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April 30, 2011


nice ramblings

by Andrea O'Connell


It was a hot day.  A very green day, too.

It’s the weekend – a terrific Saturday evening – and I have waited until now to sit down and write my daily post.  Now, I’m too tired to even begin to write… words just are not coming easily to me right now.

I’ve been organizing today: Under the bathroom sink, kitchen sink, drawers, gathering goodies to give away to the Vietnam Vets group, who kindly come right to the door to take donations.

I was organizing one of the drawers in my coffee table, where I keep all my cards and stationary (thank you notes, and cards for every holiday under the sun), when I came across a hand-made note a friend created for me.

It was a Christmas gift of DVD’s that she’d burned for me and on the outside was her handmade wrapping paper, which also served as a Christmas card.

She’s a poet and an artist and I really like what she’s written, so it’s going to be my post for the day.

This is by my friend Michelle:

No dress rehearsals, this is the show; with rhyme and reason; secrets; and many scenes to go.









and so very clean; with God, science, and profound beauty all in between.

Thanks once more, Michelle.

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  1. CptKD
    May 1 2011

    I love what your friend Michelle wrote!
    Talk about speaking VOLUMES with very few and simple words –
    Thank you for sharing with us…

    I had a strange kind of thing happen over the weekend…

    While cleaning out my front yard on Sat, I stumbled across several pieces of duct tape trapped between the fence boards that seperate my property line from the neighbouring building…
    It sort of creeped my out, as it was weather-beaten and partly shredded…Resembling that of the duct tape that has been the “Sorest spot” of this Anthony case…

    What was even freak’ier –

    This morning, while enjoying my coffee, I decided to take a stroll through my gardens to see how everything is doing since turning everything over… And lo-and behold, trapped under my one yellow, mini-rose bush was a piece of clear wrap with a heart sticker attached to it.

    TOTALLY blew me away!

    In two days time, I stumbled upon, several strips of duct tape, and a heart sticker attaced to a torn piece of plastic wrap!

    Talk about ‘Signs and Signals’ from the Universe!

    This trial so needs to start –

    This young and precious child, Caylee Marie,
    so NEEDS and DESERVES justice!

    She needs to finally be put to rest!

    For three years now, she’s been used, abused, and taken advantage of, REPEATEDLY, even after death!

    It’s time for her to be treasured, and remembered in our hearts, ONLY!

    No more hearings, motions, rulings, ridiculous-ness, and continuous ‘focus’ on her so-called mother, Inmate Anthony!

    It’s enough already!

    Let the trial begin –
    A verdict be read, and the Inmate finally sentenced!

    Let the people mourn properly –
    Caylee remembered with smiles and sunshine…

    The vile, and torcherous images behind us…
    For once, and for all – FINALLY!


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