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day 2: a parade passes by

The second day of testimony, in the State v. Casey Anthony, was certainly less dramatic than the abuse and murder allegations made against George Anthony during yesterday’s defense opening statements.

The State scheduled a virtual parade of witnesses, and as they did yesterday, they are methodical in building their case.

There were a couple of wins for the defense today, too.  However, in the grand scheme of things, it won’t count for much. The wins I am referring to are the fact that one of the witnesses today recalled riding in Casey’s car in mid June, after Caylee was deceased, and didn’t notice any odor in the car.

Witnesses testifying today all said Casey was an attentive and loving mother whenever they’d seen her with Caylee.  Although one witness, Maria Kissh, discussed that little Caylee seemed unsupervised when she was visiting Tony Lazzarro’s apartment, for the most part, the theme seemed to be “good mom.”

The witnesses included Tony Lazzaro, his roommates, plus one of one the roommates girlfriends, Maria Kissh;  we heard from the Fusion Night Club “shot girls” today, and George and Cindy’s neighbor, Brian Burner from whom Casey borrowed the shovel.  He testified to the two times Casey backed into the garage in her parents home, something Brian Burner had never seen anyone do in that family.

Baez asked Mr. Burner:  Are you something of a nosy neighbor?

It appeared as if the defense was all over the place today.  When Baez had the opportunity to cross examine Tony, he asked the most inane questions with regards to Casey’s purchases at all the stores the two of them went to.

He asked Lazzarro over and over: Did Casey purchase a gun at these locations? Did she purchase a knife, or other weapons?  Did she purchase chloroform?!!  It was a seriously stupid line of questioning!  Lazzarro seemed to be incredulous, too.

It was interesting to see Tony Lazzarro on the stand!  He’s a nice-looking young man; he handled himself quite well, too.  He’s on the stand again, tomorrow, 9:00 a.m.

Jose Baez, we learned today, is trying his damnedest to get testimony from Casey into the trial without her taking the stand.  It will not work!  Today, his slimy attempt was to ask Tony, Did Casey tell you about any abuse by her father? 

Objection! Sustained!

The fact is, for any evidence of abuse, sexual or otherwise, that happened to Casey, she will have to testify about it to get it on the record.  There is no other way around it.

This case, that the whole country is watching with interest, is a laughing stock already with regards to the defense team’s conduct.

Baez, in my opinion, has already lost credibility with the jury.  He is messing up, asking stupid questions, and his opening statements do not jive in the least with what the witnesses are testifying to.  For instance, in the opening, Baez says, Casey came around the corner of the patio and saw George with a deceased Caylee in his arms.  Right?  So then, according to Baez, Casey immediately began to cry profusely – she was a total mess as a result of the “accidental drowning,” is what Baez would like us to believe.

It’s not going to fly.  Because, if this is true, how then did Casey go to Blockbuster that very evening, rent two movies with Tony, sleep with him, and then spend the next day in bed with him, never once crying or seeming sad?  Furthermore, every witness today, one by one, portrayed  Casey as fun, outgoing, never sad, just herself, etc.

How can this be?  How does a loving, caring mother show no emotion after the death of her own flesh and blood?  The jury will never believe it.

Also, how does Casey leave her daughter with her father if he is a sexual abuser?  The fact is, she would NOT have done this!  Allowing one’s child to be exposed to the same abuse you suffered is not at all characteristic of an abuse victim.

Surely the State will have testimony to support this.

I thought it was interesting to learn that Tony Lazzarro did not give Casey permission to use his Jeep while he was away, in New York.  It’s not surprising, just interesting and another example of her disregard for anyone other than herself.

Also, we learned that Casey took it upon herself to “manage” the Fusion “shot-girls,” it was not an official job or responsibility given to her, but she was caring and protective of the shot girls.   How about that for a dichotomy!  She’s busy drinking, dancing, and protecting these shot-girls like their mother, yet as a mother, she can’t cry for her own deceased daughter?

In other happenings today, we saw a terrible display of rage this morning when Baez, walking down the street to the courthouse, was bumped into by a camera man.  Baez’ response?  “What the fuck,” he screamed, slamming his briefcase to the pavement. Like a little boy on the playground.

Here’s the link:

This is not the behavior of a confident lawyer.

I have said it before and I will say it again, based on the performance of Baez in that courtroom, if Casey is sentenced to die, it is Baez who delivered her.

The defense “story” makes no sense whatsoever, and the defense is no match for the State of Florida, this is abundantly clear.

As Shakespeare wrote, in Macbeth, the defense’s case “…is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

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