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yuri in top 3 and other easter tidings

I just noticed that yesterday Yuri made the TOP 3 for the America’s Most Wanted All Star Award!!  We have until May 8th (the last day of voting) to ensure Yuri wins and takes the top prize!  Don’t forget to vote everyday!

If Yuri wins, and I think he will, what a wonderful message we will send about our collective appreciation of the work he did, and continues to do, on behalf of Caylee Anthony.

If you haven’t yet voted today, here’s the link:

Will Monday bring Judge Perry’s expected rulings?

The Honorable Judge Perry is undoubtedly putting a lot of careful thought into the remaining Frye rulings in the State v. Casey Anthony case.  We recently heard the stain in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car is admissible, and we’re waiting for a ruling on the chloroform levels, the plant growth, the hair banding, the cadaver dog results, and the odor test to verify the presence of decomposition.  We are likely to hear these rulings tomorrow.

In the meantime, Jose Baez is ramping up his TV appearances.  He will appear on the In Session program multiple times in the coming days – what the airing-schedule of the In Session program is, is unknown to me at this time.

Easter Tidings…..

Easter’s Eve was festive at my house!  We celebrated my youngest brother’s birthday, my other brother drove in from Orlando, and we ate and ate and ate!  My spaghetti sauce was a hit!

We colored eggs for Easter; of course I had to get my camera out for THAT occasion!  Here are a couple of our Easter egg coloring pics…

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