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Day Three of Jury Selection – Casey loses It

The actual State v. Casey Anthony trial is yet to begin, and the defendant, Casey Anthony, appears already defeated by her own consciousness of guilt.

There is great trouble ahead for Casey, and I wonder if she’ll be able to handle the trial if she cannot even handle hearing the Jury Instructions, as read by Chief Judge Belvin Perry.

For the last three days, Casey has cried as she hears the charges against her.  Then today, soon after the final reading of jury instructions and the indictment, Casey Anthony was visibly upset because of pain, or cramps in her hands.  It was bothering her so much; two Bailiffs escorted her into the defendant holding area.

After about half an hour, Casey returned, took her seat, and voir dire continued.

Out Damn Spot!

Casey’s  hands are very sensitive.  In her very first appearances in court – way back in July/August 2008, she consistently rubbed her hands together – furiously, just as she often does today.

Is it because she know those hands killed her daughter?

I believe so.

In the Shakespeare tragedy, Macbeth, the character Lady Macbeth, as a result of her part in the death of King Duncan, goes mad and believes her hands will never be free of the blood of her crime.

She furiously rubs her hands, just like Casey Anthony does, and says “Out, damn Spot – Out I say!”  The “spot” is the imaginary blood she sees on her hands as a result of her part in the death of the King.

As Casey furiously rubs her hands, doesn’t it seem as if she’s trying to free her hands of the blood of her crime?

Her hands are tense and seem to hold all her emotions.  Today, they seemed to rebel and she was beside herself in fear, appearing to have an anxiety attack.

She turned stark white and appeared as if she was going to be sick.

Casey Anthony is a sick girl – mentally unstable and very troubled; a sick sociopathic deviant.

She is too sick to lead to death row, though it’s my opinion her incompetent lawyers are leading her there.

I wonder if she will make it through the trial?  If she cannot handle hearing Judge Perry read Jury Instructions, how will she handle hearing the State’s case?  She feels very sorry for herself, cries, and shakes her head “no,” when a charge is read.

Wait until Jeff Ashton points right at her after calling her a murderer?   Like the witch in Wizard of Oz, I see Casey dissolving into a puddle and then hung out to dry.

George Anthony’s Warning

George is fighting back, according to his lawyer, Mark Lippmann.  If the Defense attempts to “use” George as reasonable doubt and suggest he is either a potential molester or murderer, Mr. Lippmann warns that charges could be filed.

So now what, Mr. Mason?

What’s your theory now, Mr. Baez?

Your girl is innocent since her father is an obvious Patsy, right?

No.  I don’t think so.

Casey is your Patsy.

Always has been.

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