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May 29, 2011


“something’s not right here”

by Andrea O'Connell

“Something’s not right here,” was Jose Baez’ main refrain during his opening statement, in the State v. Casey Anthony trial.

Baez is right.  It is crystal clear that something is not right in that Orlando courtroom.  Jose Baez is what is not right – he is the most deceitful, and despicable lawyer, bar none.

Baez is a laughing stock.  The man is trying to embody how he thinks a good lawyer behaves in a courtroom.

Seeing him in that courtroom is like watching a goon, or a criminal who is representing himself in court.   You’ve probably seen how horrible it is when the accused is so ego-driven they insist on defending themselves?  How they strut and flaunt themselves in the courtroom, making horrible mistakes because they don’t know the law, and end up failing miserably.

That’s how I see Baez.

He’s not really a lawyer, he’s acting the part of a lawyer.  He’s a caricature of a TV lawyer.  TV lawyers think and act as if drama will save the day.  It’s all drama for Baez.

Baez’ actions and demeanor in that courtroom are horrendous.  His bullying of the sympathetic George Anthony was so horrible and inhumane that any person with a scintilla of compassion will hate Baez for his behavior.

My brother, Tom, is a Criminal Defense Attorney with over twenty years of experience trying death penalty cases.

I spoke with him yesterday after he watched some of the trial.  He told me, Baez is the worst attorney he has ever seen in all the years he’s practiced law.

He said, Baez is helping the state make its case with his wild pronouncements of all the wrongs his client is guilty of.  For Baez to admit his client is a liar, and “not right in the head,” is absolutely preposterous.  But, Tom said, perhaps Baez is trying to lay the foundation for the penalty phase.  Stupid way to do it.

To illustrate how incompetent Baez is, my brother gave me a lesson on how to impeach witnesses, as Baez hasn’t yet learned how.

Tom said that the bullying and the cynicism that Baez engages in, is a great way to turn the jurors against a lawyer and his client.

Jurors don’t want to know the lawyer’s editorial comments, they want to see proof and facts.

Tom and I had a good laugh about the gas can testimony – when Baez was trying to get George Anthony to testify regarding a photo that was not yet in evidence, and Judge Perry had to say “it’s not in evidence!” over and over and over.

The fact that Jose Baez is not death penalty qualified is absolutely something that is glaring in this case.  To become qualified, one has to try a number of Murder One cases.  Generally lawyers start as second chair in a case, and then as lead counsel before they try a death penalty case.  Also, a conscientious Criminal Defense Attorney takes certification courses, attends seminars, and reads a lot of case law before attempting to try such an important case.

I don’t mean to trash Mr. Baez just because he’s defending Casey Anthony – that is not the case at all.  But it is so irritating to see Baez in that courtroom.  He’s incompetent, and I feel he’s dishonest.

I wonder how he will handle Cindy Anthony?

Cindy’s about-face – remarkable

It was Saturday’s testimony by Cindy Anthony that completely changed my feelings for her, for the pain she and George have suffered and continued to suffer.

I have not forgotten the less than sympathetic antics she’s pulled over the last couple of years.   I cannot imagine having to go through the hell she and George have gone through, but I believe she and George have now come full-circle and are on the road to regaining their dignity.

Over the last few months, the Anthony’s have been very quiet.  We only heard from them when they testified (with hostility) in recent  pretrial hearings.  Of course, this was during a time when their love and belief in their daughter, Casey Anthony, was rock-solid.  Yes, that  was an easier time for the Anthony’s, though their life since July 15th 2008, was far from easy.  Now, the Anthony’s are living with a hell so evil it’s unthinkable.

Who would destroy their own parents, who have already been destroyed so horribly?  It’s difficult to fathom the depth of the hate that Casey Anthony must have – the evil within her.

What does this say about the lawyers who are supporting this incoherent tactic?  They are just as despicable.  How could these defense attorney’s go with the theory of molestation with no evidence to support it?

Perhaps they would answer, “We believe in our client, and trust she is telling us the truth.”  But, what Casey says is not evidence of anything.  Casey Anthony is a liar, a total liar.   If the defense is banking on Casey’s word, then they have a seriously damaged problem.

What jury will believe what Baez said on opening?  I have no doubt that every single juror has already discounted everything Baez has said, and if he had any credibility during his first few moments of his opening statement, it’s gone now.  When you lose credibility with jurors, my brother said, there’s no way to regain it.  The client pays for the misdeeds of the lawyer.

