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48 hours – I can’t ignore it

Should I ignore the 48 Hours Mystery show airing tonight?

Over this past week, back and forth I go.  Yes. No. Yes. No.

It’s infuriating that CBS has pitched the show as a shocker, to generate interest, to titillate the viewers.  Just horrible.   But, I want to hear for my self what propaganda is used; what deceit will be presented?

I do want to hear what is presented to the “focus group”. What information did they feed the focus group to render their decision?

Will the show be an infomercial for Baez and Company?  What trickery will they attempt to get away with?  How gross will the blather be?

Maybe it won’t be blather.  Maybe it will be evenly presented.   I don’t know.  What do I know?   I only know that everything CBS has done to create and promote this show is an affront to our system of justice.

I am going to record the show and watch it later.  If anything, this may provide insight into the defense strategy – if they have a strategy.

I’m taking my mom to the theatre tonight to see a play.

The DVR is set to record.


there’s a thing called the first amendment…

The fact that the 48 Hours Mystery show, titled “Only Casey Knows,” is going to air is absolutely maddening.  But, there is not a thing that anyone can do about it, not even Judge Belvin Perry.   The reason, of course, is a result of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.  But, I’m still mad at CBS.

We know about the protections of the First Amendment as it relates to freedom of speech and freedom of the press.  But that does not stop my anger and my feeling that airing this show is a dirty low-down stunt, and  I am mad as hell at CBS.

I carry a little copy of the Constitution with me in my purse and am well aware of the First Amendment, as I am sure you are, too.  But, I’m still mad at CBS.

We know that the defense has every right to speak to whomever they wish, whenever they wish when no gag-order is imposed by a court.  But, is it right? Not in my opinion.  Is it ethical?  Not in my opinion.  Does it taint potential jurors?  Yes, in my opinion.  Is it illegal?  No, not under the Constitution of the United States of America.  But, I’m still mad at CBS.

During today’s hearing a very interesting request came out of the mouth of Jose Baez to the court.  He would like to turn off the cameras  in the courtroom.  Mr. Baez, like us, doesn’t like the freedom of the press either – unless it’s convenient.   His request is no different than ours.  We want to stop 48 Hours, and Mr. Baez wants to stop the cameras from rolling in the court.  Judge Perry told Mr. Baez that the Florida Supreme Court would not agree.  Perry said if he turned the cameras off, they’d be back on in 48 hours.

48 Hours?  Interesting. I have 48 reasons why I’m still mad at CBS.

Below are the words of the First Amendment of the Constitution:

Amendment One:  Freedom of religion, speech, and the press; rights of assembly and petition.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

There it is – that thing called the First Amendment which protects Mr. Baez, and Mason, and you and me when we want to express our opinions. Where it not for the First Amendment, I would not be able to blog as I do.  Neither would you. And, I am mad at CBS, but I sure cherish my rights.

What are some of the rights ripped out from under people in a Communist state?

  • People may not write or publish as they please – writers and Bloggers are thrown in jail.
  • People may not practice the religion of their choice;
  • The press is controlled by the Government;
  • People cannot assemble in protest in countries wrapped in a communist flag, but
  • I’m mad as hell at CBS.

I like my First Amendment Rights!  I am thankful for the First Amendment, but I am angry over how wrong it seems to air a show like 48 Hours before the system of justice has a chance to work.

Regardless, I am glad I live in a country where such a program can air.

And, you know what?  This is an object lesson many of us can learn from.



Hearing today at 1:30

There’s a hearing today in the State v. Casey Anthony case.  Will there be fireworks?  I tend to think there will be with regards to the motions filed by both the defense and the state regarding the admissibility of the defense mental health witnesses and proposed testimony.

Will the 48 Hours Mystery show be discussed?  I sure hope something is put on the record about it.  It’s so darn maddening!

Have a wonderful day, all!  Of course, I have to work, but will tune in later this evening – after I play with my new washer and dryer being delivered today!  Yay!


Bad Baden

So, we got a little preview of the much maligned 48 Hours Mystery show, titled: “Only Casey Knows,” as seen on ClickOrlando (WKMG).  Link to video preview.

Beware, this preview is a despicable example of lawyers who have lost their minds.  These lawyers are crazy.  Every single  one of them (with the exception of Anne Finnel), is nuts.

In his column today (link), Hal Boedeker explains that the airing of this show is raising eyebrows and calling into question whether this kind of reporting is ethical.  Does this show undermine our system of justice – before the system has a chance to work?  CBS doesn’t think so.  They have no shame.

