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May 22, 2011


mugs and sloths

by Andrea O'Connell

The end of the world didn’t occur after all and Casey Anthony was booked back into the Orange County Jail this weekend.

After having spent two weeks in Clearwater, Florida to select a jury, her first-degree  murder trial is set to begin at 9:00 a.m. Tuesday morning.

This bus is moving on, at long last, with opening statements.  There will be gobs of road-kill under this bus by the time the trial has concluded.  The ones who have to worry about being thrown under?   The Anthony family.  They appear to have thrown Caylee Marie Anthony under the bus, in favor of Casey Anthony.  It’s only fitting they smell the diesel, too.

And isn’t it interesting that the Anthony family wants to trademark these very words: “Justice for Caylee.”   One can only presume they want these words out of the public domain because Justice for Caylee amounts to prosecuting their own daughter, Casey.

To those of us following this case, when we use the phrase “Justice for Caylee,” we use it in reference to an outcome to a trial in which Casey Anthony is held responsible and must answer for her actions by a sentence imposed by the Court.

When the Anthony’s use the phrase “Justice for Caylee,” what are they saying?  We know they are not using this phrase in reference to their daughter.  What does justice for Caylee mean to them?

I believe they know what justice for Caylee means, and that is why they want the phrase out of the public domain.  They will never use those words. They cannot.

Any Hail-Mary’s coming?

I wonder if there will be any last minute, Hail-Mary motions from the defense tomorrow (Monday), seeking to to delay the inevitable start of the trial?

The defense team of Jose Baez and Cheney Mason, (who are, in my estimation, like a Grandfather and Grandson team of ne’er-do-wells), are always ready to throw some kind of wrench into the proceedings at the eleventh hour of any crucial courtroom event.  What will these two sloths try to pull on Monday?

Will the team of Cheney and Baez accept the inevitable arrival of Tuesday, May 24th?

Don’t you just bet they were hoping the world was ending on Saturday, May 21st?  Maybe they were just hoping that the collective memories of everyone involved in the Caylee Anthony crusade for justice would somehow be erased from consciousness along with the Orange County Jail?

I think so.  Well, here’s what I say to that:


Pictured above is an eight-month-old baby sloth named “Camillo.”  She yawns while pictured at  the zoo in Halle, eastern Germany. In the wild, sloths live mainly in tropical rainforests of Central and South America.  (Orlando Sentinel, 5/21/2011)

New mug - Orange County, Florida

Pictured above is a 25 year old female Casey Anthony, recently booked back into the Orange County Jail.  In the wild, this female sloth was known to enjoy “the beautiful life,” until fate intervened to wipe the party-girl, beautiful-life-grin off her once happy face.

This sloth has known better days.  She is the spitting image of a human being without remorse, without feelings for others; having a total lack of humanity or care  for others, she begs to regain her freedom-loving partying days.

We’ve come a long way, baby!

It’s not difficult to remember the the events that unfolded back in mid-July, 2008.  I recall seeing pictures of a smiling Casey Anthony, in her blue jersey top (which she purchased from Target, I believe, using Amy Huizenga’s stolen money), and I thought: What a pretty girl, what a shame!  And, then seeing the photos of the beautiful child who was missing, was heartbreaking!  I heard Caylee Anthony’s little voice saying “Momma-Papa” hundreds of times on news reports.

Then came the reports of the mother, Casey Anthony, being jailed!  I thought something must be wrong with that picture!  How could anyone jail the mother of a missing two-year old?  What is this world coming to, I thought!

It took days for the picture to emerge for me – I didn’t want to believe it.   However, it didn’t take very long for the total picture to morph into an image of evil that was unimaginable.

Like so many others, I got completely hooked on the evolving story.  First, the jail-house videos emerged, then the police reports; then the Grandmother was on the news constantly and she seemed odd, but sympathetic.

When the picture began to really focus in on the family – the video-taped police and FBI interviews with both grandparents who seemed to have starkly different views of what occurred – it was apparent that there was more to this family than meets the eye, but never once did I even think they could be involved in harming their Granddaughter, Caylee.  However, it was clear to me then, just as it clear to me now, they were covering; attempting to paint the picture of their dysfunctional family as squeaky clean.

When Cindy Anthony was interviewed by Yuri Melich and Eric Edwards, early on in the case, they handled her with kid-gloves despite her mono-toned and flat affect.  When Cindy Anthony became belligerently opposed to her daughter having anything to do with the crime, Yuri Melich took such kind control of Cindy – I was so impressed as he grabbed Cindy’s hands and whispered over and over to her, “listen, listen, listen, listen, listen to me.”

