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gas, grass: the gross defense continues

Today’s proceedings in the State of Florida v. Casey Anthony brought fireworks, and a flurry of former men in Casey’s life.

The fireworks came as a result of the bizarre, laborious, and ridiculous witness questioning by attorney Jose Baez.

Poor George Anthony.  He was subjected to the same questions over and over and over and over again.  The cross examination of George Anthony should have taken all of ten minutes, with Mr. Baez, it took over an hour!


The most bizarre part of the testimony?  Baez kept referring to pictures of gas cans that were not in evidence yet.  If Judge Perry said it once, he said this ten times:  “Mr. Baez, this photo is not in evidence.”   Then, more pointedly, Judge Perry, grinding his teeth, seethed, “MR. BAEZ, THIS.  PHOTOGRAPH.  IS.  NOT.  IN.  EVIDENCE.”

Then a sidebar, where Judge Perry apparently attempted to make it very clear to Mr. Baez, the photo was not in evidence.

So, what did Baez do?  He referred to the photo of the gas can again!


My mother watched the replay of the trial with me this evening, via WFTV, and I agree with her assessment of Baez.  She said, “The jury will not like Baez at all.”  I totally agree – and I agree with her that it is so important for a jury to like the attorneys, or at least, have confidence in their honest.

I think Baez has already blown his credibility with the jury.  I have no doubt they are getting very impatient with his petty questions, his cynicism, and his constant smirk.

By the way, there was also a time when Baez actually asked George Anthony about his attorney – twice!  Both Jeff Ashton and Judge Perry shouted at him to stop!  (There is this thing called attorney-client privilege, and it’s sacrosanct, Baez doesn’t care, obviously.)

The former men in Casey’s life

Richardo Morales, Troy Brown, Iassen Dovnov, Dante Salati, Christopher Stutz, Matthew Crisp, and Tony Lazzarro were on the stand today.

They all did very well!

Baez questioned Ricardo Morales about his picture of a man and a woman, and the caption has to do with subduing a woman with chloroform.  My question is this.  WHY, WHY would Baez try to make something about this chloroform issue when he is asserting that Caylee drowned??

It’s unclear what point he was trying to make, but he wanted to know if Casey had seen that picture.  Ricardo didn’t know.  Baez does not make any points in his questioning – it’s very odd.  It’s difficult to know where he is leading.  I am sure the jury is confused, too.

Melissa England also testified – she was dating Troy Brown at the time.  Both she and Troy Brown testified to the evening they went out as a group, with Casey Anthony.  They testified to Casey being her regular happy self until she got a series of two phone calls.  This was on July 3rd, in the evening, when Casey’s brother Lee was looking for her.  Casey was visibly shaken and very upset, they both said.

So many young people got dragged into this nightmare; they’re all between the ages of 22 to 26, or so, just on the cusp of establishing themselves in the world… One cannot help but feel for them having to relive the terrible tragedy of Caylee’s death once again.  No doubt they want justice as much as anyone, I just feel for them having to go through this.

Tomorrow morning, at 8:30 a.m., there will be a State Motion in Limine argued.  The State is filing this motion to limit Baez in his questioning and cross of witnesses about sexual abuse, and the other claims he made in the opening statement, UNTIL such time Baez can bring forth evidence to support their obnoxious claims.

That should be interesting!

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