The jury system, though not perfect, it is our system and tainting it goes against principle in every sense.  Let’s just put the jury system on hold to try the Casey Anthony case.

Sure!  Why not!

We have a jury system for a reason.  Trials should not be argued in the media, unless juror bias is the goal.

Clearly that HAS to be the goal here.

In most instances, lawyers shy away from the media since anything they say can be distorted, or misconstrued, causing harm to their client.  It’s a no brainer.  The more information in the media, the greater the chance of undermining a case – allowing untruths and rumors to muddy the waters and hurt a case.

But, if you’re Baez and Cheney and you have no case, well, you need those muddy waters.

Like desperate bottom feeders, the goal is to attract potential jurors, trying to change their sensibilities.

Also, the defense wants to get Casey Anthony’s “testimony” out in the public domain without her taking the stand.

Which story will they float?  Will it be one of these:

  • The brother abused Casey so she lost her mind?
  • The grandfather was an abuser, therefore he’s a murderer that Casey ran from?
  • It was a pool accident?
  • Jesse Grund took her?
  • Asphyxiation via duct tape was done by a kidnapper?
  • The grandfather did it?
  • The uncle did it?
  • The grandmother did it?
  • A cute little Martian from Planet (Up) Uranus did it?

Pick your poison.

What are the problems with all these excuses?  First, none of them are true, and second, not a thread of evidence points to anyone but the defendant.

Now, the defense could ask George, Lee, Cindy, or John Doe if they had anything thing to do with the death or disappearance of Caylee and plant the seed that perhaps there’s another story.   But it will fool no one.

Maybe Casey will take the stand to explain away what happened?  She’s a darn good liar, this we know.  Could she pull it off?

Fat chance.

Most defense attorneys, when they interview a client to determine whether to accept their case, immediately tell the client, “I don’t want to know if you did it (the crime).”  The reason for this is simple.  A lawyer could NOT legally put a client on the stand if they know the client will commit perjury under oath.

The defense knows Casey is guilty, but if she has maintained her innocence, they could put her on the stand, I suppose, but they shouldn’t.

The defense is not above creating stories or hypotheticals, pretending that a child who was double bagged and dumped like trash in the woods, was not murdered.  They can try to pretend the smell of decomposition in a trunk is really garbage, or make 31 days partying seem like an act of contrition or penance, but it won’t work.

In the 48 Hours preview, Linda Kenney Baden, says about the Zanny the Nanny story, “I think everyone knows that that was a lie. Her actions have been her own worst enemy.”  First of all, why would the defense want this statement out in the public?  Is it to suggest that Casey is now telling the truth about everything?  Create the sense that she’s now telling the truth so the defense lawyers can say, a liar doesn’t a murderer make?

In Hal Boedeker’s story in the Orlando Sentinel, he speaks with Bob Jarvis, a professor of law at Nova Southeastern University, who discusses Linda Kenney Baden’s statement about “Zanny the Nanny” story never being true:

One of the ethics rules is that you be fair to the court and not impede the administration of justice.  You can make an argument that by going on TV that you’re poisoning the jury pool and you’re making it harder to seat an unbiased jury. Even if you’re a former attorney, you’re an officer of the court. This is a duty you have to the judge.

Cheney Mason is having too much fun to be bothered by ethics or fairness in the face of the Court, or in the name of justice.  Jose Baez has too much to loose if this case implodes – justice be damned.

Now, let’s get real here.  The defense lawyers can pretend and pontificate until they’re blue in the face, or until our Martian from Planet (Up) Uranus lands in the courtroom and cops to the crime.


Is the defense conscious of their client’s guilt?

There were three new motions filed in the State of Florida v. Casey Anthony case published today.

In one motion, MOTION FOR EXAMINATION BY MENTAL HEALTH EXPERT, the State of Florida is objecting to the testimony of defense experts, Drs. Danzinger and Weitz.

In the next motion, MOTION IN LIMINE AS TO TESTIMONY OF MENTAL HEALTH EXPERTS, the State requests that the court allow their mental health expert examine Casey Anthony, too.

The defense responded to these two State motions with its own motion, DEFENDANT’S RESPONSE TO MOTION FOR EXAMINATION BY MENTAL HEALTH EXPERT.

In short, the defense wants to present the two mental health experts in their case in chief, but seeks to block the State from examining Casey Anthony with their own mental health experts. So much for playing fair!

The defense is seeking to preclude any psychological examination that the State will order of the defendant.

If a state expert examined Casey, it would be disastrous for the defense.  The State is likely to conclude she does not suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), nor is she able to claim “diminished capacity”.  The State’s mental health expert just may conclude that Casey is an evil, cruel, callous individual who also happens to be a murderer.

