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May 16, 2011


Day 7 with 17 possible – will there be backstrikes?

by Andrea O'Connell

…or is it day 8?

Regardless, as of today, there are a total of 17 potential jurors and tomorrow we will learn if the trial will begin on Thursday.

Judge Belvin Perry would like to begin swearing in a panel tomorrow morning, beginning at 8:30.  Prior to swearing, Judge Perry will ask the lawyers what “backstrikes” they would like to use to get rid of jurors they do not like.

This could put a monkey wrench in the plans; each side has eight preemptive strikes to use.  Attorneys have the right to hold off and backstrike a potential juror at any time prior to their swearing-in.

Will the defense use all of their preemptive challenges and drill down the panel to 9 jurors left, thereby delaying the start of the trial?   The defense could do that, but it would not be very smart.

If either side uses up all of their challenges, it would allow the other side to select a panel over any objections.

We can hope that neither the defense or the state chooses to strike too many, thus allowing the trial to begin on Thursday.

If jury selection concludes tomorrow, the jury will be sworn right away and will likely be taken to Orlando later in the day.  The Judge would like to allow the panel to have a full day off before the trial begins in earnest.

Tomorrow will inform us when this show will go on the road back to Orlando!

Justice is coming, Caylee!

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  1. May 16 2011

    Wow. The jurors would leave by the end of the day tomorrow if they get sworn in? After this week they could use a day off, too! lol

    Hopefully, Thursday will be the beginning of trial proper. It is time to get this done. Had someone told me I’d be at this for three years I think I may have hung it up! 😕

    • Candy Wright
      May 17 2011

      To the comment on ….It’s time to get this done…Time consuming it may be, but there is a potential life on the line. I also am ready to start hearing testimony, but having said that..This portion of the trial is just as important as the trial itself. I believe in the process and that justice will prevail. Regardless of conviction or non-conviction, this process must be taken in the hightest regard. In the end really, what is the value of a conviction or otherwise if the whole process is not preserved with the highest standard. This standard must apply to all, we do live in an unjust world, but unjust should not happen in our court system. Be patient, all have a blessed day and pray that our court systems are always presented as though it could you sitting at the defense table…INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY as the law so requires. A fair trial to all those in this country.

      • May 17 2011

        Hi Candy, I couldn’t agree with you more – though we’re all so anxious, you’re right in what you say. This IS the most important aspect of the case, no question about it. It’s can be laborious, that’s for sure, but for Casey Anthony, whose very life is on the line, the process has to be right the first time.
        The jury selection process is sacrosanct, but far, far from perfect.
        Thank you for your comments to remind us all how critical this process is to ensure a fair trial occurs in Orlando.

      • May 17 2011

        I know, Candy…sigh…I know.

  2. Weezie
    May 16 2011

    Does that mean 15 get sworn in but the chase for the other 25 continues, even into SaturdayÉ

    • CptKD
      May 17 2011

      They are back down to 11.

      6 coming in this aft.
      1 most likely to be excused for cause.

      “The well is running dry” – HHJP

      Court’s in recess until 1335hrs.

    • Weezie
      May 17 2011

      I meant 5, duh

    • May 17 2011

      Hi Weezie… Actually, the judge would have “liked” to have a total of 20 people, but he needs 12 to swear in and then get as many alternates as possible to bring the number of persons up to at least 15.


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