Cindy has never listened to the truth.  George Anthony heard the truth initially but even he was leery of telling his full truth, as he and his family would have to reveal facts about their conduct that would not align with two grieving grandparents.

Lee knew more than he was telling, too. What will Malory, Lee’s girlfriend, reveal?  Will she add details that will fill-in some of the missing pieces?  How well did she know Casey?

The State of Florida will tell us a great deal more about the family dysfunction during their opening statements, and in their case in chief.

I imagine the State will most likely show us how the family was the troubling and highly dysfunctional back-drop that allowed the murder of Caylee Marie to go unnoticed for 31 days, but in no-way contributed to the crime itself.

Will the State of Florida discuss a family cover-ups?  If so, will that play into the hands of the Defense as they crucify George?

We know the Defense will attempt to throw the Anthony’s, and especially George, under the bus as fast as you can say, “vroom, vroom!”    What the defense may fail to realize, however, is the fact that the State will layout the circumstances of the case so clearly and cleanly, the jury will not be able to believe the Defense Fairy Tale.  Just as we cannot accept the George-Did-It excuse, so will the jury not accept it.

One interesting aside that I want to tell you about, however, is really telling in terms of how persuasive the Defense Media Machine has been these last few months.

I was chatting with a woman, in her 60’s, about the case just this  past Friday evening.  She has followed the case only slightly, but for the most part, she knew the story.   Then, after a few moments of talking about the case, she asked me, “do you think she killed the baby?”

“Of course,” I said, not able to hide my bewilderment.

“I really think the grandfather either did it, or was involved in the murder,”   she said.  After a stunned moment, I said, “Oh, no!  The Defense team has been all over the media trying to get that story out, and the media everywhere has been talking it up, but it’s simply not true!”

And I thought, Oh God!  That defense media tactic just may have worked, damn them!

Innocent until proven guilty

I absolutely believe in our system of justice, and am well aware of how State Attorneys and law enforcement can implicate the innocent in a crime.  However, I do not believe for a moment that is true in this case.

The people of Florida were privy to the totality of public information in this case, and for those who have read the discovery in this case, have already formed an opinion of guilt in this case.

For those who will cry and scream about “innocent until proven guilty” at me, I will say to you, I am not held to that.  I have every right to suspend my disbelief in innocent until proven guilty.  So are you.

It is up to the Judge and the Jury alone to believe in innocence.

You and I, on the other hand, have the right to believe that this sad and tortured soul that is Casey Anthony, is the only person to have had the opportunity and the means to murder Caylee Anthony.

Casey Anthony is a very sick, sociopathic and disturbed young woman.  She is not capable of feeling guilt or shame.  I wonder how quickly the jury will see this?

Justice for Caylee

There will be justice for Caylee

Will the Anthony’s have the phrase “Justice for Caylee” trademarked by the time the jury brings justice for Caylee?

Perhaps removing the phrase “Justice for Caylee” from the vernacular, wipes the slate clean for them so they don’t have to contemplate real justice?  If the words are gone, will the notion of justice be gone, too?

They want to trademark the name Caylee, too.

Isn’t that sad.  They want to own that name.  Don’t they realize that all they are left with now is only a name?

They do seem to have forgotten the precious child, haven’t they?

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  1. May 22 2011

    Justice for Caylee!!

    So very well stated, Andrea! Casey is looking a tad pale, don’t you think? Dark circles and all.

    • May 22 2011

      My goodness! Casey could pack all of her belongings in those under-eye bags!

    • May 22 2011

      Hey Sherry, Good Sunday feels-like-morning-to-me, to you!

      Oh yeah, these last few weeks have weighed heavily on her, which is why I was certain she’d accept some kind of deal.

      It must have been a heavy burden to carry those bags from Orlando to Clearwater, and back to Orlando again….. 🙂

  2. May 22 2011

    Wonderful post!

    Yes, the concept of innocent until proven guilty lies in the lap of the jury only, not the public. I swear, I may just yet create a blog to explain the U.S. Constitution! It has amazed me how many phrases have been misinterpreted in this case. The one that bugs me the most is concerning not judging others-we have to do that! Its the hypocritical kind of judging we are to avoid-ya know, like, look to yourself first to be sure you aren’t guilty of what you are accusing others of. OK, off my soap box…{trip…roll…bounce!…I’m alright, I’m alllright!}

    Cindy believes she owned Caylee when she was alive so owning her name is an entitlement she expects. I can just imagine her trying to sue a mother for naming her newborn, Caylee. Frankly, I don’t see the success in the trademarking idea. IMO, Cindy can’t stand for anyone making a buck off Caylee’s name and/or justice. Notice that she doesn’t want to trademark Casey’s name and face?