If the defense seeks to explain away the 31 days, countering the State’s consciousness of guilt evidence the 31 days insinuates, doesn’t it seem as if the defense, by trying to argue away the 31 days, are in a sense stipulating that a consciousness of guilt exists?

If I were on the jury and mental health experts attempted to explain away conduct during the 31 days, I would weigh it against other factors.  Those other factors would be: The multiple witnesses in the State’s case who will testify to the defendant’s actions, behaviors, and general countenance PRIOR to and DURING those 31 days.

The jurors will hear testimony from people who experienced Casey Anthony during the time surrounding the murder, rather than an expert who interviewed her in the jail, only to conveniently conclude her actions are excusable and are due to PTSD.

The jury will hear from Tony Lazarro, Ricardo Morales, Amy Huizenga, and dozens of others who will help the State paint a picture of Casey Anthony as a party girl during those 31 days, and before.  No one with PTSD acts like Casey did during the 31 days – jurors aren’t stupid!

As the State points out in their motion, the defense cannot “explain away” those 31 days without also hearing from the State’s experts. In addition, the State points out in their  MOTION IN LIMINE AS TO TESTIMONY OF MENTAL HEALTH EXPERTS, that experts should not testify unless Casey Anthony gets on the stand to “explain away” her actions in the 31 day time frame.

We know that Casey Anthony will not testify – that would be suicide.  Therefore, it stands to reason that these experts will be seen ONLY in the Penalty Phase of the trial, which is the proper assignment for this testimony if Casey does not testify.

The defense needs these experts, but they cannot have their cake and eat it, too.  The State must be allowed to present reciprocal mental health evidence.

The defense wants to use these experts as rebuttal against the consciousness of guilt factor, but as the state points out, the defense is not proffering that Casey suffers from “any clinical or personality disorders as recognized by the American Psychiatric Association,” nor does the expert testimony comport with any of the charges in the State’s indictment.

What I found most bizarre in the defense motion is they want to proffer hypothetical scenarios that will explain away the 31 days.  It appears they want to use a hypothetical person whose hypothetical behavior in a hypothetical 31 day time frame was based on PTSD.

In other words, the defense will not say this scenario is true of Casey’s actions, but can be applied to the defendant.  Really?

The defense, in their motion, wrote about using hypotheticals:

This will give jurors an understanding [of] the issues of this case and provide an alternative explanation other than consciousness of guilt.

If only it were that easy.

Is the defense conscious of their clients guilt?

I would say, it appears so.


Shameful CBS

It doesn’t get any lower than this.  Well, given the defense team, it could get much lower.  I’m referring to the 48 Hours CBS show that is scheduled to air Saturday.

Hal Boedeker of the Orlando Sentinel, got the inside scoop and wrote about the show today.  The show, he said,  used mock jurors and presented them with who knows what information, and this mock group agrees to acquit Casey Anthony.  Yes, acquit her!

If that is not pure propaganda, I don’t know what is.

The only way this mock group could vote to acquit is if they did not hear both sides of the story, the evidence that points in one direction only –  and it’s not towards acquittal.

This is total distortion and the airing of this PROPAGANDA is clearly for purposes that are salacious and dishonest. The defense, says Hal, is not involved with the mock jury, but they are aware of the results.

By using this mock jury, CBS is making a mockery of the justice system in the United States.  It’s just wrong on so many levels!

In Hal’s story (story link), he spoke with a representative from the venerable Poynter Institute and got their take on the situation. The Poynter Institute is a revered journalism organization – you don’t get any better than Poynter for research, teaching, and learning about journalism.

In Hal’s article, there is a statement by Al Tompkins, an instructor at Poynter, in which he calls the situation and the upcoming 48 Hours show, “Shameful.”  He goes on to say:

We have a system in the United States that works pretty well. It’s a system of discovery, of hearings, of cross examinations, and it’s worked pretty darn well for a long time. We have no business trying this case.

Tompkins went on to say:

When do we finally allow the court system to work? If we believe there’s a miscarriage of justice, let’s expose it. We can allow the jury to hear a case and adjudicate it before we turn it into a drama.

I do hope that Judge Perry weighs in on this situation and puts it in the record on Friday.  I tend to think he will.

When all is said and done, the defense still has no case despite the fairy tale they want to put out to a Florida jury.  They have no case. Period.  End of story.

Here’s the information to lodge your concerns to CBS and one of their sponsors:

Leave your criticism and comments here:

This is the link to the CBS blog relating to the show, it is flooded with comments.

