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May 26, 2011


gas, grass: the gross defense continues

by Andrea O'Connell

Today’s proceedings in the State of Florida v. Casey Anthony brought fireworks, and a flurry of former men in Casey’s life.

The fireworks came as a result of the bizarre, laborious, and ridiculous witness questioning by attorney Jose Baez.

Poor George Anthony.  He was subjected to the same questions over and over and over and over again.  The cross examination of George Anthony should have taken all of ten minutes, with Mr. Baez, it took over an hour!


The most bizarre part of the testimony?  Baez kept referring to pictures of gas cans that were not in evidence yet.  If Judge Perry said it once, he said this ten times:  “Mr. Baez, this photo is not in evidence.”   Then, more pointedly, Judge Perry, grinding his teeth, seethed, “MR. BAEZ, THIS.  PHOTOGRAPH.  IS.  NOT.  IN.  EVIDENCE.”

Then a sidebar, where Judge Perry apparently attempted to make it very clear to Mr. Baez, the photo was not in evidence.

So, what did Baez do?  He referred to the photo of the gas can again!


My mother watched the replay of the trial with me this evening, via WFTV, and I agree with her assessment of Baez.  She said, “The jury will not like Baez at all.”  I totally agree – and I agree with her that it is so important for a jury to like the attorneys, or at least, have confidence in their honest.

I think Baez has already blown his credibility with the jury.  I have no doubt they are getting very impatient with his petty questions, his cynicism, and his constant smirk.

By the way, there was also a time when Baez actually asked George Anthony about his attorney – twice!  Both Jeff Ashton and Judge Perry shouted at him to stop!  (There is this thing called attorney-client privilege, and it’s sacrosanct, Baez doesn’t care, obviously.)

The former men in Casey’s life

Richardo Morales, Troy Brown, Iassen Dovnov, Dante Salati, Christopher Stutz, Matthew Crisp, and Tony Lazzarro were on the stand today.

They all did very well!

Baez questioned Ricardo Morales about his picture of a man and a woman, and the caption has to do with subduing a woman with chloroform.  My question is this.  WHY, WHY would Baez try to make something about this chloroform issue when he is asserting that Caylee drowned??

It’s unclear what point he was trying to make, but he wanted to know if Casey had seen that picture.  Ricardo didn’t know.  Baez does not make any points in his questioning – it’s very odd.  It’s difficult to know where he is leading.  I am sure the jury is confused, too.

Melissa England also testified – she was dating Troy Brown at the time.  Both she and Troy Brown testified to the evening they went out as a group, with Casey Anthony.  They testified to Casey being her regular happy self until she got a series of two phone calls.  This was on July 3rd, in the evening, when Casey’s brother Lee was looking for her.  Casey was visibly shaken and very upset, they both said.

So many young people got dragged into this nightmare; they’re all between the ages of 22 to 26, or so, just on the cusp of establishing themselves in the world… One cannot help but feel for them having to relive the terrible tragedy of Caylee’s death once again.  No doubt they want justice as much as anyone, I just feel for them having to go through this.

Tomorrow morning, at 8:30 a.m., there will be a State Motion in Limine argued.  The State is filing this motion to limit Baez in his questioning and cross of witnesses about sexual abuse, and the other claims he made in the opening statement, UNTIL such time Baez can bring forth evidence to support their obnoxious claims.

That should be interesting!

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  1. May 26 2011

    Yeah, Baez showed today, he is WAY out of his league. Notice how Mason Jar took over for a while his good ol’ boy crap making fun of an intelligent young man,”you don’t know nuthin’bout this case, do ya”. What a horses ass he is. I guarantee this, he knew this was not a winning day for the defense.

    Also Casey was really pissed at Lazzarro for not corroborating the sexual abuse claims, she was LIVID!! This jury, had to leave today, doubting Baez’s total BS opening!

    • May 27 2011

      Matthew Crisp kinda chuckled a bit when the questioning by Mason was done-it made me chuckle, too.

