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baez: a waste, a huge waste

Although I missed most of the testimony today, I did see highlights and read the “tweets” that occur during the day, while I’m at work.  Okay, I admit it, I’d rather be watching the trial and blogging than working all day… Darn it!

My day “usually” ends at 5:00, but today was a bit different.  My day ended close to 6:30 because I’d locked my darn keys in my car!  It took so long for AAA to arrive – well, it was a rainy Friday night, so that was expected…

Anyway, I’m very behind in my review of the trial today!

What I do know from what I have reviewed thus far of today’s testimony, is this.  Jose Baez is a waste; a huge waste.

Is it possible he believes he is doing a good job in courtroom 23?  Is it possible that he believes his “theory” makes any sense at all?  Is it possible that he doesn’t realize that he needs to sit down and shut up because he is hurting his client?

As Bill Shaeffer said today, what Mr. Baez is doing to George Anthony is cruel.  Kathi Belich said, it’s like Baez is kicking a victim when he’s down.

How, how, how does Mr. Baez think the jury cannot see his total desperation?  He was picking, relentlessly picking at George, trying to get under his skin!  It’s as if Mr. Baez is trying to get evidence to support his defense theory by getting George to blow up on the stand.

The trial has only begun, and we have miles to go before we can draw any concrete conclusions as to the exact outcome….. But, the defense case is not adding up.

The jury simply has to do simple math, 1 plus 2 = 3, to know the facts in this case.

Mr. Baez would like the jury to do a different math.

As Mr. Ashton said today, “Mr. Anthony, if Caylee had been tossed in the  swamp by you after she drowned, we would not be talking about decomposition in Casey’s car, would we?”

Explain that, Mr. Baez!

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