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Day 6 and here comes the judge

Watching Judge Perry, in the State v. Casey Anthony jury selection process, is like watching an artist at work.   He’s as smooth as a river and as solid as polished stone.

And he’s also got a fantastic sense of humor, and is so quick witted, that I found myself laughing at loud during this morning’s jury selection. That’s not so say that this is a funny proceeding, but the levity he brings to the table – while being completely focused on the law he recites so easily – does lessen the tension.

In all, he was not very pleased at bringing back potential jurors who rightly should have been excused on day one, but who were previously asked to stay by the defense.

So, lo and behold, Judge Perry, starting with the first juror at 8:30 this morning, excused five, or so, potential jurors after they expressed either hardship or an opinion on not being able to put aside their feeling of Casey Anthony’s guilt.

One by one, “guilty” the potential jurors said.  One would think that hearing “guilty” like that would be difficult for the defense to stomach.  One could also assume these proclamations are likely to be an indication of things to come for Ms. Anthony.

Judge Perry - The "I told ya' so" face!

One by one the prospective jurors entered the courtroom this morning.  And, one by one they went out, dismissed for hardship.

After each juror exited, Judge Perry would ask which lawyer chose to keep the juror?  And, invariably it was someone on the defense team. To which  Judge Perry puffed up his countenance, cocked his head just slightly, pursed his lips – as pictured, and seemed to say, “I told you so!”

This Jurist has me spellbound!

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