      Casey got caught in a lie she told Baez-hahahaha!!!

    • Weezie
      May 27 2011

      Yes and he added the hitting by George to be DISCIPLINE!!!!!!

      • Kitt
        May 27 2011

        I guess I was under the impression that Tony Lazzaro, when back on the stand this morning, would give that same testimony re: hitting/discipline, no sexual abuse, while the jury is present. It didn’t happen. Do you think that statement will be presented later? Really, I can’t even remember if Tony has been completely dismissed or if he is subject to possible recall. I really think the jury needs to hear that.

  2. Linda
    May 26 2011

    Andrea, you missed the best part of Ricardo testimony.. The only time Casey was harsh with Caylee was when you she couldn’t to get her to SLEEP!

    • Kitt
      May 27 2011

      Linda, yes! It made me wonder if Caylee may have feared going to sleep because she’d been “put” to sleep by way of a rag over her face on occasion. ??

      • May 27 2011

        Hi Linda & Kitt….. I thought the very same thing when Ricardo said that! I was waiting for someone to say something about that…but they really couldn’t at that point I think. I bet it was not lost on the State, though.

        Sent from my iPhone

  3. May 27 2011

    Your mom is right! The jury is not going to be endeared to Baez. I’ve been watching him and I think he has turned off the jury already! He sits at the DT table with smugness on his face, looking up at the ceiling, cocking his fat head and his arrogance is so out there! Will the jury appreciate the defense being one of blaming the grandfather as a basis for reasonable doubt? I don’t think so. Baez best be glad they have to follow the letter of the law.

    I heard a defense lawyer (can’t remember her name) say that one thing that factors in to having the DP removed is if the jury sees the defendant is remorseful. Oh well…

    Here is an April 3rd Levi Page Show and I swear that Baez listened to this show and got all of his points from it for his Opening Statement (I kid you not!):

    Its about 45 minutes long-the first 45 minutes.

  4. May 27 2011

    Hi Andrea, love your title. Bozo/Baez and Mumbles/Mason must be exhausted when the day ends worrying about and trying to continue how they are going to shovel this heavy pile of bull hockey and tie it in to making sense and mainly factual. They have made some very serious charges against George Anthony and they are going to also get in serious trouble trying to pull kronk in this with no facts to back it up. Plus i wonder where these two clowns are gonna put all this bull hockey when the trial is over. I Vote piled in their cars . I can’t believe Bozo was stupid enough to say Kronk was hiding Caylees body. There is no where to go with that to prove it what so ever as he would have to know Casey and George for one thing . This has all be laid out planned for awhile and that is why after almost three years all of a sudden so close to trial time Linda kinney Baden gets on tv saying ,” well i think everyone knows the Nanny story was a lie. She was laying the first ground work to get that out of the way for the new insane story to begin. Everything Bozo said in his introduction to the juror’s was fabricated just like Casey’s nanny story. However, Bozo should have stuck with the fake nanny story Casey gave as it is no where near as insane as the one he and mumbles have made up. No jury in their right mind will buy this load of Bull hockey.

    • May 27 2011

      Jeff Ashton is going to present a motion in limine tomorrow morning to compel Baez to produce evidence of the sexual abuse or else stop that line of questioning. Casey is his only evidenxce so she may have to take the stand. But, we need to be aware that HHJP might not grant the motion, too. But I sure hope he does out of compassion for George!

    • Weezie
      May 27 2011

      It’s shocking how many pundints on the networks, in particular, Defence Attorneys who actually believe George is not only slimy but that he could have done this!!!!! They are all slimeballs in my opinion.

  5. May 27 2011

    Hi Sherry, Linda and Eastwood.

    • May 27 2011

      {wavin’} Hi, Knight Owl and louie!

      • Weezie
        May 27 2011

        Royal waving back. I’m here waiting for something to happen…..