    I love the sloth! She is so cute! I mean the furry one…the baby. :mrgreen:

  3. May 22 2011

    Careful there, Sherry – we don’t want you on crutches for the trial!

    I agree with you that Cindy considered Caylee a possession- a pawn to control Casey

    • May 22 2011

      Hey! That may be a good way to get to watch the trial and make the hubs plant the veggie garden! Thanks!

  4. May 22 2011

    Great, insightful post! I have always thought Cindy Anthony was the most interesting figure in this saga. I remember hearing her steering the police to poor Jesse Grund, using a boy who had done nothing worse than love both Casey and Caylee as a mere distraction to preserve her own twisted little clan. It was chilling. I don’t think Cindy’s in denial. After all, we’ve all heard her say, “It smells like there’s been a dead body in the damn car!” I think she ran the entire family and was trying desperately to keep the world out of HER business. It will be fascinating to watch this whole nightmare unfold. Poor George.

    • May 22 2011

      Hi there, Gal! So nice of you to visit, and thank you for your kind words.
      I’m with you, I find Cindy Anthony fascinating – she’s such a basket case of contradictions and lies upon more lies. She has to make up lies to cover up for lies, but then forgets what is true and what is not.

      I agree, Cindy is probably not in denial, but she is totally miffed that she cannot control these proceedings. Imagine her getting up on the stand during the Frye hearings and telling that tall tale about placing dryer sheets in the trunk of Casey’s car!

      Yes, poor George…. he is a sad soul, isn’t he?

  5. Rob
    May 22 2011

    Andrea, your post today is so poignant. The story of Caylee is heartbreaking. I have followed this case since 2008, and your analysis of it has been something I have followed each day. Your critical thinking skills have presented a factual account of the sad details. The final chapter is about to start on Tuesday, and I am sure the defense will continue to twist the facts into a story that has nothing to do with the truth. Often I have wondered if fate had not put Jose into Casey’s path, this saga would have ended a long time ago. The way this defense, has used the media borders on immoral, if not criminal. The egotistical mind of Jose wants fame and fortune; he cares not one iota for Casey. After the trial ends, he will sniff out the most lucrative offers, and his smirk will grin all over cable TV. Karma will catch up with the defense and the Anthony family. All you have to do is look at the sad fate of OJ, and his defense team. OJ is in jail; his family is broken beyond repair. Most of the attorney’s have had terrible tragedies in their personal lives. You can’t break all the moral rules our Creator gave us and not pay the consequences. JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE!

    • May 22 2011

      Hi Rob,

      Thank you so much for your comments…. I always look forward to reading your excellent posts, too! I tell you, right now if feels unreal that this trial is really going to start in earnest on Tuesday. That is the day that Jeff Ashton and/or Linda Drane Burdick will scare the you-know-what outta Casey Anthony, and her whole crew. I think that after this case is done, the fallout will be fascinating. There will be so many pieces to sort out, including any possible charges against the A’s and others….

      I totally agree that the defense has done things in this case that makes them look crooked and immoral. They seem to me to have no respect for the law. How do you support a baby killer with such zeal? I know that she deserves a fair trial, but how could an honest attorney defend her like this with make believe stories? Well, in the first place, honest lawyers would have walked away, knowing this is a case that cannot really be fought or won with any kind of normal defense because she clearly had a lot to do with the death of her daughter – we knew this at the very beginning. If this defense had walked away in the beginning, she’d have a public defender right now who would NOT have publicized this case. An honorable lawyer would have told her she is up against a great deal of damning evidence, and if she continues her claim of innocence, that’s fine, she’d get her trial. The State of Florida would work just as they are working now, to bring a murderer to justice. A Public Defender would have worked really hard to make the State prove their case, while suggesting alternate theories. Had Baez kept quiet from the beginning, he’d have had a lot more to work with – but because all his stupid theories were so public, they were dead before they were even tried.
      As it stands, the State is waiting for the assault on George, they’ll be ready and will not allow this to become an issue.
      If Casey had a public defender, this would be a different trial – completely different…

    • Kitt
      May 23 2011

      “Your critical thinking skills have presented a factual account of the sad details.” I c/p’d this particular sentence from your post, Rob. So very, very true.

      Big thanks and sincere appreciation to Andrea, for having such a wonderful place such as this. There were times when I wasn’t around for stretches at a time. You know…life has a way of requiring my attention elsewhere at times! But when I did come back, I always checked back in with Andrea.

      Andrea, I think you are the absolute best blogger covering this case, and the commentors here are the best of commentors anywhere!

