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in the company of idiots?

Mr. Cheney Mason called us “idiot bloggers” today on the show In Session.

In the case of the State v. Casey Anthony case, the evidence against her looms large.  Despite the fact that the trial is looming, Casey Anthony’s own attorneys are using television to their own promotional advantage. Of course, this is a ploy to taint as many jurors as possible, which will delay the trial, which will hamper the memory of critical witnesses.  This is an age-old defense ploy.  It just may work, too.

Mr. Mason once said this case will be “fun.”  Fun for him?  Isn’t that nice. I hope he’s having fun now as his legitimacy fades.

Mr. Mason hates the local media. He believes in Casey Anthony’s innocence.  He thinks she’s nice, and bright.   He is especially proud of his tutelage of Jose Baez.

In one of Hal Boedeker’s two Orlando Sentinel blog posts today, he quotes Mr. Mason during his appearance on the television show, In Session:

Mason said he saw it as his job in the Anthony case to help and defend unfairly attacked lawyers. “I didn’t even know Mr. Baez initially,” Mason said. “Over a period of time, he would sometimes call or visit to ask for some suggestions or some advice from an old guy. I was more than willing to do that. It was all private. It went on for a very long time.”

“Stupid is as stupid does.”

~ Forrest Gump

Idiot Bloggers

Mr. Mason has a problem with bloggers.  He refers to people who observe and write about the State v. Casey Anthony proceedings, as “idiot bloggers.”

Likewise, I have a problem with a disingenuous lawyer who also happen to be an out-right bully.

You may remember when WFTV’s Kathi Belich and her camera crew attempted to interview Attorney Cheney Mason leaving the Orlando Courthouse.  Mr. Mason spat out harsh and unprofessional epitaphs at Ms. Belich, “You are the stupidest reporter on the face of the earth,” he shouted, hiding his face with his oversized umbrella.

People who are presumably well educated, as I would think Mr. Cheney is, do not make such misogynist statements in public.  A gentleman would say to Ms. Belich, “I have no comment at this time?”   Not Mr. Cheney.  Oh no.  Despite his fancy duds and his facade as a fine southern gentleman, he is a grown up, bona fide, bully!

Adult Bullies – They Come in All Sizes

What is it that encourages an adult to engage in bullying behavior?   The reasons are varied, and will change from bully to bully.

One constant, however, is the bully feels he or she is in the minority and must therefore assert his or her superiority in an exaggerated way.

With the “idiot bloggers” statement, and the scenario with Ms. Belich, Mr. Mason displayed typical bullying behavior – belittle the object of your contempt until they retreat.  Bullying is the only way insecure individuals can feel safe and secure.  Insecure people don’t feel safe and often lash out to protect themselves.  They don’t believe they can succeed at things.  They rarely trust themselves or their instincts, and generally don’t believe in themselves.

They bully when they feel insecure, or threatened; they will often exaggerate their abilities; feign confidence, when in reality, their self esteem is very low.

There is no question that the Casey Anthony case has exacerbated the bullying behavior of Mr. Mason.  With a case that’s falling apart more and more each day, his instinct is to go on the offense, no doubt.

Mr. Masson says about Casey Anthony, “she’s a nice human being; I have grandchildren almost her age.”  It is important for an attorney to like his or her client, which goes without saying, and he must look past her deeds in order to try her case, that is understood.  However, I find this next statement very telling, and very reprehensible.  In discussing why people dislike Casey Anthony, he said:

 …she is accused of killing her enormously cute little baby girl and people, who are unwilling to really believe in the presumption of innocence … are callous toward her, fed by the media day after day, don’t know her.

I would tell Mr. Mason that this idiot blogger does not have to believe in anyone’s innocence!  It is the jury, the Trier of Fact, who must look at Ms. Anthony as innocent until proven guilty.  But, I have absolutely no obligation to do the same, the  First Amendment assures me that promise.

I’m glad Mr. Cheney has “a very warm spot for” Casey Anthony.  Casey Anthony deserves attorneys who will believe in her, care about her, and fight to keep her off of death row.  I, however, have no obligation to believe any such fairy tale.

And I have an absolute right to tell you that my disgust is absolute.  The breed of defense attorney on this case makes my blood boil.  The law is the law, it’s not “Let’s Make a Media Deal”

The Media Has it Wrong On This One

I am likewise angry at certain media outlets who are thinking about making a buck off this case – raise the ratings, while a citizen is facing DEATH!

Where is the humanity in that?!

Casey Anthony is not a person I care one whit for, but I do not want her put to death.  Ironically, these pompous defense attorneys, if Casey is sentenced to death, will be to blame.  Try living with that Mr. Baez – will you still enjoy your visits with Geraldo then?

It was completely sickening that neither Mr. Baez or Cheney would stand up for their client yesterday, May 2nd, when the Media Attorney, Judith Mercier finished her babbling argument on behalf of the media.

The fact that both attorney’s sat there like bumps on a log, and SAID NOTHING until Judge Perry pressed Mr. Baez, was gross.

You know why they wanted to stay silent?  Despite what you may think, these two attorneys, Baez and Cheney are not stupid!  They know that an appeal would be a gift to them.  It would be precious to them!  They want this appeal – if they think we’re fooled, “they have another thing coming,” as my mom used to say!

“I am Mad as Hell and I Don’t Want to Take it Anymore!”

The last thing I want to rant about, leaving the worst for last, is a statement that Mr. Mason made that is foul, insensitive, and completely uncouth.

When Mason was asked about the “31 days” he said that will be answered during the trial, but went on to say the following:

Does it make people prejudiced against her? Yes. If the child were unlawfully killed, then the crime ended when she was killed. The next day, the next week, the next month really is kind of irrelevant to what happened.

If the child were unlawfully killed, he says, the time is kind of irrelevant

I would ask you, what kind of person – what kind of lawyer would be so callous as to refer to the child victim in this case in that way?

Idiots. Total Idiots.

The two Boedeker Posts:

Cheney Mason wanted to help Jose Baez

Casey Anthony: ‘Very likeable and very bright,’ Cheney Mason says

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