  6. May 27 2011

    Also Bozo/Baez graphicness verses saying Casey had to perform oral sex on George i bet offended a lot of the juror’s as that was nasty and unprofessional and unnecessay. Bozo in his tiny pea brain and over sized head thinks that the more graphic you make something that makes it more believable. Actual reality it is just the opposite but you cannot tell that to an idiot.

    • May 27 2011

      Yeah, that only works in advertisement…even then it doesn’t mean people will buy what he’s sellin’.

      I heard from one boots on the ground that Baez was receiving alot of ugly looks from the jury during his opener and cross exam of George. Maybe George saw this and it gave him the strength he needed this morning not to be pulled in by Baez’ trickery.

    • Weezie
      May 27 2011

      I think he was thinking of himself being the DADDY. lol

  7. May 27 2011

    Sherry, thanks were both waving back at you too. Can you believe Baez and mason? Two tweetle dum boys each with no brain.

  8. May 27 2011

    Sherry, I love it that Ashton is filing this motion. Baez is gonna have to put up or shut up~~ hahahahaha. Also i dare those two clowns to put that liar Casey snothead on the stand.

  9. May 27 2011

    Good morning ya’ll!!

    It looks different in here! I LIKE it!

    Today will be interesting, don’t you think?

    • Weezie
      May 27 2011

      HI HIM – WAVING furiously….

      • Weezie
        May 27 2011

        aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh try KIM

      • May 27 2011

        Hugs Weezie!!

    • CptKD
      May 27 2011

      Morning Andrea!
      Hi ‘Him’!
      Hi Weezie!
      Hi Sherry!
      Hi Knight Owl!

      Also sending out a ‘Hello’ to all the others I may have missed,
      and/or the ones out there, who READ only…

      • Weezie
        May 27 2011

        Cap are you feeling better today?

      • CptKD
        May 27 2011

        I’m trying to, Weezie!
        It’s not going to be easy,
        due to all the other health
        issues I’m having.

        My immune system is messed.
        That’s making it hard for my
        body to heal itself….

      • May 27 2011

        How do, Cap!? Hope you are up and at ’em now! :mrgreen:

      • CptKD
        May 27 2011

        Oh – Sherry, I wish I had better
        news to tell you…
        All the ‘bumps in the road’, the
        possible complications that were
        predicted….They’re basically
        occurring, and causing problems…

        I know, I know, I know….
        I keep meaning to EXPLAIN
        the whole situation with my
        health circumstances, so that
        everyone has a better under-
        standing as to what’s going on…

        It’s complicated, but the Disease
        I’m afflicted with, being as rare as
        it is, needs to get OUT there…

        No knowledge of it – Means no
        research… Means NO CURE!

        I’ll create a short doc, and ‘c&p’
        it, so that I can fill you’s in on
        what the deal is, k!

        I got a few things to get done,
        and then I shall ‘splain-de-story’….LOL!

      • May 27 2011

        Please do, Cap! perhaps I can create a blog to get the info out there without you having your name on it. If there’s anything i can do to help get the awareness out there let me know! 😉

      • CptKD
        May 27 2011

        That would be AWESOME!

        I even wrote to a Specialist in Georgia
        for help, but never heard back.

        My Doctors are struggling to get me
        back on track, but it’s turned out, to not
        be such an easy thing to have happen…

        I’ll get the info out to you this aft…

      • Weezie
        May 27 2011

        Cap; We are all very anxious to help if we can. As I mentioned I belong to a blog, where cancer is the soup du jour, so I’m familiar about researhing medical questions. Perhaps I can post it there to see if anyone knows or has heard of what is going on with you. I’ll be waiting.

      • May 27 2011

        We are all here to help in any and every way, Cap!!

      • May 27 2011

        Yes! CptKD. We will assist you in any way possible. I would be happy to write a series of stories on the subject of the disease. If you have any suggestions, I’d be very happy to do anything at all…. 🙂

      • CptKD
        May 28 2011

        I will try to explain things, in the easiest way, so that it’s not complicated or an incredibly LONG story –

        As some of you know, I had surgery last wk – This surgery was DENTAL in nature.
        My health is deteriorating on a daily basis due to a health condition I have been diagnosed with, along with my immune system being supressed, the two are taking their toll on my teeth.

