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The end of the world didn’t occur after all and Casey Anthony was booked back into the Orange County Jail this weekend.

After having spent two weeks in Clearwater, Florida to select a jury, her first-degree  murder trial is set to begin at 9:00 a.m. Tuesday morning.

This bus is moving on, at long last, with opening statements.  There will be gobs of road-kill under this bus by the time the trial has concluded.  The ones who have to worry about being thrown under?   The Anthony family.  They appear to have thrown Caylee Marie Anthony under the bus, in favor of Casey Anthony.  It’s only fitting they smell the diesel, too.

And isn’t it interesting that the Anthony family wants to trademark these very words: “Justice for Caylee.”   One can only presume they want these words out of the public domain because Justice for Caylee amounts to prosecuting their own daughter, Casey.

To those of us following this case, when we use the phrase “Justice for Caylee,” we use it in reference to an outcome to a trial in which Casey Anthony is held responsible and must answer for her actions by a sentence imposed by the Court.

When the Anthony’s use the phrase “Justice for Caylee,” what are they saying?  We know they are not using this phrase in reference to their daughter.  What does justice for Caylee mean to them?

I believe they know what justice for Caylee means, and that is why they want the phrase out of the public domain.  They will never use those words. They cannot.

Any Hail-Mary’s coming?

I wonder if there will be any last minute, Hail-Mary motions from the defense tomorrow (Monday), seeking to to delay the inevitable start of the trial?

The defense team of Jose Baez and Cheney Mason, (who are, in my estimation, like a Grandfather and Grandson team of ne’er-do-wells), are always ready to throw some kind of wrench into the proceedings at the eleventh hour of any crucial courtroom event.  What will these two sloths try to pull on Monday?

Will the team of Cheney and Baez accept the inevitable arrival of Tuesday, May 24th?

Don’t you just bet they were hoping the world was ending on Saturday, May 21st?  Maybe they were just hoping that the collective memories of everyone involved in the Caylee Anthony crusade for justice would somehow be erased from consciousness along with the Orange County Jail?

I think so.  Well, here’s what I say to that:


Pictured above is an eight-month-old baby sloth named “Camillo.”  She yawns while pictured at  the zoo in Halle, eastern Germany. In the wild, sloths live mainly in tropical rainforests of Central and South America.  (Orlando Sentinel, 5/21/2011)

New mug - Orange County, Florida

Pictured above is a 25 year old female Casey Anthony, recently booked back into the Orange County Jail.  In the wild, this female sloth was known to enjoy “the beautiful life,” until fate intervened to wipe the party-girl, beautiful-life-grin off her once happy face.

This sloth has known better days.  She is the spitting image of a human being without remorse, without feelings for others; having a total lack of humanity or care  for others, she begs to regain her freedom-loving partying days.

We’ve come a long way, baby!

It’s not difficult to remember the the events that unfolded back in mid-July, 2008.  I recall seeing pictures of a smiling Casey Anthony, in her blue jersey top (which she purchased from Target, I believe, using Amy Huizenga’s stolen money), and I thought: What a pretty girl, what a shame!  And, then seeing the photos of the beautiful child who was missing, was heartbreaking!  I heard Caylee Anthony’s little voice saying “Momma-Papa” hundreds of times on news reports.

Then came the reports of the mother, Casey Anthony, being jailed!  I thought something must be wrong with that picture!  How could anyone jail the mother of a missing two-year old?  What is this world coming to, I thought!

It took days for the picture to emerge for me – I didn’t want to believe it.   However, it didn’t take very long for the total picture to morph into an image of evil that was unimaginable.

Like so many others, I got completely hooked on the evolving story.  First, the jail-house videos emerged, then the police reports; then the Grandmother was on the news constantly and she seemed odd, but sympathetic.