This first week of testimony set the stage for the defense and gave the State a set of circumstances they can easily overcome.  The State will prove Mr. Roy Kronk is a nice guy who did a very good thing. The State will portray how thorough Law Enforcement was in this case, though the defense will attempt to make the Richard Cain scenario into more than it was, they will use that situation to their advantage – or maybe not!

Baez said he will concentrate on the lack of evidence in Casey’s car.  He will illustrate how much confusion there is over the car, and that this aspect of the case will lengthen the trial, unfortunately.

Baez told the jurors “we are here to find out exactly how Caylee died.” He said, “this is the reason for the trial.”

He told the jury they will see “a sign here, a sign there” that will tell them why something is not right in this case.

He told the jury, “sexual abuse does things to people and some are forced to live with it.”

Baez then said, “In this sad tragedy, it had to happen to Casey.”  What a odd thing to say…. “it had” to happen?  Is he really saying, it “must” have happened because Casey told him it did?

Baez made so many absurd statements in his opening – I wish I had a transcript to illustrate how many times he messed up.  For instance, when talking about when the “drowning” occurred, he actually said, “we don’t know when it happened – if it was in the morning or the afternoon.  Well, it happened in the morning,” he corrected himself.

Baez said, “Casey cried and cried and asked for her father’s help.  She should have been stronger and called 911, but she didn’t.  And so, Caylee’s  death was covered up.  Why did goerge do this?  Why did he cover it up?”

Do you know of anything that substantiates this?  I don’t.

Baez goes on to say, “But, unfortunately, did Cindy leave the ladder up?  We don’t know.  Cindy tells coworkers that someone is swimming in the pool.  Someone left the ladder on the pool.”

Clearly it was Casey who would have left it up.  Did she jump in the pool to rid herself of any evidence of the murder?

Baez said, “George took steps to be so far away from this case that Casey would take the blame.  He threw his very own daughter under the bus to save himself, he said.”

Again, with regards to George, he says, “George reports gas cans stolen – how foolish… who would report gas cans missing?!! Who?  The reason why will come to light six months later.  Why didn’t George Anthony tell anyone about the gas can incident with Casey?”

Blah, blah, blah.  It is just a lot of talk that will amount to absolutely nothing but embarrassment.

If Baez really wants to float the preposterous theories he made in his opening statement, he will have to have Casey take the stand.  There is absolutely no other way to get any of this so-called “evidence” in.  Casey Anthony cannot testify via testimony from others, it’s not allowed.  The only way testimony that supports Baez’ theory will come in is via Casey taking the stand.

What a disaster that would be.  What a tremendous day in court it would be, too!

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  1. Venice
    May 29 2011

    Excellent article!!!!!! I, too, have never seen a lawyer like Baez before. He is so dirty, I feel like showering after watching him in court. What an embarassment to the court!!!!

    • May 30 2011

      Hi Venice! Thanks a bunch… and yes, it is really preposterous to see this kind of lawyering on such a media driven, high-profile case. Of course, we knew from the very beginning, from the first couple of weeks of this case, that Baez was not afraid of the camera and played this case for all it’s worth.

      I am of the opinion that Baez wanted to use the media to prove his client couldn’t get a fair trial…. Why would he continue to work the media, spend hours and hours filming “in session”, 48 hours, and others? Simply because he wanted that as a part of his defense. He even mentioned it in the first few minutes of his opening!

      With the havoc he’s creating in this case now (the George did it and Casey freaked because of years of molestation defense), he could end up being in big trouble. Granted, lawyers can say anything they want in opening statements – terrible attorneys can lie, but most try not to. What Baez has done is beyond the pale. Mark Lippman, the Anthony’s attorney, have filed a motion that Judge Perry will hear on Monday, thank God, to make Baez cease and desist from this lie.

      We’ll see if it works…….

  2. Whistlersmother
    May 29 2011

    Yep Cindy and George Anthony have lived the life of something nobody could imagine. I have thought that all along, these people deserve the respect that they have given their granddaughter FINALLY! I hope and pray that they eventually find peace after their daughter is dealt with and left in a place that she cannot hurt anyone else. Supposedly, the motion to be heard on tues morning by Mark Lippman is to squash any questioning about the “alleged abuse” unless the defense has proof that is coming! gotta love that-it pushes the hand of the defense to either put up or shut up their client!

    • May 30 2011

      I know what you’re saying, Whistlersmother. When I saw Cindy testify, and saw the care they put into that Playhouse – with its little mailbox, and with it’s own sidewalk and flowers lining it, I thought, ‘Caylee was certainly well taken care of and loved by Cindy and George – that is as clear as day.’
      I’m sure they walked a very fine line with Casey, given she was the Mother and they had no standing, really.