        I take fifteen different medications, and so they have contributed to the dental issuesas well. Being that my immune system is affected, it was NOT the ideal time to be having dental work, let alone surgery – But it had to be done, as the dental issues would just worsen causing further problems, orally and with my overall health.

        Of course, the greatest concern, and continued existing problem is the risk of infection. My immune system is purposely compromised, and so that makes everything HIGH risk for me. My blood does NOT clot, and so they had to stitch everything that caused bleeding, and my body, quite often will NOT heal itself. They’re hoping that being that it is WITHIN the mouth, that it WILL heal quicker and completely.
        Also due to the medications I take, there were issues about my body being able to handle the anaesthetic/deep sedation, and so I literally had to have, and pass, a Medical Clearance for this procedure to take place.

        They were unable to do ANY work without putting me under, being that I’m incredibly sensitive to pain, and they also needed to surgically remove a Wisdom tooth (of all things-I thought they were ALL gone) and also EXTRACT a molar. They were unable to do all the work that was slated and so I have to do this again in, in all likelyhood, sometime in July.

        Anyways, enough about that – The REAL problem lies in the diesease I was finally diagnosed with. I say ‘finally’, being that it took a while, before any DOCTOR clued in to what I had.

        So now, in addition to a chronic lower back and sciatica problem, that have existed for quite a few years now, I have been diagnosed with:


        This is a rare disease that affects diabetic women usually. It is typically found to occur on the shins, however in even rarer cases, it can be found in other parts of the body.

        In my case, it is now reaching up to the chest area, and I have one starting on my left ear now. The left side of my torso has several spots increasing in size and number, and the right side is starting to develop some spots now.

        My once AMAZING Legs, are a fowl mess, and this disease continues to creep up my body.

        I am currently undergoing a form of Chemotherapy, which originally was prescribed in a pill form, taken
        once weekly. Starting next wk, I begin weekly injections in the belly area, being that things are not working as is.

        On top of everything else, I am unable to work right now, and so that makes me very unhappy, and leaves me on Disability for the time being. I still try to help out, when are where I’m needed, but they know I’m not well, and so
        they try to leave me be.

        It’s ALL just really ‘killing’ me!

        So that there is no question, know that this being confirmed via biopsy.
        I DO in fact, for sure, have it, and there is NO disputing it.
        It is NOT Psoriasis!
        It is NOT Empentego (sp)
        It is NOT Excema
        It is NOT Flesh Eating Disease

        This condition is irreversible and INCURABLE.
        Seeing as I do not have diabetes, and I have it on other parts of my body, (not just the ‘shin’ area) it makes my condition even more idiopathic – Which technically is how they have diagnosed this.


        Kind of makes it all the more haunting for me. . .

        Anyways, at this point, I continue to have various kinds of tests on a regular basis, as they need to continue to check for Diabetes and other possible disorders affecting my organs and immune system as a whole.

        I’m struggling with it all, and I am horrified when I see my body being taken over by this. On a daily basis, it destroys a little more of me, but I’m not gonna give anything up just yet. I will somehow get thru this…Even if, I’m not quite sure how yet. . .

        Here is the BEST link out there on the Disease…
        It’s the best one, I’ve found so far – And this is in fact, the Doctor that I actually wrote to:

        So that’s that!

        Please know, I’m sharing this so that OTHERS may be made AWARE of this Disease, and not for some ‘pity party’!

        My apologies for the length of this response –
        Andrea, I am sorry for taking up so much room. I tried to make it short and sweet, but I’m finding out real quick, that there is NO “Short and Sweet’ to any of this!!!

        Please make those around you with Diabetes, aware of this disease.

        Though rare, where there are unresolved issues or open sores on the legs and feet, it could be that this disease is going un-diagnosed for them.

        Most diabetics know, it is IMPERATIVE that they take absolute care of their legs and feet.

        The same applies here, due to infection and ulceration.

