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the anthony’s as road kill?

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

First, Mark Lippman, the Attorney for George and Cindy Anthony – parents of defendant Casey Anthony who is charged with first degree murder in the death of her daughter, Caylee Marie  – wrote a motion to request that the Anthony’s be exempt from the regular rule of witness sequestration  and attend the trial whenever they desire.  The Anthony’s claim that family’s are given that right of access in the court – at least until after they testify.

However, I believe this rule applies only to next of kin relatives of the victim, not the defendant.  The Anthony’s are not next of kin to Caylee, though it seems Judge Belvin Perry was going to entertain allowing the Anthony’s to attend the trial.

It doesn’t matter now, anyway because Cheney Mason said today, “Not so fast, Judge Perry, don’t you mess with our two Patsy’s and allow them in the courtroom to hear our lies, I mean, our reasonable doubt!”

Oh yes, the defense filed a motion today to prevent the Anthony’s from being present in the courtroom.  (I tell you what, this whole case is turning out to be Shakespearean in scope!)

Here is the motion the defense filed today requesting the Anthony’s not be permitted in the courtroom!

Vrrrrroommm, vrrrrooommmm!

Do you smell that diesel fuel?  That’s the bus coming to turn the Anthony’s into road kill!

The only case the defense has at this point is to paint George as the murderer of Caylee Marie; add Cindy Anthony as a raving lunatic capable of a raging temper, and you have a the epic and dramatic story that rivals Othello, Hamlet, and King Lear combined!

Oh, yes, the defense needs this story to create the only reasonable doubt they have.  They need the heads of the Anthony’s on a plate!  Especially George – he has the most to loose – all of his indiscretions over the years – will it all come in?

Poor George.

As I’ve said all along, George is going down, and Cindy is going with him – but for all the wrong reasons.  They will be the reasonable doubt that the defense will attempt to float in that courtroom.

It won’t work.

It can’t work.

Or, will it?  No, no, no!

The Video Conference

Secondly, the Anthony’s recently requested video conferences with their daughter. Their attorney, Mark Lippman, filed a motion asking the court to intervene and seal any visits the Anthony’s have with their daughter.

But, here’s the rub: George, Cindy, or Mr. Lipmann didn’t know if Casey would go along with meeting with them.  (Was this just another fruitless attempt to get their stories straight?)

The request for a meeting with Casey has been out there for nearly a week with no response. Jose Baez intimated that it was Casey’s decision whether she’d want to meet with them.  But, Mr. Baez has not responded to Mr. Lippman, who smells a rat.

WESH reported today that Mr. Lippman is making a “public appeal” to attempt to move the defense and Casey Anthony to agree to a meeting.

Perhaps the Anthony’s wanted to meet with Casey to get their stories straight, and perhaps they also wanted to attempt to persuade Casey to back off of using them, and particularly George, as reasonable doubt?

If I remove my cynicism for a moment, I would have to admit they surely must miss their daughter.

WESH reported (click to read), that Mr. Lippman and the Anthony’s are going public with this request to see Casey.  Mr. Lippman opined…

I hate to have to do it this way. This is my last resource at this point.

Lippman pointed out that Anthony’s lead attorney, Jose Baez, has had time in the last week to appear at a public forum and do national television interviews, but lamented that Baez would not take the time to address George and Cindy Anthony’s request.

The bottom line is this: There is no way that Casey Anthony – video taped or not – would agree to see the parents she intends to throw under the bus.

George and Cindy have been deceived by the defense in such a big and wicked way.  I doubt they saw this coming; they thought they were allies with the defense – enemies of the State.

I wonder if they will end up changing sides?

Oh what a tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive.

~ Sir Walter Scott (1808)


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