      Mark Lippman appears to be a very good attorney, I hope he will prevail tomorrow…. It should work since the State’s motion in limine worked. Tomorrow should be a big day in that courtroom!

  3. Linda
    May 29 2011

    Hi Andrea, Don’t forget he told the jury Follow the duck tape..For God sakes, its was georges house, who dosent have duck tape? That witch doesn’t want to take the blame for anything. I agree with your brother on the jury not liking him… It looks like he’s grandstanding..
    I think Cindys eyes are finally open, but I am a little worried that when Baez comes at her she will lose it .. Can you imagine if she found out on that last 24 hr show? Where LKB said there was no NANNY and blamed her family for Casey being the way she is? She said she found out about 6 wks ago……

    • Kitt
      May 30 2011

      I know!!! “Follow the duct tape…” What a goofball! Everybody has duct tape!! I know for a fact that even my own two daughters have duct tape, because they’ve borrowed it from my husband or me and have yet to return it! Lol!

    • May 30 2011

      OMG, Linda!! I DID forget that ridiculous line about “follow the duct tape”. it was so farcical! I am sure Linda D Burdick, Frank George, and Jeff Ashton (who could barely contain himself!) had to literally bite their tongue to keep from guffawing.

      I am a little worried, too, that Cindy will lose it…. However, she has watched and learned from other witnesses how to answer, how to keep cool, so I hope she is able to contain herself.

      Yes… I was surprised she said that it was 6 weeks ago that she gave up on Zanny. Clearly it was when they learned of the Baez scheme that the truth hit them as if they ran into a plate glass window. They’ve been knocked sideways; I know they will always love their daughter, but will not allow her to ruin more their already ruined lives.

  4. Addie
    May 29 2011

    Andrea, you and your brother are so right in what you saw ! And the VERY worst part of that opening from Baez was that filthy comment he made about George. There was absolutely NO reason to be that graphic. He is only helping the State, so more power to his smart mouth ! Those pouts and smirks he gives look like a kid, so unprofessional !
    I, too, felt so sorry for Cindy on the stand. She tried so hard to answer with respect but honestly and so as not to really harm Casey. THEN, when she walked out did anyone else see that little spectacle Casey put on ? I couldn’t believe it. She went from sniffles, to crying, then to down right meanness. She looked exactly like she did throwing that fit in that jail house video. I “thought” at first she was pointing that finger to the State team, but it sure looked like she was pointing that finger and do all that carrying on towards Cindy. If I were Cindy I would be worried to death that I would be blamed too. ( remember the jail video and several more incidences where Casey would be so mean towards Cindy, but not George ? )
    Yes, I do believe Mr. Baez is far out of his league and needs refresher courses in law and court room etiquette. He and Casey make the perfect pair……… snot nosed, spoiled rotten brats !
    One of the really good parts to me was when Tony Lazzaro told about the abuse not being what Baez had said, so said Casey.
    I guess my number one question about this defense is this. I don’t believe for one minute that Casey would have sat in jail for any time at all for anyone. Her sitting there all this time pretty much answers my questions about her defense strategy.

    • May 30 2011

      Hi Addie, you are absolutely right. He only used that horrible image for shock value. He wants that image to remain in the jurors mind – just as it’s remained in our minds. But, Baez miscalculated. He didn’t realize, since he has no empathy or care for anyone), that most people have a meter inside of them that measures Bull Shxx. No doubt the jury got the picture as soon as Jeff Ashton made the BRILLIANT move to call George Anthony to the stand.
      If it was true what Baez said, wouldn’t he have raised it??? He could have easily raised that issue since Jeff Asthon opened the door. But, he was meek with regards to that issue because he was unprepared, but mostly because it’s untrue!!!
      I totally agree with you – there is no way in hell that Casey would have sat in jail for her father! Sheesh! That is so unbelievable, and the jury will realize this, too, when they hear Casey’s first call from the jail to Cindy.

