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May 10, 2011


day two of jury selection

by Andrea O'Connell

It was another interesting day in the jury selection process in the State v. Casey Anthony Trial.

There is great tension and desperation in the air for the defense.  As much as they try to hide it, Casey Anthony’s fear is palpable.  It’s evident in her eyes, body language and behavior in the courtroom.

One of the media sources, (WFTV was the original source), mentioned that Jose Baez was overheard saying, “You’re acting like a 2 year old,” to Casey Anthony. If that is true, and I have no reason to believe it’s not, I find it disturbing.   Jose Baez is not her father.  He’s working for her and she’s facing death!

The two of them proceeded to avoid each others gaze after exchanging these words.  They also, according to the Caylee Daily, sat apart from each other at the defense table.

They are unhinged.

Apparently, someone on the defense was monitoring the news reports on the Internet today because they complained to Judge Perry that their “private conversations” were being posted on the Internet.  Judge Perry said, “Folks this is a public courtroom.”

The Air Tests

With regards the “smell” in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s White Pontiac; no less than ten people could testify to the “smell” that emanated from the trunk.

Cadaver Dogs alerted to the scent, many police officers, FBI representatives have probably gotten a whiff and could attest to the “smell.” There is NO denying a human body was in that trunk!   EVERYONE knows a human body decomposed in that trunk! But the defense keeps trying those Hail Mary motions and it’s getting very old. Can they not stop their whining and face the truth about this evidence?

The duty of the defense is to challenge the evidence produced and offered by the government. The defense does not have the burden of proof.   There should come a point when they are forced to stop wasting the courts time to argue the court’s rulings over and over again!   There should be a limit, right?  There should come a time when a defense team has to stop their desperate struggle and fish, fish, fish, fish for any morsel of hope to get the Frye evidence thrown out.

Today, with regards to the evidence of post mortem banding indicating decomposition on a strand of Caylee’s hair, the defense attempted to convince the Judge that there was some kind of “new” research study being worked on that claims that when hair is exposed to well-water, it COULD mimic decompositional banding on  hair.

The problem with this argument?  It is a research study that was mentioned in a deposition – it’s in its infancy, but the defense wants to stop the presses to go check this out.  The Judge says NO  no more fishing expeditions.

The Judge had a change of heart about the air tests.  He had time last evening to rethink the air test database issues, despite the defense asking for a rehearing on the matter, and the FBI is going to supply the names of the compounds in the  database, which was utilized by Dr. Arpad Vass in the air testing, therefore, the Judge has denied all defense requests with regards to blocking the air tests.  Phew!

Jury Selection Cut Short Today

With regards to Jury selection today, it was quite interesting – never a dull moment, it seems!  As it happened, a woman, who was also a Texas EquuSearch volunteer and a possible witness in the case, was called for jury duty and in the jury pool!

Instead of keeping her thoughts to herself about the case, she spoke either directly to, or within ear-shot of nearly a dozen prospective jurors.

When Judge Perry learned this, out of an abundance of caution – fearing the entire panel may be tainted, he excused the entire pool of 50 people.

Voir dire of this remaining pool came to a end at about 3:00 today, and the Judge estimates that jury selection is nearly 3 days behind schedule, unfortunately.

And finally, I just read a media report from Adam Longo, who spoke to Jose Baez and Cheney Mason.  Watch it here.

Mr. Baez and Mason – Selling Their Souls Story

The long and the short of it?  Jaws will drop, they say, when they learn how the defense will explain what “really” happened in this case.

I’m going to say it, once and for all, these two defense attorney’s are living in another reality – they are either enormously stupid, completely gullible, shamefully dishonest, or they are horrible attorneys.  I am sick to death of their claims with regards to their client.

How dare they engage in media appearances at this point in time?   I know that when you have no case, you must appeal to the public, but it’s wrong on so many levels.  It infects the system of justice. They are lawyers, they should act like Officials of the Court and have some sensitivity for the sanctity of the law.  The system of justice is adversarial, yes, but it should not be smoke and mirrors, sleazy attempts to “brand” their case in the media, and they should not become outright media whores!

That’s my band wagon for today. Well, I have one more item to discuss, and it’s terribly disappointing and completely unexpected.

America’s Most Wanted

I got an email from a producer at America’s Most Wanted that Yuri Melich did not win the America’s Most Wanted All Star Award.  I nominated him and was absolutely so sure he would win.  I was so sure!

But he didn’t win.

We all gave it a good try, we really did – I saw that so many people following this case took up the cause and voted religiously for Yuri.

At least he knows that our gratitude for his work is endless – we all should feel good about that.

But, darn it all, anyway.

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  1. Debbie
    May 11 2011

    Regarding putting all the blame on George…I may be all wet, but, didn’t Cindy say during the 31 days, or at least the early part of those 31 days, she was able to talk to Casey on the phone numerous times, but Casey always had an excuse for Cindy to NOT be able to talk to Caley; such as she was with the nanny or asleep, etc. So how can George be at fault when Casey was still implying that Caley was with her, but unavailable? Still can’t figure out how George is suppose to catch the blame.

    • May 11 2011

      Great observation!

      Remember that Cindy called George asking if he had put the pool ladder against the pool…could that be it?

      Even that doesn’t fly but with this DT, anything stupid is possible!

  2. May 11 2011

    Yeah, darn it all… 😦 I was so sure Yuri would win. Guess what? he surely knows we appreciate him! I had no idea that you were the one to nominate him. Thank you!

