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so we wait

There is no decision from Judge Perry on the controversial, precedent-setting air tests that detected decomposition in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car.

We must wait until Friday to learn if the Fifth Court of Appeals will uphold Judge Belvin Perry’s recent decision to deny the media early access to the jury selection location.

My favorite analyst, Bill Sheaffer, believes that the rights of Casey Anthony will prevail and trump the needs of the media, thus denying the motion.

Just like Judge Perry observed, there’s at least one analyst for every media outlet now; and WESH has the retired judge, Judge O.H. Eaton, on its payroll.

I enjoyed reading his comments today on questions related to Cindy and George Anthony’s impact on the trial, including any future charges that may befall them.  Here’s a link to the article, should you like to read it:   Ask The Judge: Parents’ Charges, Evidence, Casey’s Plea

Here is an excerpt from Judge O.H. Eaton’s comments:

Dear Judge Eaton: I would like to ask why the grandparents George and Cindy are not charged with any misconduct in this case. — Angie, Little Rock, Ark.

It is up to the state attorney to decide whether to bring charges against anyone, and the decision not to prosecute cannot be reviewed by any court or even the governor. In this case, the Anthonys are important witnesses for the state, and it is not surprising they have not been charged with anything — at least not yet. — Judge O.H. Eaton

“At least not yet,” he says!  Am I reading too much into that?  Could it be true that the State will look at the Anthony’s misdeeds once the trial is over?  I think it may be true…. soooo, we wait!

The Media Motion is Insulting

If anything other than a denial of this capricious motion happens, it will be a sad day for our rights under the law.  If media can barge into a court of law and demand privileges above the constitutional rights of the person accused, it may well be time to move to Canada.

The media can do a great deal of harm should they learn before hand of the location.  They will, for ratings, weave dramatic stories about the upcoming trial – they will tell potential jurors what to expect should they be selected: The ungodly length of their sequestration, the story of Casey and the 31 days, and so on.  They will have a field day!

If the media arrives at the location of jury selection, with their big trucks, vans, cameras, etc., on the courtroom steps, prior to the potential jurors arriving, it will be all over.  People in that location will have to  have their head in a bag to miss the publicity.

This is getting out of hand.  This case is about the death of a beautiful young child, I thought.  Not so much, says the media.  It’s about Casey Anthony to them, clearly.

So we wait.

Providing the media does not prevail and delay the trial, we will only wait a short time for the State, the OCSO, and the Expert witnesses who know the truth, to hold Caylee’s memory in their hearts as they raise their right hand and promise to tell her story – the truth.

I can hardly wait!

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