  5. May 29 2011

    Hi Andrea, love your post. I also enjoyed your Lawyer Brother’s expertise. Boy i bet through his eyes he really does see Baez as a horrifically bad lawyer. Baez had to have made this all up with Casey and i know that a lawyer is not allowed to make things up but when has that ever stopped Baez. I believe he lost the juror’s when he went in to actually being dumb enough to say the body part Casey supposedly had in her mouth. He only did that for shock value in hopes it would grab the juror’s in to believing it, when in reality it showed to me just the opposite and was something i would think no one wanted to hear amongst for sure male and female juror’s. Then the Roy Kronk and George mess he is trying to float sounds just like Casey trying to float the Zanny/Nanny story. He and Casey totally deserve each other and Mason has become a bafoon in this case too. It boggles the mind. I think Cindy can handle Baez so he better watch out trying to play the bully with her. George did a great job handling Baez. I was proud of him and Cindy too. Baez knows he has screwed up royally already and that is why he keeps asking for a mistrial. He can forget that as Judge Perry will never let him have one. Baez is sinking slowly like the Titanic but he cannot jump ship. He is stuck and that is what he get’s for being a media hound and lieing and trying to blame Casey cannot get a fair trial due to media, LE and anyone but him and his defense team which we all know and have seen with our own eyes as the culprits. He is a total disgrace as a human being and disgrace as an attorney. I hope he get’s disbarred once this case is over.

    • May 30 2011

      Hey my friend, Knight Owl! I totally agree – he made that sick, sick comment purely for the shock value – he wants that image to stick with the jurors as they hear the evidence… he wants that image to color their thought processes. What he didn’t bank on is that when lawyers lie, it back fires and he will pay the price with these jurors. The closing arguments by the State will mention all the promises that Baez made but couldn’t prove. The State will bring that right back up in their closing and the fact that there will be ZERO proof of it, will turn the jury against Baez and Casey so fast!

  6. May 29 2011

    Hi Venice. Linda, whistlersmother and Addie. great posts by all of you.

    • May 30 2011

      ..and great post by you, too – as always! 🙂

  7. May 29 2011

    When Baez kept saing ”Something’s not right here”, don’t you know Ashton and Linda wanted to scream out, yes and it is YOU.

    • May 30 2011

      😆 Good one! I’m listening to part of Baez’ opener and its nauseating-hmmm…that’s the second time you’ve seen me use that word today describing Baez’ opener…

  8. May 29 2011

    Adrea, Robin Adams is being tranported back to Orange County jail. Now will Judge Perry allow Casey’s letters into evidence? Is this how Baez plans on trying to bring the sexual allegations in without Casey testifying? Judge Perry had mentioned this is called self-serving and whether it is allowed or not I do not know. Is there any way you can find out, Andrea? LOL You seem to know a few people in high places.

    • May 30 2011

      Hi Dear Mainstreamfair! I will find out for sure, but my guess is that Robin Adams will testify about her relationship with Casey, what she saw and experienced regarding when the bones were dug up at Blanchard Park and people thought it may be Caylee, and Casey was not even worried or troubled, she said, “it’s not Caylee.” Then, the discovery off of Suburban Drive, December 11th, and Casey lost it, AND told Robyn that a baby blanket was found, when the police never released that info, that will be conveyed via Robyn. If the state does not bring up the letters, then the defense will not be able to cross on them.
      Baez will have to call Robyn for the purpose of introducing the letters. But, as you say, I don’t think the defense can use them because they are self-serving, and cannot be cross-examined. Casey would have to testify about the abuse she mentioned in the letters for it to come in….. That’s my take on it, for whatever it’s worth! 🙂
      I will follow up, though.

      • May 30 2011

        Andrea, thanks for your response. Sorry I spelled your name wrong and also Robyn’s. I will check back to see if you can find out any more info. I think Judge Perry is quite aware of Baez’s devious tactics in trying to get the sexual abuse in without Casey taking the stand.

      • May 30 2011

        You’re welcome! I talked to my brother earlier this afternoon. He said we were both right. The statements about “abuse” are self-serving, and would be inadmissible. Casey can testify to it, but it’s not coming in via her letters to Robyn. I have a feeling that if the State calls Robyn, and I think they will, they will avoid discussing the letters as it “may” open the door for Baez to question her about the abuse Casey discussed.

      • May 30 2011

        Andrea, you are a sweetheart! It is nice to get some facts from a legal mind. Tell your source, a humble Seagull said a big thank you.

      • May 30 2011

        I sure will, my friend! 🙂

  9. May 29 2011

    Linda i am betting if Baez goes after Cindy like a big bully she will back him off and fast. Cindy is a strong person and can handle that school boy whimpy Baez.

    • May 30 2011

      And don’t think the jury members will forget the laughter they got from seeing that scene when deliberation time comes! 😆

  10. offthecuff
    May 29 2011

    I suppose after this trial is over, Baez will legally change his name, grow a beard, and move to California.

    Many will be playing and replaying his courtroom antics for laughs and as training videos in law school.

