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May 5, 2011


Starring Yuri Melich as AMW All Star

by Andrea O'Connell

Take a look at the newest AMW All Star video featuring Yuri Melich!

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  1. May 5 2011

    Vote vote vote!! Thanks for the video. I love Yuri. SHHHH! Don’t tell him.

    • May 5 2011

      LOL Shyloh… you’re such a dear! And, I’m with you – I love him, too! So many people are voting for him, I think his chances are really good – but, I don’t want to jinx it…. LOL!

  2. May 5 2011

    Love it!!!

    Thanks Andrea!!

    • May 5 2011

      You’re welcome, Kimmmie! It’s a nice video, isn’t it? 🙂

      • May 5 2011

        He is a hunk, fer sure!

        Smart men are sexy but smart compassionate men …

        I better hush now

  3. May 5 2011

    He said there was no greater satisfaction for him than to tell the victim’s family that he caught the murderer of their loved one-unfortunately, he did not get that satisfaction with the Anthonys.

    Great video and wonderful post, Andrea! Now I’m off to vote for him!

    • May 5 2011

      Yay Sherry…. 🙂

      I agree with ya, that was a nice comment he made. He’s a top-notch human being and Law Enforcement official.

      Goooooooooooo Yuri!

  4. Trubisha
    May 5 2011

    Hi. This is just a test run. I have subscribed but I’m not sure how posting works. I have been voting for Yuri everyday! It looks like he is doing really well and he deserves it! Either way, being in the top eight or three or whatever…he will knw by now that he is really appreciated! Thanks ‘Dream’ !

    • May 5 2011

      Hi Trubisha! Thanks for posting and thanks for voting, too! The first time anyone posts, comments go into moderation until I get an email to release the comment. So, you won’t be caught in the black hole of moderation again! 🙂
      I have a good feeling that since AMW picked Yuri to highlight, it may be due to his receiving so many votes! And, I sure agree with you, he does indeed deserve it!

  5. Rob
    May 5 2011

    Andrea, Thank you. Wonderful to see Yuri on the job. I have voted for him every day.

  6. Ashlyn
    Jun 2 2011

    We’ve been watching the Casey Anthony trial at our sorority, and we think Yuri Melich is totally hot. Is that wrong to say? IDK, it’s true!

    • Jun 2 2011

      The truth is never wrong to say! :mrgreen:


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