This is the facebook page linking to the only sponsor revealed for the show so far, Breathe Right:


Can We STOP the 48 Hours Show?

I had every intention to write a post about the wonderful news that Yuri Melich is a finalist in the America’s Most Wanted All Star contest – such wonderful news – however, I am fighting mad about this 48 Hours show!

Well, before my 48 Hours rant, I do want to say how great it is that folks all over the Internet – from blogs, forums and chat-rooms – came together to vote for Yuri!  Hal Boedeker said it best, “He has so many fans that he is a finalist in “America’s Most Wanted” All-Star contest.”   Indeed, Yuri has endeared himself to many of us.  We are witness that he never wavered in his commitment to Caylee.  For that I know we are collectively, and profoundly, thankful.

I would be remiss not to express gratitude to John Allen, Eric Edwards, Appie Wells, the late Michael Erickson, and many others – too many to name – who went above and beyond in their search for justice for Caylee, who lost her life before she knew she had a life to live.

48 Hours of Defense Excuses

Many of us are raging mad at CBS’ 48 Hours show for airing a program about the Anthony case that features: Jose Baez, Linda Kenney Baden, Kobilinsky, Cindy and George Anthony, and others partial to the defense of this case.

If you’re unaware of the show (airing Saturday, April 16th), here is the link to the trailer of the 48 Hours show:  48 Excuses

However, those of us who are passionate for justice for Caylee are a formidable group – we have a strong voice, and we can use it.

Remember how we all came together to get the Anthony’s off of the Oprah Winfrey show?  I believe we can do it again!   If we bombard CBS with strong feedback, we can get this show canceled, or at least postponed until AFTER the trial has concluded.

Therefore, leave your criticism and comments here:  Feedback link:

It is not just the fact that the show will clearly be slanted toward the defense; it’s not entirely about the probable profits from the show; for me it’s mostly about the fact that the trial is less than a month away and this show could taint potential jurors.  I have no doubt this is a ploy to either delay,  or create appellate issues when the defense later cries about not being able to find impartial jurors.

I am not suggesting that this show will in anyway help the defense team; there is nothing under the sun that will help them at this point.  What I am suggesting is the fact that this is a sly trick to generate more sensationalism, which always benefits the defense.

We need CBS to postpone this show AND to recognize the case is about Caylee.  Period.

This is a desperate attempt by a defense team aware they’ve lost before they’ve even begun.  If this defense team had a modicum of ethics or ethical behavior, they would not embrace a guilty client in this way; they would not scratch and fight to win at all costs; fighting for innocence when it’s clearly a lie.

An ethical defense would be zealous, passionate, committed to acting on the right side of the law. But, this defense’s slithering snake-like approach is like an assault on our system of justice and practice of law.

Our voting for Yuri in the American Most Wanted All-Star contest won’t begin again until April 21st.  So, lets collectively take the time to bombard CBS and do our utmost to convince them to postpone or cancel the 48 Hours episode scheduled to air April 16th.

We are a force.  We can do it.

Updated links 4/12/11:

This is the link to the CBS blog relating to the show, it is flooded with comments.

This is the facebook page linking to the only sponsor revealed for the show so far, Breathe Right:

Thanks go to Farrahrani for providing the above links.


Yuri made the AMW Finals!

Great news! Yuri Melich is a finalist for the Americas Most Wanted Allstars!

I am so happy that the Internet community, brought together in the quest for justice for Caylee, has come together and expressed our thanks to Yuri for his incredible work on her behalf.

Voting starts on April 21 for the AMW 2011 winner!

I am posting this via my iPhone…hope it works!


final day to vote for Yuri!

Hi everyone!  This is a reminder that TODAY is the final day to vote for the wonderful Yuri Melich for America’s Most Wanted All Star!

Click here to vote for Yuri

Click here to vote!

I’m crossing my fingers and toes that we’ve helped to get him into the finals!

Click the photo to get to the profile/voting page  ——->


this train is running

photo credit: Red Huber, Orlando Sentinel

The big news this morning?  The government is still open for business.  Personally, I think Judge Perry had is hand in the  decision in Washington.  Oh yes, the Honorable Judge Perry would surely not let Congress, or President Obama get in the way and delay the start of the State v. Casey Anthony trial!   I am being facetious, though it’s clear the trial is moving forward despite anything in its way.

Judge Perry, despite exhausting himself, is going to do what ever it takes to get this trial running, and on time!  Nothing can derail this effort now.