    Well, I’ll talk more on your article later, if I have time!

    • May 11 2011

      I was soooo sure, too, Sherry because so many people were voting for him, I couldn’t imagine that anyone could get more votes than him. Yeah, I kept it a secret. I wouldn’t have won anything myself, but the GREAT satisfaction that he was honored for the work he did. The fact that they made the promo with him, and he got such high scores is very exciting!

  3. Linda
    May 11 2011

    Hi Andrea, I think the defense is not only tainting the jury pool, but they are trying to scare the prosecution…….Like they have this ONE big secret to throw out at trail..I think they are the ones that are really scared..I say bring it on goofballs……..To say it was an accident at this point in time is Ridiculous of course unless they trying to say that it was a planned accident.. How are they going to explain the ZFG searchers on Caseys computer 2 weeks before the baby was killed? Not to mention all the other searches Casey made…… I believe the prosecution will prove their case . I don’t think for one 1 second that Caylee died from an accident, I think Casey killed her and couldn’t call 911 because she did drug her..and she would have been blamed…… And she had places to go….Her date with Tony was more important….

    • May 11 2011

      Hey Linda… Oh yeah, the defense is all bluster but no substance. The case is a farce, the trial is an abomination, and the Defense lawyers, with the exception of Ann Finnell, cannot hide their desperation.

      I agree, to say it was an accident is a bit lame, and probably won’t be in the least believable to the jury, but frankly, they have to use what ever they can – whatever bizarre story they choose to believe, they’ll float it to set this sick girl free, is what they will do. But, I think their desperation will look like desperate lies to the jury, and they won’t buy it .

  4. May 11 2011

    So sorry to hear that Yuri didn’t win, maybe next time.

    Inmate Anthony and Baez’ flirting days are over I see…Baez said she’s “acting like a 2 year old” isn’t this whole trial about…a two year old?

    Looked like a lovers quarrel to me…maybe they staged it so when the verdict is handed down, she can claim an affair took place between them and request a new trial. Even if there was another one…it would be guilty all over again and a waste of tax payers money.

    • May 11 2011

      Hi MMB,
      Excellent point! But on their side of the courtroom, it’s not about Caylee, as we know, it’s only about getting Casey off the hook, since she’s innocent. I’ve also wondered if she’ll claim some kind of issue between the two of them, but I now think that he’s really a father figure to her. She is a very sick girl and completely taken with anyone who treats her with any kindness.

      I really don’t think she’ll be able to handle this case against her. I don’t know if the court would be willing to give her anti anxiety drugs… probably not.

  5. May 11 2011

    Baez wants the limelight now-its his defining moment in the history of his lawyering and he can’t have Inmate Anthony doing anything to harm that. If its true that she will take the stand, Jose is done for as well as his client. There’s always Telemundo~

    • May 11 2011

      LOL Sherry! He’ll take that, I’m sure. It appears he likes the cameras.

  6. Amanda
    May 11 2011

    Hi Andrea – thank you for keeping me updated on this case. I love your writing!

    • May 11 2011

      Hey Mandy, How nice of you to say! Thank you so much. 🙂

  7. May 11 2011

    George Anthony’s attorney said he might be forced to take legal action if his client is painted as a potential suspect in the Caylee Anthony murder case.

    Read more:

    • May 11 2011

      Oh my goodness, Sherry! Well then, the defense will have NO case at all!

      I just got home and am listening to jury selection – very interesting! I tell you what, Casey will not be able to handle a trial…. All this long time, I think she’s been living in la-la land and it’s all of a sudden hit her what’s coming….
      If she cannot listen to the judge reading jury instructions, what is she going to do when the Asst. State Attorney’s give their openings? She’ll need medical help…

      • May 11 2011

        Brad Conway gave his theory on JVM~
        He thinks the defense will concede to an accidental death but will toss the whole fam damily under the bus as to why she did what she did. This is supposed to throw the prosecution off-center since they are trying for pre-med murder.I suppose the chloroform search was “accidental”? I don’t think it will work but must say that, at least, its a plausable defense.

        Oh, and the woman I thought might be a jail nurse turns out to be a DP mitigation specialist:

      • May 11 2011

        Interesting!!! She’s the one we’ve seen in jury selection recently? Is she the one seen comforting Casey today?

        You do the BEST research, Sherry!!!!

      • May 11 2011

        LOL! No, nan11 at mainstreamfair is the researcher. I’m just the best swiper of links around, that is all! 😎

      • May 11 2011

        Oh, and if Conway’s theory is the way the defense goes, how will they explain the reason that Casey did not call the police?

      • May 11 2011

        good grief! I’m posting on the wrong thread… 😳


      • Andrea OConnell
        May 11 2011

        Exactly! The only way to explain this is to put Casey on the stand to explain she was protecting her father & that’s why she didn’t tell LE. I swear, I think they are going to have to put her on the stand – it will be a disaster though, but that may be their final Hail Mary.

        Sent from my iPhone

  8. Linda
    May 11 2011

    Sherry you are so right..Remember when LKB was on 48 hrs? She blamed the Anthonys for Caseys upbringing.. Brad said they will say that George sexually molested Casey and was physically abusive and Cindy was both physically and verbally abusive to poor poor Casey….. Remember she told the cops that she was petrified of her mother . Will it work? I think the prosecution is ready for that bombshell.

  9. Chester
    May 19 2011

    yeah he’s the baby daddy


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