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May 13, 2011


day 5 and miles to go before they sleep….

by Andrea O'Connell

Day five of jury selection in the State of Florida v. Casey Anthony has ended without the requisite number of potential jurors selected.  The goal is to impanel a total of 20 persons – 12 jurors and 8 alternates.  To date, there are 8 potential jurors who are under consideration.

Tomorrow morning they’re back at it at 8:30 a.m. and hope to continue until they’ve gone through the rest of the 30 or so potential jurors yet to be questioned.

We learned today that the Judge is still not inclined to allow the jurors to smell the decomposition that the Assistant State Attorneys would like them to smell.

Also, George and Cindy’s attorney, Mark Lippman is threatening to file a grievance against the Anthony’s former attorney, Brad Conway.  Lippman is chargingthat Mr. Conway violated the attorney-client privilege by speaking ill of the Anthony’s family dynamic to the media.

Court resumes tomorrow morning at 8:30 a.m.!  I’ll finally be able to watch the voir dire it as it happens!


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  1. May 13 2011

    T. G. I. F!!!!!

  2. May 13 2011

    Mason isn’t happy though 😉

  3. May 13 2011

    In order to break attorney-client privilege between Conway and the Anthonys then Conway would have to be speaking the truth about the family dynamics which I would find hard to believe that any of the Anthonys would confide in him about it truthfully.

    Soooo….when do we believe the showdown will begin? This week? This Tuesday? Next week? Next month? Next year? Next millenium??? 😮

    • May 14 2011

      Hi Sherry…. I know that Judge Perry wants to start on Tuesday, but if they cannot get 15 tonight, perhaps they’ll have opening statements on Wednesday?

      I agree with you about Brad Conway – I am sure he knows better than to ignore the privilege of attorney/client. If he did say something awful, I sure didn’t hear it….

  4. Addie
    May 13 2011

    I have heard the “opinion” of Mr. Conway on JVM and that was all it was– “opinion ” ( unless it’s been more somewhere else ). I didn’t see one thing wrong in what he said. I’ve seen other guests on JVM & NG with “opinions” also. I wonder if they are going to get sued as well.
    It seems to me as if the Anthony’s are so money hungry that they will sue anyone for anything, but wait ! Why is it so wrong for ZFG to sue them ? Think they may sue KC, after she blames them for everything she’s done in life ?
    This entire “mess” is just crazy ! It seems as if they appreciate no one and are only interested in any and all profits at the cost of anyone.
    Sure makes me wonder where KC got the idea that she was/is so “entitled “.

    • May 14 2011

      Hey Addie, I think you are right on the mark on this. Something I keep thinking about is the “victim impact statement.”
      The Anthony’s will have a chance to testify with regards to how the loss of Caylee impacted their lives and how much they miss her. If they are too convincing, it will hurt Casey – I wonder who else will speak for Caylee during the victim impact statements?

  5. Linda
    May 14 2011

    That is just one of the reasons that no one can sympathize with the EVIL Anthonys..Brad worked for them for free for 2 yrs, lost his condo and probably a lot of respect from other people, but the Anthonys don’t care, Its all about them.. Do you remember in the beginning of this case when Cindy wanted to trade mark Caylees name? So afraid someone else would make a buck even Casey was pissed about it.. . Maybe they are mad because someone else is getting paid for air time on tv. They are disgusting. They don’t do anything for free.. Look at the way they have treated those who came to help them. I get so mad when the media talks about them being a nice middle class family, they are NO such thing…. They are nothing but selfish, self absorbed all about ME white trash………

    • kas
      May 14 2011

      So true, Linda. They make it impossible to feel sorry for them. Also, don’t you find it interesting they haven’t made a peep towards NeJame?? They know he would laugh in their faces on National Television.

      I don’t think they’ll do anything. They are just trying to “scare” Conway, which is so absurd. I won’t be at all surprised if Lippman ends up quitting too. You know this wasn’t his idea. This has “FROM THE MIND OF CINDY ANTHONY” written all over it.

    • May 14 2011

      Hi Linda! I wasn’t aware of Brad loosing his condo! Unbelievable. He gave them so much of his time and his care – and for free, too! Well, he did get a lot of coverage – free press – out of the relationship, but still, it’s horrible for the Antony’s to even consider such a thing…..

  6. CptKD
    May 14 2011

    Morning Andrea, morning all…

    I just wanted to clear up, for those who may not be aware, that those 8 alternates will NOT be aware that they are alternates.

    The 20 will be directed the same throughout the trial, and only at the end, will the 8 be removed from the Jury deliberations.

    ONLY, if they are needed will they be called upon to actually sit as deliberating JURORS.

    • May 14 2011

      Hi CptKD – You’re right! they will not know who’s an alternate juror until the end. I’m not sure how it’s decided who’s a juror and who’s an alternate. It may be a random selection, or it may be a deliberate decision by the Judge… hmmm, another research item!


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