After watching the rerun of yesterday’s hearing, I wonder, did the lawyers find out yesterday where they were going to pick their jury?  I’m not sure, but Judge Perry did promise that if a jury cannot be selected from wherever location they are going, it is possible to return to Orange County, he said, and select a jury there!  It’s possible that the defense could prevail by arguing against that.  If the defense is successful in arguing against finding an Orlando jury, they will travel to a second secret location, during the following week, to try again.

However, I do think a jury can be found in Orange County, and it may be a happier jury than one that is plucked up from another county and shipped off to another location, then held in confinement for three months, or however long it takes to try the case.  The trouble with Orange County, however, is the fact that this case is incessantly in the headlines there.  One could not avoid it if they tried.

My family recently vacationed in the vicinity – just a half hour away from Orlando – and my mom told me, “Andrea, that case you’re following is talked about on every station, every chance they get – every day.”   No surprise to me – I see the online coverage of the local station and newspaper.   Is the interest that high in Orlando?  It must be, the television stations are all over the story and must be profiting from it.  But, have some  residents in the Orlando area tuned it out?  Are they so sick of it, they avoid it?  Possibly.  I can only surmise, however, based on my brother’s comments.

My brother and his girlfriend live in the Orlando area, and work in Orlando and neither of them have any idea what is happening in the case.  They tune it out but they are aware it’s happening.  Perhaps those of us who are so interested in this case, so involved in it, just assume “everyone” knows about it?  Maybe.  However, I would bet that many people are so busy living their lives they don’t have time to listen to all the news surrounding this case; it’s gone on far too long to sustain the interest of most people, I believe.

Because it’s taken so long to get to trial could work in the Court’s favor, ensuring Casey Anthony gets a fair trial.

Even though people may have forgotten about the case, I believe they remember little Caylee, her singing, and the dear pictures of her resting her head on the shoulder of her grandfather.  Even if  attention spans are short, a person would have to have had their head in a bag to avoid hearing about the case; the wild mother, and the images of the precious child.

I run into people, here in South Florida, who have very little knowledge of this case.  But, if I say, “It’s the case about the young mother who’s baby was missing for 31 days and she partied the whole time.”  They will invariably say, “Oh, yeah. I remember that.”  Then, in the next breath they say either, “Whatever happened?”   Or, they ask, “Is she in jail or did she get off?”

When I tell people I blog about the case, the reaction I usually get is a cock of the head, a furrowed brow, before they ask, “Really?”   The truth is, I don’t care one whit what anyone thinks!  I want justice for Caylee Marie.

The Orlando Sentinel pointed out in a recent article, Obsession with the Anthony case adds to the circus,  I am sure that is true in some respects.

This case has consumed many of us for many reasons.  For those of us interested in the law – this case is a fantastic classroom.  And it does make good theatre.

None of us need to find excuses for our interest in the case, that’s for sure.  But just like those of us who follow every event in the case, there are those who do not know a single thing about it.  Therefore, I have faith that, if the Judge can keep the defense in line during the selection process, a fair jury can be selected in any county in Florida, even in Orange/Oseola Counties.  I have no doubt a decent jury will be found.

Even if it takes two or even three tries to find a fair and impartial jury, the Honorable Judge Belvin Perry will not allow anything to stop this train now.

The cause is justice and it’s coming full steam ahead.


a prediction: it’s all coming in!

Today’s hearing began with a wimper as attorney Dorothy Clay Simms argued against the State’s botanist, Dr. David Hall.  Dr. Hall will provide testimony about the root growth that was both through and around the remains of Caylee Anthony, at the grave site.

Regarding the duct tape with the residue of the heart sticker – we expected this motion would be argued at today’s hearing, but it was not.  We learned today that this issue will be decided by the Judge through the pleadings (motions).

The argument by Linda Drane-Burdick on the issue of the Cadaver dogs, was effective.  Mr. Baez’ arguments were on the weak side with regards to this motion.  Mr. Baez simply could not overcome the arguments made by Ms. Burdick.

Ms. Burdick described the careful training of these dogs, the impeccable records kept, and the professionalism of both dog handlers.  She even quipped, “Lawyers aren’t evaluated as often.”

With regards to the stain in the trunk.  The argument today was a weak one by the defense.  Mr. Baez suggested that the stain in the form of a young child in fetal position created “hysteria” in the public.   Hysteria?  I don’t think so.  Sadness is more like it.  Disgust and aversion for Casey would fit that bill, but not hysteria.

The most important point was made as a result of Mr. Baez stating, rather vociferously, “there was no DNA found in the stain.”  Well, butter my biscuit, Mr. Ashton may have exclaimed under his breath!  That’s pretty  disingenuous of Mr. Baez!    Mr. Ashton, however was calm, cool and collected when he said to the court, during a decomposition event, the DNA decomposes, too!