      Keep on keepin’ on, and Justice For Caylee (seriously, is it ok to still say that, or is it only in cases of somebody trying to make money off of saying/printing it that becomes a problem?)

      • May 23 2011

        Kitt – thank you for your kind words… and, Rob, thank you…. that really means a lot to me. It’s funny, but I read (when I have time) so many other blogs and I think they’re wonderful, but as for my blog, I am never satisfied with what I write… always think it could be better…. However, I agree, the commentators here are wonderful, kind and caring people. And, yes, we can say and write justice for Caylee! a thousand times if we want to! What court would agree to trademarking that? It’s a bit too much.

  6. Hilde
    May 22 2011

    Andrea, You summed up the whole sad Case up beautifully as it developed from the Beginning till the Present!
    I too followed this Case from the Beginning and want to see it through to the End believing Justice for Caylee will finally be served and Casey Anthony will be held responsible.
    We have been patient at least I believe we have tried, for that Day finally to arrive when Caylee’s Voice will be heard through the Evidence the State will present at the Trial.
    Justice is coming sweet Caylee, we will watch it with You and sigh with You when that Moment of Justice finally arrives.
    RIP sweet Angel Caylee…

  7. Whistlersmother
    May 22 2011

    You know I get so caught up with the stupid things that The Anthony’s say, the attorney’s smirk that I forget about this little child. It makes me soooo angry..why did Cindy not allow Casey to put her up for adoption. My husband and I have battled infertility for years, that baby would have been such a blessing to us..but these idiots think that a baby is a possession and treat her such that she is in harms way! I just cannot get over this family and how they treated her!

    • May 23 2011

      Hi Whistlersmother, I know what you mean…. with me, I get so worked up about the defense team – I get so mad at them for how callous they are about what Caylee went through. Sure they have to defend Casey, but the way they were defending her seemed to me like they were murdering Caylee all over again. Now, however, they are going to have to answer all their prognostications with truth to the jury – or at least, truth the jury can swallow.

  8. Linda
    May 23 2011

    Hello Andrea, Isn’t if funny how Cindy can get lawyers to do her bidding for her such as fileing motions, getting house payments lowered not to mention free advice. now trademarking Caylees name….. but yet she never did a @^%$# thing about getting custody of poor Caylee because She couldn’t afford it? Are you kidding me? Cindy is the type of woman who will get what she wants hook or by crook. She didn’t do it because she couldn’t afford it, she knew if she did she would lose control of Casey. Casey is the type to never look back and Cindy knew it. Cindy knew Casey was a sociopath and it was only a matter of time before she got in trouble.
    Theres no doubt that Cindy covered for Casey.
    Knowing the trial is Tues I dug out the book that Diane Fanning wrote. I read it a while ago but decided to refresh myself, and I found some things that stood out. After George and Cindy picked up the car and brought it home he wanted to call LE and Cindy said NO. Then Cindy goes back to work and tells her co-worker about the car, who tells her supervisor and the boss tells Cindy to go home and call LE, again Cindy says NO, she tells them I have to fine Casey first. A fight did break out on the 15th but it wasn’t about money. Cindy had been babysitting about 2 weeks in row because Casey told her she had to work, then Cindy found the pics of the no clothes party.. Cindy went nuts . She did go after Casey. To me that gave Casey motive to kill Caylee by punishing her mother for not wanting to babysit so she could live her life.
    The most disturbing was George and Cindy had checked out the area where Caylee was found before she was discovered .. Did George move the body?
    Remember when Baez had the pants and bag checked for DNA? He only had it checked for Male DNA.. Did George move Caylee closer to the street so she would be found? We will soon find out about all the evil doings in this case..

    • May 23 2011

      Hi Linda… Ohhh, I thought that the Cindy/Casey fight was over stealing the grandparent’s money… but the No Clothes party makes sense and I think I remember hearing that was a possibility. And, that was so bizarre how Cindy went back to work after finding the car!! I remember her boss had to make her go home, find Casey and call LE. It’s too bizarre. I didn’t know they’d checked out the area… but I remember Cindy saying to Melich or John Allen, “we had that area checked out before.” Yeah, they did in secrecy… i think they didn’t want the body found… terrible to say that, but I think that’s the case.

