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Day 9 – something big is afoot

Today, on the ninth day of jury selection in the State of Florida v. Casey Anthony, Judge Belvin Perry advised that 200 potential jurors had been questioned and 15 more are waiting in the wings to be auditioned.  He then opined that the courtroom facilities in Clearwater will only be available to the Court until Thursday (tomorrow), which obviously would be problematic.

Then later, Judge Perry advised that the Chief Judge in Clearwater made arrangements to accommodate them until Saturday.  And later, Judge Perry told the Attorneys that regardless of how long it takes them to select the remaining jurors, opening statements will happen on Monday, back in Orlando!

As it stands currently only 11 prospective jurors have been chosen. Judge Perry needs 12 sworn and seated along with a handful of alternates to begin the trial on Monday morning.

Number 11 – one more, and it’s an end game.

Something’s Afoot!

Today, suddenly, after questioning a prospective juror, the lawyers went to a long, long sidebar, after which lunch recess was called.  After lunch, the lawyers returned, with the exception of Jose Baez, and Judge Perry abruptly adjourned the proceedings for the day – resuming at 8:30 A.M. tomorrow morning.

No one is quite sure what caused the sudden end of court today. Why was Jose Baez was not present in the courtroom after lunch?  Is he ill and Casey didn’t want to resume without him?  If that were true, why not discuss or admit it?  This shouldn’t cause adjournment of the day in court, as they previously discussed going until 8:00 p.m. this evening.

There are many and various speculations as to why the court adjourned early – the most reasonable explanation?  A plea has been offered and is being considered.  Casey Anthony was teary eyed while all of this was occurring – does she have until the morning to consider a deal, or is a deal already worked out?

The question looming is this:  If the twelfth juror is agreed upon, and the Judge swears them in, does the opportunity for plea deals end?  I believe that is the case, but I am not 100 percent sure.

News outlets and talking heads are wondering, was Baez fired by Casey?  Did Jose Baez fall ill?  Was there an unfortunate situation pertaining to his family (we would hope this in not the case, of course)?

I truly believe that a deal is in the works – the signs and signals point to a deal.

All the sidebars today, the extended recesses, the lawyers going into the holding area to talk with Casey, the long lunch without Jose Baez’ presence? Something is definitely afoot.

My hunch?  Jose Baez needed the remaining time this afternoon to compose an answer to the State with regards to an offer.  I truly think this is end game.  If I’m wrong, I’ll write: Duh!  a thousand times in tomorrows post….

Is this really the end-game?

Casey is seeing the writing on the wall.  She is too narcissistic to gamble with her life.

Could this be why George and Cindy moved NOW to trademark Caylee’s name and the phrase “Justice for Caylee?”

Will this be “Justice for Caylee?”

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