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May 27, 2011


baez: a waste, a huge waste

by Andrea O'Connell

Although I missed most of the testimony today, I did see highlights and read the “tweets” that occur during the day, while I’m at work.  Okay, I admit it, I’d rather be watching the trial and blogging than working all day… Darn it!

My day “usually” ends at 5:00, but today was a bit different.  My day ended close to 6:30 because I’d locked my darn keys in my car!  It took so long for AAA to arrive – well, it was a rainy Friday night, so that was expected…

Anyway, I’m very behind in my review of the trial today!

What I do know from what I have reviewed thus far of today’s testimony, is this.  Jose Baez is a waste; a huge waste.

Is it possible he believes he is doing a good job in courtroom 23?  Is it possible that he believes his “theory” makes any sense at all?  Is it possible that he doesn’t realize that he needs to sit down and shut up because he is hurting his client?

As Bill Shaeffer said today, what Mr. Baez is doing to George Anthony is cruel.  Kathi Belich said, it’s like Baez is kicking a victim when he’s down.

How, how, how does Mr. Baez think the jury cannot see his total desperation?  He was picking, relentlessly picking at George, trying to get under his skin!  It’s as if Mr. Baez is trying to get evidence to support his defense theory by getting George to blow up on the stand.

The trial has only begun, and we have miles to go before we can draw any concrete conclusions as to the exact outcome….. But, the defense case is not adding up.

The jury simply has to do simple math, 1 plus 2 = 3, to know the facts in this case.

Mr. Baez would like the jury to do a different math.

As Mr. Ashton said today, “Mr. Anthony, if Caylee had been tossed in the  swamp by you after she drowned, we would not be talking about decomposition in Casey’s car, would we?”

Explain that, Mr. Baez!

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  1. May 27 2011

    Okay, I hit the LIKE button as soon as I read that you locked your keys in the car… 😆 Put a spare key in your wallet. When i am not carrying a purse i always have my wallet with me of which i keep my extra car and house keys in. I speak from experience. :mrgreen:

    I’ve read numerous comments today that basically say that the commentor didn’t care at all for George but have more sympathy for him now than ever before on account of Baez, the big headed bully! One commentor even said that if Baez bullies Cindy like he has done to George, she will like her, too! She took that back a bit and said she would just hate baez all the more, lol.

    I read some tweets saying that some jury members were showing disgust on their faces because Baez’ badgering (my word) George.

  2. Crystal
    May 27 2011

    Hmm.. have been watching trial all week. Very interesting to see how this folds out. I feel so incredibly bad for George. I was wondering.. why doesn’t Cheney Mason speak at all? He qualifies more so than Baez and has more experience with 1st degree murder cases, no?

  3. Venice
    May 28 2011

    Andrea….boy, are you spot-on! Baez slithers on that slimy belly through his career and life.

  4. Linda
    May 28 2011

    Hi Andrea I think BOZO is regreting his opening statement already. HA ha ha . The defense has already asked for a mistrial twice.. Like judge Perry says, “you don’t get a second bite of the apple.” Mr. Baeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzz. I think Baez is getting nervous because its almost time for Cindy to take the stand.. She will provide the motive…… her my space page, her threats to Casey on the 911 tapes of her takeing custody of Caylee.
    I can’t wait for Lee to take the stand. Do you think he will admit to touching his sister?

  5. damagdpets
    May 28 2011

    Something didn’t seem right today when they showed Mallory in the hall sitting next to Lee. When she finished testifying she hugged G&C and went out to be comforted by Lee. Struck me odd that she would be lovey dovey with two sexual predators and a woman that hid it all. Her actions don’t do not follow what the defense is claiming. Matter of fact……the defense can claim accident and sexual abuse all day long and do not have one witness to testify to any of it. Cindy is the only one that can lend weight to the defense or the prosecution depending on how she testifies. That will be the thriller!
    In the mean time the state is slowly showing Casey to be the liar she was and is. JMHO…I don’t believe she was ever molested but I do believe they spoiled the shit out of her and she only new how to get her way by manipulation from anyone.

  6. katydid
    May 28 2011

    I believe the Anthonys and the duhfence is in cahoots. Think about it…KC claims sexual abuse. GA denies it….they claim accident….the jury is confused…finds KC not guilty….then KC claims the sexual abuse was a lie….everybody gets off.

  7. CptKD
    May 28 2011

    I am sitting here,
    absolutely DREADING
    Baez’ cross-examination
    of Cindy – My gut is in knots!

  8. Weezie
    May 28 2011


  9. Weezie
    May 28 2011

    Does anyone know a lip reader or two to decipher what Casey was saying in her “meltdown”? Someone said it was because Cindy didn’t even look over at her and why after two years would Cindy breakdown? Laughable. I think it’s because she knows NOW that the gig is up, her lies have surpassed acceptance. They MUST DO THE RIGHT THING FOR CAYLEE, I hope.

  10. Weezie
    May 28 2011

    and if that happens, after the trial, they will both make a lot of money.

  11. CptKD
    May 28 2011

    Here’s an interesting take on things…
    Minus the ‘typos’, of course…

    From: Dr. Glass (with thanks)

    “Why, why, why, did Cindy turn on her ? She is devastated and shocked by Cindy’s actions for the first time in her life. She cannot believe what Cindy “did to her.” She is taking the victim blame approach. She set out to hurt Cindy by taking Caylee and now it has backfired on her. Cindy has finally hurt her.”


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