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May 24, 2011


and so it begins; we remember

by Andrea O'Connell

Caylee Anthony in photos, in happier times.

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  1. May 24 2011

    Hugs Andrea

  2. Hilde
    May 24 2011

    I started to watch the Opening Statement by the Prosecution.
    Linda Burdick, State Prosecutor, does an excellent Opening Statement. She makes it clear from the Beginning this Case is not about Casey Anthony it is about the Victim Caylee Marie Anthony! Well said!
    Casey keeps on shaking her Head No while the Prosecutor is telling the Events leading up to the Death of Caylee.
    Casey looks mad and scared, naturally the Tears are flowing somewhat again while she keeps on shaking her Head No. Well Casey it seems to me You disagree with what the Prosecutor is saying, You give the Expression it didn’t happen that Way and are aggravated because it’s all about Caylee and not You.
    How dare no one understands that You are the Victim and You are so misunderstood.
    Casey would like for Burdick to stop talking about Caylee.
    Some one on Casey’s DT needs to tell her to stop nodding Her Head
    NO. The Jurors are watching every Emotion Casey is showing! So far Casey is not doing herself a Favor by showing Defiance with her facial Expressions! JMO

  3. May 24 2011

    LDB is doing a great job of the timeline in her opening ststement. Nanny is mentioned often! Casey shakes her head “no” a few times-one time was during the story about the nanny’s car accident-that’s the part that Cindy made up to prove there’s a nanny.

    Cindy did no favors for her daughter in making up lies about the nanny just to get the focus off Casey.

  4. CptKD
    May 24 2011

    So Baez says George abused Inmate X fromt he age of 8!

    He made her perform fellatio on him in the morning before heading out to school…

    Oh! And little Caylee died in the pool, while George and Inmate X were home!
    He pulled her out of the pool, and yelled at Inmate X that it was all her fault!
    That her mother would never forgive her!
    And then he proceeded to help her with the cover-up!
    It was HE afterall, that had the almighty DUCT TAPE at the kid-finders table…

    Baez is disgusting!
    And is story is just as bad – If not worse!

    HE has NO case, and is now just throwing everyone, and everything under his ‘short’ bus!

    He is UNREAL!

  5. CptKD
    May 24 2011

    I have NO DOUBT, Andrea…
    that you will find him just as disgusting,
    and agree that his opening was all over
    the map, and completely un-professional,
    showing his lack of education, his lack of
    morals, values and lack of CLASS!

    He IS a loser – And deserves to have his licence
    revoked at the end of this!

    • May 24 2011

      ABSOLUTELY! My feelings, exactly, CptKD! He is a lying scoundrel; a vicious man, and terrible lawyer, as we witnessed in the cross that he totally flubbed! My mom watched with me; she said: Does Casey even know how bad her lawyer is? I told her, no, Casey only knows that her lawyer has no scruples, morals, or values and will lie, cheat and steal, just as Casey did, to win this case.

  6. CptKD
    May 24 2011

    Thank you for the wonderful picture montage of little Caylee!

    It breaks my heart knowing that she is gone from this earth, but I must admit, I am so happy that she is FAR AWAY from this messed up family….

    She deserved soooooo much better!

  7. CptKD
    May 24 2011

    As for Inmate Anthony!

    After she is finally sentenced….
    She will find herself completely, and utterly ALONE!

    There will be NO family visits!

    After this morning’s stunt – I wouldn’t be surprised if they have NOTHING to do with her from here on….

    Good luck, you lying b*otch!
    Besides Baez and Mason, and your other friend Medina,
    You NOW have NO ONE!

    NO daughter!
    NO father!

    Soon enough, you will no longer have a mother, either!
    And I’m sure your brother is going to toss you too, when it’s all said and done!

    Your lies have cost them all enough!
    And now, you want to crush their reputations….?

    I’m sorry – And though I never thought I’d say this!