The defense was all drama all the time today.  There was a bit of comedy, too.  When Mr. Baez made cynical remark at the podium, Judge Perry, in a stern tone, advised Mr. Baez to cut out the editorial remarks, and added, ‘You want to make unrelated comments, see the clerk and pay $100!’  Judge Perry, early on in the hearing, was in NO MOOD for any foolishness.   The players were much better behaved.  They needed to be – Judge Perry would not stand for any foolishness!

The Frye hearings are over now; only Judge Perry’s ruling remains.  With regards to these few days of hearings, the defense did not provide evidence strong enough for the Judge to exclude State evidence or witnesses.  Mr. Ashton reminded the court that the arbiters of the truth will be the jury as they weigh the testimony of the dueling experts.

Though I cannot say for certain, but it seems to me that Judge Perry will be liberal in allowing all the evidence, despite how new some of it is.  I tend to believe that Dr. Vass, the FBI analyst – Karen Lowe, Dr. Hall, the Cadaver dog evidence, and the stain in the car will all come in.  In addition, my favorite attorney of all time, Bill Sheaffer, concludes everything will come into the trial, too.

The State has not finished deposing the two defense Psychiatrists and will have motions to present to the court in short order. These new witnesses will be addressed by the parties at the next hearing, scheduled for next Friday, April 15th, at 1:30.

On a separate note…. Voting continues until Sunday for Yuri Melich!  Don’t forget to VOTE!


what’s on tap for friday 4/8 & Vote for Yuri!

Are you ready for the conclusion of the Frye Hearings in the State v. Casey Anthony case?  The plan is to wrap everything up tomorrow.  It’s a fairly good-sized agenda, including closing arguments on the Chloroform motion and the Cadaver Dog motion, both of which were heard during last week’s Frye Hearings.

Also on tap tomorrow:

  • The motion to Exclude evidence of a stain in the trunk.   This will be ruled on by Judge Perry from the pleadings only; no arguments or witnesses.
  • The Phantom Heart Sticker – this will be argued tomorrow
  • The spoilation issue related to the defense request to exclude all references to “the smell.”   Will be argued on 4/8
  • Chloroform motion – closing arguments heard on 4/8
  • Cadaver Dog motion – closing arguments heard on 4/8

Additionally, the State of Florida deposed Dr. Jeffery Danziger, and Dr. William Weitz today, April 7th, and will likely want to file motions related to these witnesses.  The State will likely request to have Casey Anthony examined by their own experts as a result of hearing what these two doctors have to say.  You may remember that the defense wants these doctors to tell the jurors about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and “state of mind” and “Consciousness of Guilt” matters.

There is also the matter regarding the witness who was “pushed” by George Anthony, and the landscaper on Suburban Drive.   I believe the court is going to allow the defense to call them, though I am not aware if there will be discussions with regards to these witnesses tomorrow.  (The State has recently deposed these two witnesses.)

Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote for Yuri!

Click here to vote for YuriNow on to a much nicer topic!

Detective Yuri Melich has been nominated for an America’s Most Wanted All Star Award!   Sunday is the final day for voting!  Please remember to vote, and ask your friends to vote, too!

It would be a terrific to honor one of Caylee’s greatest advocates – an honor that is very deserved.

Click the picture of Yuri and you will be directed to his profile, which is the voting page on the America’s Most Wanted web page.


I don’t see Pink Elephants, Mr. Baez

There was just one short moment today when I could tune in to today’s Frye Hearing in the State v. Casey Anthony.  I know that a few very interesting experts testified today. Among those testifying today was Dr. Barry Logan, Dr. David Hall, and Dr. Jane Bock.

I was able to sneak a listen into today’s hearing for less than five minutes, and what did I hear?  A discussion from Mr. Baez about Pink Elephants in the room.  According to Mr. Baez, a Pink Elephant was in the room, but was being ignored by everyone.  After making that statement to the court, Judge Belvin Perry had the most beautiful retort!  He said, “I don’t see Pink Elephants, Mr. Baez.”  That was all that I heard, and I thought – Wow!  This must be a very, very interesting hearing!

That was really all I was able to see, unfortunately.  But, I did hear about the defense wanting to claim the chloroform could have come from a swimsuit of Caylee’s left in the trunk of the car.  That’s a bit of a stretch, to put it mildly.

