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May 17, 2011


8th day of jury selection – a jury is not seated

by Andrea O'Connell

Over the course of the day in the State v. Casey Anthony trial, there were four instances when a panel of 12 jurors could have been seated.  Each time the number was about to reach “12”, the Defense used one of their back-strikes to knock the panel down to 11 potentials. (Judge Perry must have 12 persons to swear, having only 11 persons will not pass muster.)

As of the close of day today, there were 11 potential jurors left.

As far as the score, the defense has 2 back-strikes remaining; the State has 5 back-strikes remaining.  Once all back strikes are used, it gives an advantage to the other side as they will be able to keep a juror who leans to their philosophy (i.e. pro death penalty for the state, anti-death penalty for the defense), without the other side back-striking them.

Judge Perry’s magic number now is to get to a total of 12 jurors impaneled and sworn.   He is anxious to have this done tomorrow, before noon, so the remainder of the day can be dedicated to finding a sufficient number to cover the amount of alternate jurors needed.

Once Judge Perry has reached his “magic number” of persons impaneled, the group of jurors will not know who among them will be an alternate juror.  The alternate jurors are decided after both sides have rested their case.   The alternates usually remain sequestered until the case is decided.

I predict Thursday, possibly Friday, will be needed to find as many alternates as possible.  Each side will only have one back-strike during the selection of the alternate jurors.

With any luck, and barring any more back-strikes, there will be 12 people sworn by noon!

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  1. May 17 2011

    The best part is that they will run out of strikes. They can only prolong the agony for so long before it is over. We are anxious to see this through but we need to remember this is how it is done every day. We are being given a look into the heart of our justice system. I find it fascinating and frustrating!
    We just need a little more patience

    • May 17 2011

      Hey Kim… Yup, they will eventually run out of strikes and Judge Perry will ensure he has twelve. At that time, each side can only strike one time, so the process will go faster….
      I sure agree with you – it is so fascinating to see this process at work!

      • May 17 2011

        We made it this far, Andrea! We can see it through! I foresee some ugliness coming though – some serious and for real ugliness

      • May 17 2011

        This whole thing is so saddening. A family exploded Andrea. They literally blew up and now everyone in the entire world can peer into the sad and sordid facts they have lived with and tried to deny.

      • May 17 2011

        Yeah, we have been privy to their private family dynamics. If only Cindy would have shut up when George told her to in the beginning. Right after he said that to her, at the Bond Hearing, Cindy spouted out that she was a nurse of decomp then proceded to tell the medias that it was pizza in the trunk of the car. Oh! She should have shut up…

      • Weezie
        May 18 2011

        Andrea; Are you referring to the Alternates? only being allowed to strike once for the group 8 Alternates. That doesn’t sound right considering the jury may very well end up consisting of mostly Alternates by the end.

  2. Laurali
    May 17 2011

    Oh Andrea today was so painful. I don’t need if I needed medicine for my nerves or my blood pressure. Jose is so frustrating. The whole defense is transparent, they have no defense. Maybe that is why they are dragging their feet. If you really think about it if Jose’s explanation of what happened is so great and proves her innocence wouldn’t they want to be at opening statements? Why keep striking so no one can be sworn in.

    IMO Jose dropped the ball in September 08. He should have taken advantage of the deal the State offered his pathetic baby killing client. Nope he needed a name, you have one now. You were probably better off with the name you had before though.

    Oh and let me not forget to add my 2cents to the A’s trademarking Justice for Caylee. You sad, disgusting people could careless about Justice for Caylee. You defend the person who killed her and deny her precious ashes every chance you get. So now you want Justice? Or is it you might get a chance to make money off of your grand-daughter one last time before you are shut down for good.

    Sorry Andrea this is a rough process and I think it is way past due and now just being played out because there is never an excuse to duct tape, triple bag and discard your baby like trash. NEVER! And maybe the defense team is starting to see people have no use for baby killers. jmo

    • CptKD
      May 18 2011

      I agree with you on so many levels, Laurali!

      Seems the Anthony’s simply want to OWN
      They DO NOT in fact,
      True “JUSTICE” for CAYLEE!

      Not like we do – In the REAL sense!
      That’s for sure!

      • Laurali
        May 18 2011

        Wow Capt, I feel honored that you agree on so many levels. I love to read what your thoughts are too. I had a bad day yesterday with all the game playing today though I am at a loss for what happened.

  3. May 17 2011

    Laurali – if Baez had one single shred of proof of Casey’s innocence she wouldn’t or shouldn’t have spent a day more in jail!

  4. Linda
    May 18 2011

    Hi Andrea, first I want to say I don’t care if it takes another week to get a jury, we waited this long so we can wait a little longer.. I don’t want the judge to give the defense any excuse for an appeal.. I agree that the defense is stalling and Baez is trying sooooooo hard to make the jurors like him. He’s a real piece of work, and it seems that the whole defense team is trying to make Casey out to be the victim before the trial even starts..
    I talked here last week on your blog about the Anthonys trade marking Caylees name, would’t it be a real kick in the a$$ if Casey stopped them? I have no pity in my heart for the Anthonys, they made their bed. Just last night I looked up Cindys my space “My Caylee is missing.” and that alone tells me SHE knew Caylee was is danger and She did nothing, SHE knew Casey couldn’t take care of Caylee on her own and again she did nothing……Cindy has never sought justice for Caylee alive or dead. I hope the prosecution says it loud and clear to the jury that it is THEIR job to seek justice for little Caylee because it will be clearly visible that there is NO-ONE in the family sitting behind them………. How very sad it that?

  5. Weezie
    May 18 2011

    What is happening here? Is JP going to go to another County? OMG

    • CptKD
      May 19 2011

      NO – He brought another group of potentials in…

  6. Weezie
    May 18 2011

    Well, thank god for JP and integrity cause the ER up here is usually a 6 hour wait and I have a hair appt., so the trade off wouldn’t have been so good for me. lol. My blood pressure is back to normal now. Does anyone know how many strikes each side will have when they voir dire the Alternates? Someone at Kim’s said only 1 strike, but that doesn’t seem right. I would think half the Jury will end up being Alternates by the end of the Trial for various reasons. Would the lack of strikes for Alternates ever be used for part of an Appeal? Come on now you junkies for the LAW, I know you can do it. I know Laural1 or Linda well find that answer. Oh by the way hi girls, long time no talk to. Hope we get our girls gabbing night back….. x0x0

    • CptKD
      May 19 2011

      It is “usually” 1 Strike for the Alternates, being that they usually only require 2-4.

      In this case, being that JP would like to have 8, he may increase the Strike amounts by one or two more.

      Being that he’s sort of RUSHING things, he may very well leave it at 1 per side….?

  7. CptKD
    May 19 2011

    ” 16 ”
    Swearing them in tomorrow at 1430hrs!

  8. CptKD
    May 19 2011

    9 Women
    7 Men
    16 Jurors

    Strikes still available on both sides.
    Same as above for the 12 Jurors,
    along with 1 Strike each for the Alternates!


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