    She believed in the DP for her own daughter!
    Her own flesh and blood!

    Well if it was good enough for little Caylee…
    Then it’s good enough for Inmate X-ANTHONY!

    • May 24 2011

      Cap sez:
      “She believed in the DP for her own daughter!
      Her own flesh and blood!

      Well if it was good enough for little Caylee…
      Then it’s good enough for Inmate X-ANTHONY!”


    • May 24 2011

      Very, Very well said, my dear. i agree with you…. her parents and brother are apt to give her up completely…..there is indeed something very rotten in the state of this defense.

  8. May 24 2011

    I found the direct exam of George the jaw dropper. When JA questioned him about the sex abuse, George could have pled the 5th. he didn’t. he denied the allegation.

    By the time Ashton was done it was debunked that George found caylee drowned, he even said it hurt him to hear what Baez accused him of. It also was shown, in my own opinion, that Casey could not have been molested by her father because had she been, she would not have had her father in the delivery room witnessing Caylee’s birth.

    Baez made a mess of an opening styatement-using every defense story tossed out in the public and then some. I swear he got his defense points from reading the blogs. He made reference to Casey being the apple that fell not too far from the tree. Roy Kronk was brought in as placing the body in the woods. George is the one who put the tape on Caylee’s face after having found her drowned in the pool.

    There is way too much garbage tossed in this soupy mess for it to be palatable for the jury to swallow.

    • May 24 2011

      sorry about the typos~ 😳

    • CptKD
      May 24 2011

      Baez made a mess of it all…

      He may be ‘smirking’ away this evening thinking he did the BEST opening ever….

      But trust me – That OPENING is going to be the CLOSING of the rest of Inmate Anthony’s life!

      She’s toast!
      And he assisted in throwing her into the toaster!

      Not only that – But he has DESTROYED the ONLY thing she had left in this world!
      Her family!

      Gone – Just like that, all because of the lies that she told, and the lies that he’s now told!

      • May 24 2011

        I know, Cap! Boy! If this isn’t a life lesson on raising kids-discipline them when they need it! Be their parents, not their friends! Don’t indulge them. Look at the Anthony family now-ruined forever.

        Speaking of that, I believe Lee has had it with his family and did back when he moved out of the Anthony home after having moved in again. I don’t think he takes it lightly of being accused of sexually molesting his sister. I hope he saw what his father did today and take a cue from him and speak the truth at the stand and for Caylee.

      • May 24 2011

        Right on, my friend, right on!

    • May 24 2011

      Absolutely Sherry!!!! You are so right… she would not even have left Caylee with her father if he was an abuser…. I loved the fact that Baez was so BAD today…. He did such a terrible job during cross of George that I literally couldn’t contain my emotion! I hooted and hollered! It was a beeeee-u-teee-ful thing!

      • May 24 2011

        Baez was not prepared for the State to call George up to the stand right off the bat to get much debunked in his awful opener. Baez kept wanting to go beyond the cross into areas that wasn’t under the direct exam. Baez stumbled badly. Mr. Ashton managed to put doubt into the jurors’ minds what was told them by Baez. George was a stand up guy today and I am glad he didn’t plead the 5th. Here’s hoping Lee will be, too.

      • May 24 2011

        I’m glad he didn’t plead the 5th either, thank god. Baez truly did a terrible job in his cross. He was so bad toward the end, after so many of Ashton’s objections were sustained one after the other, that Judge Perry had enough too. At the end, when Baez asked to approach, Judge Perry said firmly, NO! It was a poetic moment! 🙂
        I know that Baez was being “schooled” on the spot by Perry as to appropriate follow up questions – how to keep a question in scope, avoid leading a witness, and how to avoid eliciting hearsay testimony, but he kept messing up after each “lesson” from the judge and from Mason! when my mom saw it, (she knows nothing about the case), she even remarked how horrible he was, how arrogant, and how ineffective he is placed against the State Attorneys.

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