When the picture began to really focus in on the family – the video-taped police and FBI interviews with both grandparents who seemed to have starkly different views of what occurred – it was apparent that there was more to this family than meets the eye, but never once did I even think they could be involved in harming their Granddaughter, Caylee.  However, it was clear to me then, just as it clear to me now, they were covering; attempting to paint the picture of their dysfunctional family as squeaky clean.

When Cindy Anthony was interviewed by Yuri Melich and Eric Edwards, early on in the case, they handled her with kid-gloves despite her mono-toned and flat affect.  When Cindy Anthony became belligerently opposed to her daughter having anything to do with the crime, Yuri Melich took such kind control of Cindy – I was so impressed as he grabbed Cindy’s hands and whispered over and over to her, “listen, listen, listen, listen, listen to me.”

Cindy has never listened to the truth.  George Anthony heard the truth initially but even he was leery of telling his full truth, as he and his family would have to reveal facts about their conduct that would not align with two grieving grandparents.

Lee knew more than he was telling, too. What will Malory, Lee’s girlfriend, reveal?  Will she add details that will fill-in some of the missing pieces?  How well did she know Casey?

The State of Florida will tell us a great deal more about the family dysfunction during their opening statements, and in their case in chief.

I imagine the State will most likely show us how the family was the troubling and highly dysfunctional back-drop that allowed the murder of Caylee Marie to go unnoticed for 31 days, but in no-way contributed to the crime itself.

Will the State of Florida discuss a family cover-ups?  If so, will that play into the hands of the Defense as they crucify George?

We know the Defense will attempt to throw the Anthony’s, and especially George, under the bus as fast as you can say, “vroom, vroom!”    What the defense may fail to realize, however, is the fact that the State will layout the circumstances of the case so clearly and cleanly, the jury will not be able to believe the Defense Fairy Tale.  Just as we cannot accept the George-Did-It excuse, so will the jury not accept it.

One interesting aside that I want to tell you about, however, is really telling in terms of how persuasive the Defense Media Machine has been these last few months.

I was chatting with a woman, in her 60’s, about the case just this  past Friday evening.  She has followed the case only slightly, but for the most part, she knew the story.   Then, after a few moments of talking about the case, she asked me, “do you think she killed the baby?”

“Of course,” I said, not able to hide my bewilderment.

“I really think the grandfather either did it, or was involved in the murder,”   she said.  After a stunned moment, I said, “Oh, no!  The Defense team has been all over the media trying to get that story out, and the media everywhere has been talking it up, but it’s simply not true!”

And I thought, Oh God!  That defense media tactic just may have worked, damn them!

Innocent until proven guilty

I absolutely believe in our system of justice, and am well aware of how State Attorneys and law enforcement can implicate the innocent in a crime.  However, I do not believe for a moment that is true in this case.

The people of Florida were privy to the totality of public information in this case, and for those who have read the discovery in this case, have already formed an opinion of guilt in this case.

For those who will cry and scream about “innocent until proven guilty” at me, I will say to you, I am not held to that.  I have every right to suspend my disbelief in innocent until proven guilty.  So are you.

It is up to the Judge and the Jury alone to believe in innocence.

You and I, on the other hand, have the right to believe that this sad and tortured soul that is Casey Anthony, is the only person to have had the opportunity and the means to murder Caylee Anthony.

Casey Anthony is a very sick, sociopathic and disturbed young woman.  She is not capable of feeling guilt or shame.  I wonder how quickly the jury will see this?

Justice for Caylee

There will be justice for Caylee

Will the Anthony’s have the phrase “Justice for Caylee” trademarked by the time the jury brings justice for Caylee?

Perhaps removing the phrase “Justice for Caylee” from the vernacular, wipes the slate clean for them so they don’t have to contemplate real justice?  If the words are gone, will the notion of justice be gone, too?

They want to trademark the name Caylee, too.

Isn’t that sad.  They want to own that name.  Don’t they realize that all they are left with now is only a name?

They do seem to have forgotten the precious child, haven’t they?

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