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enough to make you hurl

I wanted to hurl.

Hearing the lie upon lie upon lie from the lips of the despicable Jose Baez (who mangles the English language, by the way), made me sick to my stomach.

Mr. Baez told some story, didn’t he?

Baez took certain known facts of this case, which would have come out via the State’s case, and twisted them to such an extent that I found myself thinking, there is no lie too good for this man.  How low will this defense go?

We heard today how low they will go.  They will play with fire.  They will make accusations that are evil.

However, we must remember that opening statements are an opportunity for an attorney to explain their case as they would like it to turn out.

Things said in opening statements  do not have to be factual.

But, if the defense promises to deliver proof to the jury of what is said during the opening, they’d better stick to that promise, because the jury will remember these things.

And, sure enough, Baez already broke one of those promises when he failed to convince anyone, in his cross of George Anthony, that 1) he is able to effectively cross examine a witness, 2) that he has any proof of George’s indiscretions with his daughter, and 3) that George had knowledge of Caylee drowning or that George was complicit in hiding the truth about the “accident.”

Suggesting that George had anything to do with Caylee’s death is about as believable as suggesting that a bag full of garbage could smell like a dead body.

Speaking of which, Baez took a page out of Cindy Anthony’s book when he said the garbage in the Pontiac Sunfire, was the cause of the horrific smell.  Baez said, “the car was in the hot Florida sun for 3 weeks.”

Who’s Desperate?

Baez put on a show of total desperation.  Though Baez spoke of the desperation of law enforcement to blame the murder on his client, the allegations Baez put forth today were beyond the beyond of desperation.

I don’t know if I can contain my anger right now.  So, I want to say, first off, I was very proud of George Anthony for his toughness today.

Though, he did talk a bit too much at times, he did a fantastic job  keeping it together today.  I felt very sorry for George.

The Home Run

There were quite a few stunning moments today, the best of which was the moment when Jeff Ashton called George Anthony as witness number one!  Jose Baez clearly was not expecting this and he was knocked off his game – totally screwed his cross examination of George.

It was absolutely BRILLIANT of the Prosecution to call George first!  It was incredibly well timed and completely knocked the defense completely for a loop.  Jeff Ashton was a cool as a cucumber and as perfectly pitched as a anyone could be while he questioned George.  He was kind, respectful, and patient with George.

When the defense began to hint that George would be the fall guy, I thought that both Cindy and George Anthony would end up being prosecution witnesses – helpful to their side.   This may very well end up being true.  The defense will rip the Anthony’s up so cruelly that every one, including the jurors, will be very sympathetic toward the Anthony’s.

Of course, it is no surprise the defense would use the Anthony family as road kill, but I never, never, never dreamed it would be a vicious, as low, and as deplorable as what we heard today.

Caylee was never missing, says Baez, she drowned in a terrible accident.

The jury will be asked to accept the idea of Casey’s silence in the face of George’s intimidation of her.

Could any one of us even dream that Baez would say that George Anthony abused Casey to the point of fornication?

Who could even imagine these disgusting and reprehensible allegations, that we know are not true, could even be asked?

First of all, this “theory” of the defense is a result of Casey Anthony writing to her jail house pal, Robyn Adams.  Casey suggested to Robyn that Lee abused her sexually.  Casey told a few people about this.

Then, in her letters to Robyn, Casey does not say outright that George abused her, instead she tells Robyn that she’s having strange memories coming back to her that George may have also abused her.


I would like to know how the defense makes the leap of faith from a suggestion in a letter about a dream to now say, in open court, that when she was eight years old, George put his penis in Casey’s mouth?

Dear God, what could be more despicable?

Hell has special places for persons who would suggest such things.

Poor Kronk

The defense team, we now know, is not done with Roy Kronk.  But, Kronk will hold up.  I have no doubt he will be okay through this – well, I hope so.

Baez, incredibly suggests that Roy Kronk had a hand in hiding the body.

There are other things that Baez suggested today, such as:

  • Caylee drowned in family pool
  • George assisted in disposal of body
  • FBI was so concerned about the father of Caylee, says Baez, they gave Lee a paternity test. When asked about it, Lee said he’d talk about it when the time was right
  • Follow the duct tape, says Baez, it will tell you who put Caylee in the woods
  • George wanted to take his own life because of what he did, hence the suicide attempt
  • Casey hid her pain, in a dark corner of her mind all this time

This jury will see through the ploy of a daughter so desperate to do anything to walk out of jail that she’d accuse her own father, the brother she adored, of the most horrible things.

As we know, the defense is desperate.  I have been saying for months that they have no case whatsoever and so must put the blame on George.

Of course no one believes for one moment that George had ANYTHING to do with the death of Caylee.

If all the things that Baez suggested today are true, how will they be proved?  Ah!  There’s the rub!  Not a bit of what he said can be proved.

The only way to get any of these accusations before the jury is to put Casey Anthony on the stand.  That would not work, we know.

So, this evil and sick lie will go no where, in the end.  Jose Baez will have nothing to show for the sick allegations he made today.

And, the last thing I want to say is this:

Officers of the Court should not lie, but they do.  Baez did.


and so it begins; we remember

Caylee Anthony in photos, in happier times.

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