My favorite attorney analyst, Bill Sheaffer, made one very telling remark.  He said, in essence, the defense argued today with a sledge hammer, and the State used a scalpel.  In addition, he concluded that the State should prevail in their effort to allow the results of Dr. Arpad Vass, from the Oak Ridge Laboratories.  If this should occur, it will be a tremendous advantage for the State as it scientifically confirms the smell of decomposition, that so many will testify to. The science will seal it.  Bill Sheaffer said:

The prosecutor will show there’s no debate in the scientific community that Dr. Vass’s methodology and findings are not generally accepted.

In addition, he concluded that other evidence will prove there was a decompositional event in the trunk – cadaver dogs indicated it was there, Casey Anthony’s family, and others, also confirmed the horrible scent.

I would like to extend a very special thanks to CptKD, a reader of the blog, who so graciously reported through out the day on the happenings in the courtroom.

CptKD also advised that Judge Perry should have his rulings rendered by April 21st, if not before.

There are more hearings on Friday, beginning at 9:00.

Have a lovely night, all.



Jose Baez to clear it all up in one minute!

What a blessing this is! Today, Jose Baez told the In Session show that when he’s only one minute into his opening statement in the Casey Anthony trial, he will put to rest any suspicion we have regarding her silence during the 31 days Caylee was missing!

I’m so glad he will explain everything!  Aren’t you glad, too?  Wow!

Here we have been wondering lo these last three years why Casey hid for 31 days while her child was “missing” and now Mr. Baez will explain it all to us in just one minute!  This is about the best news I’ve ever heard!

There’s just a little problem with this – opening/closing statements are not considered “evidence.” But, hey, surely Mr. Beaz will clarify everything for us in that one minute!

I’ll let you in on a little secret, too.  The very first day that Mr. Baez and Casey Anthony met, he knew she was innocent, and he knew he could convince a jury of it, too.

Here’s a transcript (below) of the first time that Mr. Baez and Casey met.   Trust me, after reading their conversation, you’ll know the score.  That’s right!  You’ll know what will be revealed in that one minute!

JB:   Hello Casey.  I got word from one of my homies here that you are looking for a badass lawyer?  I’m your guy.

CA:  Yeah?  Okay.  Get me outta here.  This place smells so bad, and the food, O. M. G. is rotten. Oh, man I need some real food.

JB:  (using a blue pen and taking notes on the palm of his hand)  Hm. What’s your favorite food?

CA:  (thinking) I guess pizza.

JB:   Cool. Hmmm.  OK. As soon as I get you outta here cutie pie,  we’re going to the best damn pizza parlor ever!

CA:  Cool!  Okay, let’s go now.

JB:  (expletive) I don’t got keys to your chains.

CA: (expletive) I need these damn chains off me.

JB:  Well, hey, I’ll yank your chains….

CA:  Yeah? Wow.  You move fast.

JB:   Yeah baby.  (Taking notes on the top of his hand now) Before we can get you out cutie pie, we need to get you to a judge to be arranged.

CA:  Arranged?  Arrange me the hell outta here!

JB:  Yeah.  That’s why it’s called an arrangement, see. A judge sees arrested people then he arranges for them to go free.

CA:  Yeah?

JB:  Were you arrested?

CA:  huh?

JB: (louder) Were you arrested?

CA: I’m in jail right?

JB:  Well, that doesn’t mean you’re arrested. But I’ll check to be sure you’re a criminal.  I get criminals out.

CA:  I need out.

JB: Wait a second. Hm. You have chains on. Criminals are the only ones who wear chains, I think, so that means you’re probably a criminally arrested person. Hm. I mean, that would explain the chains they have on you.  Hm.  See, you’re probably arrested since you got those chains on.  (sighs) Wish I could get the key for those chains.  Let me think now.  Hmmmm.  So, here’s how it goes down:  The judge sees you at your arrangement – if you are a criminal and I think because you have chains, so you’re a criminal.  Hm.  Well now, hmmm.  you could have been wearing them for a long time if you didn’t have the key.  You had those things on you for a long time, then?

CA:  Too long.

JB:  Okay! Wow!  I’m good!  Okay.  Uh.  At your arrangement a judge will also arrange for the key to open those nasty chains.  And then what happens is.  Hm.  Let me think now, how does it go?   Hm.  Let me start at the beginning.  Okay. A criminal, see, gets arrested, see,  and the Judge, see, arranges their booty.

CA:  Booty?

JB:  Yeah.  Oh, well, technically the bailer pays the booty.

CA: Cool

JB:  Okay.  We gotta talk money now.  You have any?

CA: (expletive) No.

JB:  That’s okay; we’ll haul in some cash.  (Writing on inner arm now, then says to himself “Get Cash”).

