gal can do Italian! It’s my brother’ Tom’s birthday and I am throwing a party for him!

So, this is a short post as I have to begin my sauce, then run to get a haircut, then run home again as guests are coming at 4:00!

Speaking of birthday’s, today is also William Shakespeare’s birthday!

Happy Birthday, Tom and Will!

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  1. Apr 23 2011

    Have a fun day! Happy Birthday, Tom and Will!

    • Apr 23 2011

      Thanks a bunch, Sherry! I forgot to mention, he also died on April 23rd. (I can’t remember the year.)

  2. Kitt
    Apr 23 2011

    Busy day indeed! Today is my oldest daughter’s birthday, as well! Thirty years ago (wow!) I was a young, 22 yr old wife, and giving birth to my very first born! Scared, of course, but had my husband there through it all. Fortunately, only 30 minutes of labor, and we were in awe of the beautiful miracle of a brand new life being placed in our arms!

    So…Happy Birthday to Allison, Tom, and the Bard!! Have a great day, Andrea, and a very blessed Easter.

    • Apr 23 2011

      Oh, how wonderful, Kitt! A very happy birthday to Allison!!! Sending best wishes to you and your family for a blessed Easter and a lovely celebration with Allison. 🙂

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    • Apr 23 2011

      PS I am sitting under the dryer (getting highlights) blogging! Love the iPhone.

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  3. Apr 24 2011

    OHMY Yesterday was my youngest daughter’s 21st birthday. We cooked in the garage because of the constant storms in our area. The party went on. She even drove me to the first liquor store to buy herself some Yeagar. I am like, “How do you know what that is, you just turned 21 today?” Bwaaaa, silly girl.


    • Apr 24 2011

      Oh how lovely, Shyloh! Happy Belated B-Day to your daughter! 21! Hope you had a lovely celebration! We had a great time last night – my dinner was a success, too. We colored Easter Eggs, with my niece, too… LOL – haven’t done that for years! Happy Easter all!

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  4. Weezie
    Apr 24 2011

    Andrea; do you ever stop, you are like the everready bunnie. Anyway my favourite thing to make is my homemade spagetti sauce. It’s a really good one with tons of ground beef, and many other wonderful things, including red wine. mmmmm you are making me ache for it already. Yesterday was glorious weather but today it’s cold and cloudy. Figures. Don’t know when I will ever get my planting started! I have bulbs for god sake that need the earth. lol. have a great Easter.

    • Apr 24 2011

      Hey Weezie! Yes – I do crash on weekends! And, I have taken Monday and Tuesday off! Yay! I plan to rest and relax…. I have not thought of red wine in my sauce! What a great idea… I sure will try it next time!

      Sorry it’s so cold there…. it’s in the 90’s for us in South Florida…. awful!


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