  9. damagdpets
    May 23 2011

    Having read 20k plus docs and watching hours of video points to one person that had the opportunity and reasons to take the life’s breath from Caylee. Everything points to Casey and as much as I dislike G&C…..I don’t think they had anything to do with Caylee’s demise. They sure lent a hand in trying to cover up things and point the finger at others. Baez asked George in court if he would do anything to help Casey and naturally he said he would even after she claimed molestation. I expect G&C to give conflicting testimony based on past interviews and depositions. They will get beat up on the stand from both sides. BUT…before this happens there is an uneasy feeling that Monday Baez and Mason will file a bunch of new motions to try and derail the start of trial. I could be wrong but it seems they would try anything.

    • May 23 2011

      I know! I thought the defense would file a bunch of motions today to delay things, too. And, I agree that, holy cow, G & C will get impeached over and over with their different statements. The good news is, they will become hostile witnesses to the State which means they can ask them leading questions… and that’s a beautiful thing!

  10. HildeRVS
    May 23 2011

    Here we are not even One Day away from the Trial!
    Casey Anthony brought All that on herself as to where she is today. It’s sad really.
    Everything could have turned out different if only Casey would have taken her Responsibilities serious. Yes obviously she has a very controlling Mother and a Father who is not much Help either. That said, Casey has a Mind of her own as we have witnessed over the last 3 Years.
    In spite of what Cindy wanted from the Beginning, Casey could have made her own Choices like having an Abortion or giving up her Child for Adoption
    like she wanted to do.
    It was up to her not Cindy what to do with then the unborn Child.
    Casey knew she wasn’t ready to raise a Child, therefore she should have
    done what would have been not just right for her but most of all what was right for her Child but she didn’t for what ever Reason. If Money would have been an Issue I am sure Casey would have found a Way to get the Money one Way or another. What about Caylee’s father, just a Thought.
    As for Dysfunction in Casey’s family and the alleged sexual and physical Abuse to Casey, again she had an Option. If it was such a horrible Situation for Casey to live at Home, why in the World didn’t she get a Job and move out as soon as she could to get away from all that Abuse. Well that would have meant she needed to take on Responsibilities like working and paying her own Bills. I guess she didn’t want to do that.
    There is No One to blame than Casey Anthony!
    She is the One who made the wrong Choices, that is the only Reason she is where she is now and awaiting Trial for the Murder of her own Daughter Caylee.
    The Defense will blame any one and anything for what happened to Caylee,
    I am not buying it!
    I have no Hate for Casey, I don’t even know her.
    I will say it is time for Casey to own up to what she has done to Caylee, it is overdue for a long time.
    If there is any Justice at all, Caylee’s Voice will be heard loud and clear in that Courtroom!
    Caylee had no Choice in any of this unlike Casey, she did!
    Let the Truth prevail and put this Matter to Rest once and for All!
    RIP sweet Angel Caylee, Justice is coming!

  11. HildeRVS
    May 23 2011

    Andrea, my Comment showed up as HildeRVS, it’s Hilde, I hope I didn’t confuse You! 😳

    • May 23 2011

      Hi Hilde! If you used a new email address, the system didn’t know it was you and stuck your message in moderation. I have this system programmed so the first time someone posts, they go into moderation until I approve them, and then they can post anytime after! I am so sorry… it’ll be okay now, though! 🙂

  12. Susan
    May 23 2011

    Very thoughtful post.

  13. Venice
    May 23 2011

    Hi Andrea! Tomorrow is Caylee’s day for her spirit to shine. I hope Bullstopper is ok, as he has not written anything lately. Talk to you later on~~

    • May 23 2011

      Hey Venice… I’ve been wondering where Bull has been – I miss his posts, too – he’s wonderful. I have to work tomorrow and will miss seeing the trial live, darn it!

  14. Kitt
    May 23 2011

    This may sound a bit strange, but when I look at that booking photo, I find myself staring into Casey’s eyes, searching for something there. I’ve seen other people comment (not here) that there is nothing in her eyes. But I think there is. Way deep in there, there is something. I don’t know what it is. I find myself thinking to her ‘my God, girl, what have you done?’

    • May 23 2011

      I know what you mean…. I don’t think her eyes are flat, either… They would be beautiful eyes were they not so disturbed and angry. That’s mostly what I see….

  15. May 25 2011

    I think George Anothy should get 90 years in Jail.
    Lee should get 50 years,
    Casey 30 years.


    • May 25 2011

      Hi Mimi,
      There is no evidence whatsoever of Casey’s being abused, sexually or otherwise, by George or Lee. Casey may take the stand and suggest it happened, but she is a habitual and devious liar – she will not be believed.
      What Baez said is not evidence. He can say anything under the sun in his opening. However, not in closing. What will happen in this case, Linda Burdick will get up in her closing and LIST all the promised that Baez made to the jury. When NONE of those promises have been proved, he will have lost any credibility (if he had any in the first place).


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