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Ladies and gentlemen of the jury…. (details about the 17 Anthony jurors)

The Honorable Chief Judge Belvin Perry swore in 12 Jurors and 5 alternate Jurors on Friday, May 20th, at a little past 5:00 p.m.

It was a long and arduous selection process, with some drama, tears and outbursts, but in the end, the State and the Defense did their level best to seat jurors who will favor their side of the story surrounding the death of the little sweetheart, Caylee Marie Anthony.

Caylee, the little girl who never had a voice in any of this, but who (we hope) will speak through the voice of the Assistant State Attorneys.

Because my work has been so hectic, I have only been able to catch bits and pieces of each of these 17 jurors.  Some of the questioning I heard in total; juror number 1, impressed me a great deal – she was incredibly articulate with an interesting background. I also heard juror number 2, a very intelligent man in his 30’s who works for the County as an IT specialist.  He has young children, and I liked him very much!   I listened to the questioning of juror number 4 and am on the fence about her.  She has trouble “judging people,” she said. She plays computer games, has few friends, and seemed ambivalent about the death penalty.

As far as the rest of the jurors, here is the list and some details about each of them.

Juror 1, Number 1398

She’s a white female, in her 60’s.  She is extremely articulate, intelligent, and well-spoken.  The court-watchers observed that she is well-dressed.  Has been a counselor for 35 years.  Has a grown son and daughter.  Has served on the jury of a murder trial.  Has smelled a dead body when she worked as a nurse.  One of my favorites.

Juror 2, Number 1019

He’s an African American, well  spoken IT specialist for Pinellas County.  Married with two children, a girl, 4; and a boy, 9.  Is not really for the death penalty, but said he could vote to recommend it if the situation called for it – if someone in his family was killed, he said he would be for it.  Has had very little exposure to the Anthony case.  I like this juror very much.

Juror 3, Number 1055

She’s a white female nursing student in her early 30’s. Has very little exposure to the Anthony case. Single, no children and has recently moved back in with her mom. She expects to graduate in the nursing program at St. Petersburg College in May 2012.  She appeared to me to be a kind and thoughtful person.

Juror 4, Number 1319

She’s an African American woman in her 40’s.  She is a loner who enjoys playing games on the computer like Farmville.  She thinks it’s wrong to judge people by what they say.  She has no opinion for or against the death penalty, she said. The State of Florida attempted to challenge her, but were over-ruled.  I am a tad worried about this juror due to her statements about not being able to judge.  We can only hope that when she hears the evidence, she will realize it’s the evidence she will judge, not Casey Anthony.

Juror 5, Number 1429

A retired white female.  Has worked as a nurse’s aid.  Was divorced 14 years ago, now lives with lives with her boyfriend, and has done for 12 years. She does not use or own a computer. She has 3 children: Ages 52, 49, and 48.  She also has 3 grandchildren.  Her son and grandson have both had trouble with drugs. She once had a DUI.  Has an 11th grade education. As far as the death penalty, she would require a lot of details and facts before considering it.  Despite having only an 11th grade education, she appeared educated, in my opinion.  She’s a reader, and sounded as if she would be a thoughtful juror.

Juror 6, Number 1025

He is a white male, 33.  He is a college graduate.  He is a chef and a sales person and has done a lot of traveling.  He has two children, a six year old son and a 21 month-old daughter.  He understands the role that the defendant is innocent until proven guilty, and believes he will be able to judge the facts according to the evidence. He said he could apply the death penalty.  I like the fact that this juror has young children – he will know how inconceivable it is for a mother to abandon her child.

Juror 7, Number 1007

She is a white female, 41 years old.  She has had three years of college where she studied sociology.  She is divorced, currently single, no children.  Her mother is an attorney. Although she said she doesn’t really “want” to be on the jury, she knows it is her civic duty to serve. She reads two newspapers, is well-spoken. She only heard a few facts early on about the case.

Juror 8, Number 3015

She’s a white female in her 50’s.  She knows very little about the case. She is married – her husband is retired.  She has two sons:.  A 27 year old son currently in the Coast Guard, and a 23 year old son who lives at home.  Her father was in law enforcement.  She is not opposed to the death penalty.  I did not hear all of her questioning and therefore have no opinion, though her background appears to be of the “All-American” sort.

Juror 9, Number 3185

This juror, a white male in his early 50’s, said his name is “Jim.”  He has never been married.  He grew up in the San Francisco area.  He is appreciate of law enforcement and his nephew is a police officer.  He is unemployed – semi-retired, he said, but cares for someone who had a stroke, and he does odd jobs to keep himself busy.  He worked for one company for a good while as a “log buyer.” He is respectful of the concept of “innocent until proven guilty” and will approve of the death penalty in the right situation.

Juror 10, Number 3310

He is a white male, 57 years old. He is single – never married with no children.  He has worked for Verizon for 15 years, appears to be a customer service representative in the billing or retention department at Verizon.  He has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration.  He once went through training to become a corrections officer, but did not follow through and apply for a job with corrections.  He has very little information about the case and is not against the death penalty.

Juror 11, Number 3016

A white male, in his 30’s.  He is a PE and Health teacher of high school students.  He has been teaching for 15 years, and is studying  for a Master’s degree in special education.  He says he is fair-minded, can put aside any preconceived notions he has learned with regards to the case.  He said he previously formed an opinion of guilt, but is certain he can lay it aside and be fair.  He is not sure if he could vote for the death penalty.

Juror 12, Number 3140

She is a white female in her 40’s.  Her kids, she said, think she’s a great mom.  She is “old fashioned.”  She wants to be on the jury. Has worked in a day care in the past. Works at Publix. Is now married for the second time. She has a daughter and adopted son. Does not have cable television and does not use computers.

Alternate One, Number 3093

She is a white female, 48 years old who is married with two adult sons in their 20s.  She enjoys sports. She has been married 28 years and is a surgical technician.  She has served on a civil jury.  She makes yarn and weaves.

Alternate Two, Number 3170

He is a white male in his 40’s.  He teaches American government to high school students and is a drop-out prevention coordinator.  He has been married three times.  He is neutral on the death penalty, but would like to vote against it if were up for referendum.  He thinks the experience as a juror will be a learning experience that he can share with his students.

Alternate Three, Number 4013

She is a 37 year old white female who works at a car dealership.  She has a 12 year old son and lives with her parents. Her husband died in prison – he was there on drug charges.  She has no opinions about the death penalty, could be for it or against it.  According to one media outlet, this juror may have been involved in some kind of check bouncing charge in the past, though no details were revealed. She hoped, in 2008, that Caylee would be found and that the mother didn’t do it.

Alternate Four, Number 4192

He is a single white male, about 25 years old.  He is a carpenter and has worked in child-care.  When he was 16, he was charged with drug and paraphernalia possession.  He lives with his parents and has a half brother and a stepbrother and sister.

Alternate Five, Number 3308

He is a white male, 39 years old. He is married without children.  He was in the Coast Guard for 12 years.  He does not want to be on the jury.  He is against the death penalty, but he could still find someone guilty.  He mentioned how the death penalty has been wrongly applied in the past which is why he is leery of its application.

A Good Jury Panel?

It appears to me this is a very diverse and intelligent panel of jurors.

We can only hope that the answer to this trial will bring absolute “Justice for Caylee.”

We can only hope that these men and women will hear Caylee’s voice, and that she will be held gently in their fair-minded and good arms.

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