        I’ve met a few people on-line with this disease, of course from different parts of the world, and in that grouping of folks, I’ve actually met 2 MEN with this!

        Now, that’s IDIOPATHIC!


        Thank you’s all, for your interest in learning more about this Disease!

      • May 29 2011

        CptKD! Thank you for explaining this horrible condition. I am very sorry you’re having to deal with this….
        It took me some time to read this…. I have been running, running, running like a nut lately, but I have had your post on the back of my mind to read carefully and respond to. I am so glad they have diagnosed you with what the real issues are. I’m glad you were able to withstand the dental procedures… I can see how it would be problematic with your condition. 😦 Dental procedures are bad enough, but to have to withstand anesthesia, too… well, that’s just awful… The side-effects of that are tough to deal with, I’ve always found.

        Now, something that I want to be sure you know, my dear… you can write a book on here and it would not concern me in the least. You write as much as you’d like to – you are a wonderful writer and you have a terrific perspective on this case, the law, and law enforcement. So, you just write and write and write to your heart’s content!

        No apologies – ever! 🙂 🙂

      • May 27 2011

        Thanks, kiddo! 😉

      • CptKD
        May 28 2011

        Not a problem….

    • May 27 2011

      Hey Kim…. it’s an optical illusion. 🙂 I put the sidebar on the left (it had been on the right). I like it, too. 🙂

  10. Weezie
    May 27 2011

    Finally LIFE from the LEE camp. Hold on to your hats its going to be a bumpy ride. lol

  11. Weezie
    May 27 2011

    Wanna bet JP is reprimanding both sides to get on with it. This line of questioning is not going anywhere.

  12. Weezie
    May 27 2011

    I guess Cindy was pleased with Kim’s testimony. Thank god the Prosectuion didn’t run her over. They would have been hated if they had.

  13. CptKD
    May 27 2011

    With regards to the $68,000 that Inmate X may be in debt to the IRS, I noticed on yesterday’s post, that Weezie was questioning the amount, and how it got to be that high…

    I read at a few places this morning regarding exactly that, and I’ve come to find, that it was an amount closer to a quarter million dollars, not the $300,000 that was originally qouted out there….

    From Peter Hyatt (With thanks)

    When Casey Anthony sold pictures and video of her daughter to ABC she received almost a quarter of a million dollars; just enough for Jose Baez’ initial divorce settlement.

    There appears to be a problem:
    She may not have paid taxes on it.
    If it was $220,000 or so, she would owe at least $68,000.

    And so yes!
    If this is in fact true, then she DOES owe the taxes on that money, and
    “Hose”-ay should have known this, and advised his client accordingly.

    Of course, it’s also come to light, that he’s out to ‘screw’ her too…
    So why tell her ANYTHING!

    Especially – THE TRUTH!

  14. Venice
    May 27 2011

    I’m so disgusted by this defense, that I just can’t stand it! Baez has turned the word sleazy into an all-time LOW! Good Lord Andrea…..can this case get any worse??

    • May 27 2011

      Hi Venice! Oh I know – the defense is total fiction and is beyond gross. How could an officer of the court behave this way?? He is stretching the boundary of honesty to it’s very limit and has created A sordid situation that will end up harming his case

      I’m thankful the state won their motion In limine, but will Baez respect it? Fat chance!

      Sent from my iPhone

  15. katydid
    May 27 2011

    I bet the Anthony’s are in on it. George takes the fall for reasonable doubt…the jury finds her not guilty….Casey states she lied about sexual abuse…George is free and Casey is free due to double jeopardy. Think about it.

    • May 27 2011

      nah, Katydid, because George is not taking the fall. If he were going to put his integrity on the line, perhaps. But, George will not lie on the stand. it is not in his best interest to lie, and he knows it.

    • Weezie
      May 28 2011

      I have thought about it – are you on drugs?

      • CptKD
        May 28 2011

        You’re funny, Weezie!

        I WAS wondering the same thing
        when I read that! LOL!

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