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April 27, 2011


chloroform is in!

by Andrea O'Connell

Earlier this evening, Judge Belvin Perry, in the State v. Casey Anthony case, issued his ruling that DENIES the defense’s request to block testimony and evidence related to chloroform!

The massive amounts of chloroform detected from the air samples of Casey Anthony’s car, AND the computer searches related to making/using chloroform are ADMISSIBLE!  Read the ruling: Judges Order on Chloroform.

It is important to point out that it was Yuri Melich who contacted Dr. Arpad Vass of the Oakridge National Laboratory, to have this evidence tested!  Judge Perry, in his ruling mentions this fact.

This is one of the reasons why Yuri Melich is so deserved of the America’s Most Wanted All Star Award.  (So, don’t forget to vote for Yuri, and vote every day!)

To say this ruling by Judge Perry is a major blow to the defense’s case is an understatement.  It is gargantuan.

You may recall, the brilliant and personable Dr. Arpad Vass testified for the State of Florida on the issue of using a gas chromatography and mass spectrometry (GC/MS), instrument in the testing for the chloroform.

The GC/MS instrument has been in use since the 1900’s, and is, you may remember, the very piece of equipment that Jeff Ashton, Assistant State Attorney, had Jose Baez stipulate to when the contempt charges against Mr. Baez were dropped.   The purpose of the stipulation was to avoid argument about the GC/MS being a reliable instrument.

During the Frye hearings, Mr. Baez tried his best to renege on that agreement.  Why?  Because Mr. Baez wanted to malign the procedures used with respect to the MC/MS.

This created a heated battle between Mr. Ashton and Mr. Baez that used up a lot of court time, much to the chagrin of Judge Perry.   (I’m referring to the argument in which Mr. Baez claimed he was tricked by Mr. Ashton into the stipulation, when in fact it was to avoid argument about an instrument and a procedure that was well known and well tested by courts across the country.)

During the Frye hearing, Mr. Baez had what amounted to a “hissy-fit” over this issue, claiming that Mr. Ashton tricked him into signing the agreement to stipulate.  It was an embarrassing display of very bad courtroom behavior by both attorneys, but primarily by Mr. Baez.

Anyway, back to today’s brilliant ruling.

With today’s ruling, a couple of things happened, 1)  The searches for chloroform on the Anthony home computer will come into evidence, 2) Dr. Vass will testify that the level of chloroform evident in the trunk was 10,000 times greater than what is normally found in decompositional events, and 3) The amount of chloroform detected, coupled with evidence of the computer searches for making/using chloroform, speaks to premeditation.


This story is looking dismal for the defendant, Casey Anthony. Those of us following this case, as a result of studying the discovery, have known all along that this case is insurmountable for the defense.  Anyone associated with the defense team and the Anthony’s are in a severe state of denial and, since day one, have been doing their client no favors.

What can the defense argue now?  Did George Anthony perform the computer searches on chloroform?  I could be mistaken, but I believe that it has been proved that both George and Cindy were working and away from the home during the day and time of the searches, which leaves Casey Anthony as the probable computer user.

With the massive levels of chloroform found and the computer searches, how does the defense argue that little Caylee Anthony died as a result of an accident?  Not possible.

Premeditation.  We knew all along it was premeditation.  Did the defense team read the same material we read?  It’s almost as though they were reading Grimm’s Fairy Tales, or Mary Had a Little Lamb, the way they glossed over and seemingly ignored the evidence.

If only Jose Baez had walked away from this case and let it go to a Public Defender, Casey Anthony may not be looking at the death penalty.

First Degree Murder with Premeditation and aggravating factors causing the death of a beloved child, cries out for the death penalty, based on the law.

Casey Anthony might as well be walking herself straight to death row.

Judge Perry still must submit his ruling on the air tests by Dr. Vass, and the plant growth, argued by botanists.

There is no reason why this evidence will not come in either.

Justice is coming now!

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  1. Apr 27 2011

    It has been a great day for Caylee’s justice due! :mrgreen:

    I believe the rest will come in, too, but I am wondering why it would be taking so long to decide-it seems so simple.

  2. Kitt
    Apr 27 2011

    Premeditated murder of a child. How heartbreaking. Even tho I have been following the case, somehow today I feel more sorrow than ever before relating to the case. Premeditated…makes me wonder if Casey gave thought every day as to how/when she would end her sweet little girl’s life. So very sad.

    • Apr 28 2011

      Hi Kitt… I know what you mean… when you think about the premeditation, it makes the reality all the more horrific. It’s difficult to think about. So, so sad. But, at least justice is coming, and fast, now.

  3. Whistlersmother
    Apr 27 2011

    It cannot get any worse for the defendant now. You are right, if it had not been for Baez and his quest for his grandiose ego, she would have a plea bargain now and saved the state A LOT of money. I almost(and I mean almost) feel sorry for Casey, she has been led to believe that Jose is going to save her. I am cringing, just thinking about how stupid they are going to look in the courtroom.

    • NikkiBeach
      Apr 28 2011

      Why would Casey want to save the State any Money that’s what she does BEST is spend other peoples Money.. She Never worked for her own i guess she feels like we All owe her ours that we work for.. She stole it from her own grandfathers account who was in a nursing home How Sick and And Sad is that…And from her daughters Piggy bank OMG !! thats really Sad … and yea even from her friends and Mom n Dad .. so why sholuld the State of Florida be any different lol ( I’m from Fl) And Why does she think she is So Special .. She should of gotten a Public Defender .. like everyone else has to that cant afford a Attorney .. However !! lol i wouldnt want Bozo as my Attorney or his Buddy grumbles.Soon Little Sweet Innocenat Caylee will have her Justice no thanks to any of her Family.. but Thanks to the STATE OF FLORIDA …..