JB:  So how did a gorgeous chick like you, get here?

CA: I lost my daughter for 31 days

JB:  Lost her, huh?

CA:   Yeah.   It sucks.

JB:  I bet.  How old?

CA:  22

JB:  The kid’s 22?

CA:  No. She’s two

JB:  Terrible.  It’s easy to lose them at that age.  They run like hell the minute they learn to walk.    She must be still on the run, huh?

CA:  Yeah.

JB:  Now wait just a second here.  Hold on.  Now just hold on here!  How would anyone expect you to run after your daughter if you’re in chains?  That makes just no sense!   Okay.  All the more reason we gotta get those chains off your cute little footsies.  I’m sure glad you told me this.  So, of course you’re innocent!   (Writes on arm, says to self:  “Hire Gil Cabot to market the innocent angle“)

JB:  Okay. So that’s what happened?  She ran and now she’s lost?

CA:   Yeah, she runs fast.  Thanks for understanding.

JB:   No prob. (Writing on his the hairy part of arm now).  I’m thinking of the trial; I’m thinking…..

CA:  (Expletive) A trial?!

JB:  (Expletive) Yeah, baby!  This is gonna be big!  I’m gonna make you a star.  The story will be headlines all over the country.   Hell!  I’ll get this story out across the world.  Think of it – such drama: Cute young mom chained by…. Uh.  Shoot.  This is an angle we need to cover: Who chained you?

CA:  My folks.

JA: Perfect!  Abusive parents chain daughter so she can’t rescue her child who got away!  Hm.  Are your parents chained, too?

CA:  Yeah. In the brain.  They got a chained brain.

JB:  Good.  They’ll make the perfect pawn for you.

CA:  Cool.

JB: Major cool.

CA:   Whoa.  But I told the cops my nanny took her.  I didnt’ tell them about my chains.  The detectives never even asked me about my chains, that’s how dumb they are.

JB:  (writing notes)  Oh.  Well kill off that Nanny story.  It was weak anyway.

CA:  Hey, you’re about to run outta room to write on your arm.

JB:  That’s okay, legs haven’t been used yet..

JB:  Okay. We need to settle on my opening statement. (Pacing and thinking)  I’ll practice it and you tell me if it works, Kapish?

CA: Kapish.

JB:  Okay. “Ladies and Gentlemen.  I am a Hispanic lawyer.  I am proud to be Hispanic. We are good people, and we …”

CA:  Wait a minute?!!

JB:  Too much of a Hispanic angle? Okay. Here goes.  “Hola, seniors and seniorita’s, me name’ es Jose Baez.”

CA:  You speaking Spanish to them?  You can’t do that.

JB:  No?  Okay.  “Ladies and Gentleman of the Ladies.  I am Hispanic, as you can tell by how handsome I am.  Only someone as handsome as I could have a client as gorgeous as Ms. Anthony.  Look at her.   She’s hot, isn’t she?  I am a lucky man to be representing her.  Now, Ladies and Gentleman of the Ladies of the Jury, you will find my client innocent.  You know why?  You know why?  Huh?  Huh?”

CA:  Can they talk back to you?

JB:  That would be cool.  I think if they like me, they will.  Okay, back to my speech.  “Okay, I’ll tell you why:  My hot client is not innocent because she was…”

CA:  IS!  You mean “IS innocent.”  I’m beginning to think you’re a clown.

JB: Okay.  I got it now.  “My hot client is innocent because when her daughter ran away, my client was in chains and could not go after her!  But, more importantly, good jury, I will show you that the persons responsible for this – although they did not have chains around their feet like my poor client – they had chained brains!  I submit to you, I will PROVE w/out a shadow of a doubt how the chained brains should have protected that child but they didn’t do it!  Why?  Tragically, they were born with brains so chained.  You will find the chained brained ones GUILTY!”

JB:  See!  It will only take me ONE MINUTE to prove you are INNOCENT!

CA:  Cool!!

JB:  (Jumping with joy) Cool beans!!

CA:  (rattling her chains)  Cool rice and beans!!!

JB:  Cool Cuban rice and beans!!!

CA:  You Cuban?

JB:  Yeah.

CA:  Awesome!!!  That is so totally off the wall awesome, man!  O.M. G. this is so great.  My mom is gonna hate you!

(Baez and Casey high-five)


Vote for Yuri… Frye hearing 9:00 a.m.

There’s a Frye hearing tomorrow morning, beginning at 9:00 a.m.!  Don’t forget to watch.  Still on the table to discuss, the heart sticker evidence, the stain in the trunk, and I believe the plant-root growth.

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