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“something’s not right here”

“Something’s not right here,” was Jose Baez’ main refrain during his opening statement, in the State v. Casey Anthony trial.

Baez is right.  It is crystal clear that something is not right in that Orlando courtroom.  Jose Baez is what is not right – he is the most deceitful, and despicable lawyer, bar none.

Baez is a laughing stock.  The man is trying to embody how he thinks a good lawyer behaves in a courtroom.

Seeing him in that courtroom is like watching a goon, or a criminal who is representing himself in court.   You’ve probably seen how horrible it is when the accused is so ego-driven they insist on defending themselves?  How they strut and flaunt themselves in the courtroom, making horrible mistakes because they don’t know the law, and end up failing miserably.

That’s how I see Baez.

He’s not really a lawyer, he’s acting the part of a lawyer.  He’s a caricature of a TV lawyer.  TV lawyers think and act as if drama will save the day.  It’s all drama for Baez.

Baez’ actions and demeanor in that courtroom are horrendous.  His bullying of the sympathetic George Anthony was so horrible and inhumane that any person with a scintilla of compassion will hate Baez for his behavior.

My brother, Tom, is a Criminal Defense Attorney with over twenty years of experience trying death penalty cases.

I spoke with him yesterday after he watched some of the trial.  He told me, Baez is the worst attorney he has ever seen in all the years he’s practiced law.

He said, Baez is helping the state make its case with his wild pronouncements of all the wrongs his client is guilty of.  For Baez to admit his client is a liar, and “not right in the head,” is absolutely preposterous.  But, Tom said, perhaps Baez is trying to lay the foundation for the penalty phase.  Stupid way to do it.

To illustrate how incompetent Baez is, my brother gave me a lesson on how to impeach witnesses, as Baez hasn’t yet learned how.

Tom said that the bullying and the cynicism that Baez engages in, is a great way to turn the jurors against a lawyer and his client.

Jurors don’t want to know the lawyer’s editorial comments, they want to see proof and facts.

Tom and I had a good laugh about the gas can testimony – when Baez was trying to get George Anthony to testify regarding a photo that was not yet in evidence, and Judge Perry had to say “it’s not in evidence!” over and over and over.

The fact that Jose Baez is not death penalty qualified is absolutely something that is glaring in this case.  To become qualified, one has to try a number of Murder One cases.  Generally lawyers start as second chair in a case, and then as lead counsel before they try a death penalty case.  Also, a conscientious Criminal Defense Attorney takes certification courses, attends seminars, and reads a lot of case law before attempting to try such an important case.

I don’t mean to trash Mr. Baez just because he’s defending Casey Anthony – that is not the case at all.  But it is so irritating to see Baez in that courtroom.  He’s incompetent, and I feel he’s dishonest.

I wonder how he will handle Cindy Anthony?

Cindy’s about-face – remarkable

It was Saturday’s testimony by Cindy Anthony that completely changed my feelings for her, for the pain she and George have suffered and continued to suffer.

I have not forgotten the less than sympathetic antics she’s pulled over the last couple of years.   I cannot imagine having to go through the hell she and George have gone through, but I believe she and George have now come full-circle and are on the road to regaining their dignity.

Over the last few months, the Anthony’s have been very quiet.  We only heard from them when they testified (with hostility) in recent  pretrial hearings.  Of course, this was during a time when their love and belief in their daughter, Casey Anthony, was rock-solid.  Yes, that  was an easier time for the Anthony’s, though their life since July 15th 2008, was far from easy.  Now, the Anthony’s are living with a hell so evil it’s unthinkable.

Who would destroy their own parents, who have already been destroyed so horribly?  It’s difficult to fathom the depth of the hate that Casey Anthony must have – the evil within her.

What does this say about the lawyers who are supporting this incoherent tactic?  They are just as despicable.  How could these defense attorney’s go with the theory of molestation with no evidence to support it?

Perhaps they would answer, “We believe in our client, and trust she is telling us the truth.”  But, what Casey says is not evidence of anything.  Casey Anthony is a liar, a total liar.   If the defense is banking on Casey’s word, then they have a seriously damaged problem.

What jury will believe what Baez said on opening?  I have no doubt that every single juror has already discounted everything Baez has said, and if he had any credibility during his first few moments of his opening statement, it’s gone now.  When you lose credibility with jurors, my brother said, there’s no way to regain it.  The client pays for the misdeeds of the lawyer.

This first week of testimony set the stage for the defense and gave the State a set of circumstances they can easily overcome.  The State will prove Mr. Roy Kronk is a nice guy who did a very good thing. The State will portray how thorough Law Enforcement was in this case, though the defense will attempt to make the Richard Cain scenario into more than it was, they will use that situation to their advantage – or maybe not!

Baez said he will concentrate on the lack of evidence in Casey’s car.  He will illustrate how much confusion there is over the car, and that this aspect of the case will lengthen the trial, unfortunately.

Baez told the jurors “we are here to find out exactly how Caylee died.” He said, “this is the reason for the trial.”

He told the jury they will see “a sign here, a sign there” that will tell them why something is not right in this case.

He told the jury, “sexual abuse does things to people and some are forced to live with it.”

Baez then said, “In this sad tragedy, it had to happen to Casey.”  What a odd thing to say…. “it had” to happen?  Is he really saying, it “must” have happened because Casey told him it did?

Baez made so many absurd statements in his opening – I wish I had a transcript to illustrate how many times he messed up.  For instance, when talking about when the “drowning” occurred, he actually said, “we don’t know when it happened – if it was in the morning or the afternoon.  Well, it happened in the morning,” he corrected himself.

Baez said, “Casey cried and cried and asked for her father’s help.  She should have been stronger and called 911, but she didn’t.  And so, Caylee’s  death was covered up.  Why did goerge do this?  Why did he cover it up?”

Do you know of anything that substantiates this?  I don’t.

Baez goes on to say, “But, unfortunately, did Cindy leave the ladder up?  We don’t know.  Cindy tells coworkers that someone is swimming in the pool.  Someone left the ladder on the pool.”

Clearly it was Casey who would have left it up.  Did she jump in the pool to rid herself of any evidence of the murder?

Baez said, “George took steps to be so far away from this case that Casey would take the blame.  He threw his very own daughter under the bus to save himself, he said.”

Again, with regards to George, he says, “George reports gas cans stolen – how foolish… who would report gas cans missing?!! Who?  The reason why will come to light six months later.  Why didn’t George Anthony tell anyone about the gas can incident with Casey?”

Blah, blah, blah.  It is just a lot of talk that will amount to absolutely nothing but embarrassment.

If Baez really wants to float the preposterous theories he made in his opening statement, he will have to have Casey take the stand.  There is absolutely no other way to get any of this so-called “evidence” in.  Casey Anthony cannot testify via testimony from others, it’s not allowed.  The only way testimony that supports Baez’ theory will come in is via Casey taking the stand.

What a disaster that would be.  What a tremendous day in court it would be, too!

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