    • Apr 28 2011

      Hey Whistlersmother,
      Oh boy, I would be cringing if I were Jose Baez or Cheney Mason because they may become laughing stocks. I hope they don’t – that would be awful and would be a mockery of the court, but still, even though Jose has gotten a bit more controlled, he will not look good next to the State’s attorney’s.

  4. Apr 28 2011

    Excellent post, Andrea! You are a great writer and it is easy for us laypeople to understand.

    • Apr 28 2011

      Hi my friend… How nice of you to say, I am one of your fans, too, you know!

  5. Linda
    Apr 28 2011

    Hi Andrea….the only thing left for Baez to do is jury tampering……we all know he is the backdoor sort of guy………..remember he took this case to become famous and not for his lawyering skills…..all the smart attorneys jumped ship………..Mason just wants to see himself on tv…….and Casey is getting what she deserves…… It wouldn’t surprise me if Baez is telling Casey that if she is found guilty that they will appeal because of the junk science that the good judge let in……….all I have to say about that is “DENIED”…..

    • Apr 28 2011

      Hey Linda! Absolutely… the smart ones would never take a case like this when it’s clear as day that the police got it right and the client is a certain murderer. What lawyer in their right mind would take a case they are sure to lose? It defies logic… and is so maddening how much it is costing the state of Florida….

  6. Apr 28 2011

    If Judge Perry is right on his rulings, and I believe he is. What can the defense appeal too that would even be considered? I believe in a death penalty case there is and automatic appeal. But that is going to take sometime. Anyway, just now sitting down having my first cup of coffee and smiling so big my face hurts!

    Love the “HAPPY” article!!!

    • Apr 28 2011

      Hey Shyloh,

      Yes, you are right. If Casey is sentenced with death, there is an automatic appeal, and it will take time, as you mention, to happen.

      LOL! This has been a happy week – I’m grinning from ear to ear, too!

  7. katydid
    Apr 28 2011

    I am so glad this evidence is in. I watched a show on ID the other night on a murder and they used wood dna and banding to solve a case….IT was the first time it was used in a court of law and since has opened the door for this type of evidence. It has to start somewhere.

  8. katydid
    Apr 28 2011

    Also, the Body Farm has been at the University of Tenn. for years. When I was in school in the 80’s at The University of GA…we went to visit it in an Anthropology class. At that time they were studying the decomposition stages and the different bugs associated with the decomp.

  9. offthecuff
    Apr 28 2011

    We rejoice together with the recent rulings!

    However, I question your aspect of defense-team denial. They are so full of themselves that they think they can surmount the insurmountable. They are not denying the truth, but they have thought that they could diss LE and forensics enough to pave a way for acquittal. So, I guess you could say, they are in denial of their ineptitude.

    Casey will be in shock when she finds herself found guilty after all that she has believed in with her lawyers and parents. Perhaps these years of hope and the shock are to be part of her deserved punishment.

    Another angle on the premeditation is that her team may claim that her use of chloroform was to put her angel to sleep. And that the overdose was an accident. However, it is more likely that they will deny, deny, deny that Casey was using that computer at the time…that it could have been anyone, just like others had use of her car.

  10. Apr 28 2011

    I found this gem of Baez being interviewed by Geraldo and answering why he doesn’t take a plea deal for Casey:

    • Apr 28 2011

      And here is Bill Shaeffer’s take on Baez’ interview with geraldo:


      • Apr 28 2011

        Thank you, Sherry!!!! I remember this! Bill Shaeffer is so darn good!
        That’s it: Your client is either innocent and you’re going to trial to prove it, or you sit down with opposing counsel and negotiate – BEFORE the Death Penalty EVER gets on the table – a plea. That’s exactly what a decent lawyer, concerned with his client, would suggest. If the client says, “no way, Jose” ya gotta walk away! How do you defend (with a good conscious) a woman who is clearly involved in the death of the child. How / Why would anyone do that??? Answer; You are in it for your own fame, your own ego. Period. End of Story.

      • Apr 28 2011

        Remember, the remains of Caylee had not yet been found and Baez was probably thinking, “no body, no conviction”. 🙄

  11. Apr 28 2011

    Hee hee…

    “But to this point, Baez has maintained Casey is innocent and that she has a very compelling reason for not calling law enforcement for a month after Caylee disappeared.

    ‘We feel our client is innocent and we want her to have her day in court. She wants to have her day in court and, I know it’s a hard thing for everyone to believe, but she is innocent,’ Baez said on January 30.

    Baez spent the beginning part of the interview with Rivera arguing that the evidence against Casey is weak at best and that the whole case should be thrown out.

    ‘Well, there’s one thing that’s consistent about the defense and that’s their ability to continue to make inconsistent statements, one after the other,’ Sheaffer said.”

  12. Venice
    Apr 28 2011

    LOL….not his decision to make??? I thought she was INNOCENT? LOL!!!

    • kas
      Apr 28 2011

      Well, there was not as much money to be made in admitting she’s guilty as sin(emphasis on the word WAS).

  13. damagdpets
    Apr 28 2011
    • Apr 28 2011

      YAY! thank you for this, Damagdpets…. I appreciate this happy dance news!

      Sent from my iPhone

  14. jon
    Apr 29 2011

    HI. I was wondering last night if the state will bring in emails of Casey’s to friends. I remember one in particular in which she referred to Caylee as “the little snot”. I hope it’s brought in in response to the defense’s “loving mother” scenario.


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