    • May 30 2011

      “How NOT to be a Lawyer”

      “Assinine Tricks by an Assinine Lawyer”

      “How to Use Unethical Tactics and Immoral Accusations in the Courtroom- All in the name of Justice”

      • offthecuff
        May 30 2011

        “When to Cop a Plea”

        “Don’t Pet a Snapping Turtle”

    • Venice
      May 30 2011

      Hey, Hey…..please don’t send Baez my way to Cali. We have enough of his type of lawyers here 😉

  11. May 29 2011

    Casey snothead had that meltdown from Cindy testifying as for one she wanted Cindy to lie and lie some more for her and Cindy didn’t do it. Second and even bigger reason was Casey was so jealous of Cindy’s emotions for Caylee and how much her love for Caylee came shining through. It was eating Casey alive. I cannot stand evil monster Casey.

    • May 30 2011

      It seems she was jealous of George when she had her hissy fit.

  12. May 29 2011

    Hi Offthecuff, lmho.

  13. May 29 2011

    We surely Mason will retire to the pasture~~

  14. May 29 2011

    That is perfect for Baez, bring in a jail junkey (Robin Adams) to do his bidding.

  15. May 29 2011

    nite everyone~~

  16. May 29 2011

    i just wanted to say, i disagree that Cindy and George deserve respect. i could go on and on about how disrespectful they have been to everyone. they lied. lied and then lied again and again. they used Caylee to make money. George had an affair. they have been rude and untruthful so many times it is unreal. i think . they realized their gooses would be cooked. if they didn’t tell the truth. if Cindy hadn’t made that 911 call. do you really think anyone would have known Caylee was dead. they decevied LE , and people searching for Caylee and did everything they could to get her out of jail . they are decitiful scam artists and have no excuse to act the way they have. where were they, when Caylee was found. eating crab cakes at the Ritz and making deals with ABC.

    • May 30 2011

      Hi grandma + 4. You are correct about all those misdeeds; but we are human and we can forgive. We know the stress George and Cindy lived with daily – they loved that child more than anything on this earth – she was their world. They had to put up with Casey running their lives, nearly bankrupting them. They put up with Casey for the love of Caylee.
      Yes, George did some stupid things, but he’s a human being with many foibles, too. I think the Anthony’s wanted so much to believe that Caylee was alive, despite the evidence to the contrary, as long as there was no body found, there was hope – hope springs eternal – that Caylee was alive.
      When they found out that evening, they did not want to believe it…. They are broken people. I may not like them too much, but I have enormous compassion for their lot in life.

  17. GasCanGeorge
    May 29 2011

    I think KC has regained control, turned away her mother, the enabler of her abuser. Her silence cannot be bought anymore….

    Reap what you sow Cindy and George I hope you both rot in hell and go straight to jail….Your payments throughout couldnt buy her silence anymore, collecting funds on a lie, you both deserve each other…..

  18. May 30 2011

    I can respect George and Cindy a bit now because they are not letting Casey’s bus run them over. They could have pleaded the 5th for her sake. I think the rules changed for them when they found out that Casey murdered their grandchild (if she didn’t, why go the route of fantastical make-believe for a defense?) But, like I said, my feelings won’t change until I hear that they have thanked everyone who had helped them in the beginning. Especially those Cindy bullied and treated like crap. After the trial, they may go back to their mean-spirited self. Who knows.

    Baez just isn’t cutting it as a lawyer in this case and its time to put away the fat headed pride and let Mason take over. ~sigh~

    • May 30 2011

      Oh, and uh, great post! Well said! Thank you for saying it like it is!

  19. Lily~Rose
    May 30 2011

    Grandma +4: From one grandma to another, I agree with you 100%. I could’nt have said it any better! Night all.

  20. offthecuff
    May 30 2011

    grandma+4, Do you think their gooses will get cooked anyway because in order for them to tell the truth NOW they will be exposing their lies? Or, will they get a pass because their testimony now will redeem them somehow?

    I thought it interesting that George refused to say that the odor from the trunk reeked stronger than the car. Baez kept asking him, but he maintained that he didn’t say it smelled stronger, that there was garbage back there. The Tow-manager had said that the car was bad, but when the trunk was opened, it really was bad.

    It would seem that George is allowing for the garbage lies to come into play. After all, it can be argued that the question of smell is based only on opinion. Both the tow manager and George had experience with decomp smell, but they can still differ on their opinions.

  21. cecile
    May 30 2011

    Still learning!

  22. damagdpets
    May 30 2011

    Baez made those opening statements and now will try to discredit George and Cindy. He knows how to push George’s buttons enough to make him stumble or be defiant in answering. I don’t think Cindy will be that easy, she has more control. I’ll bet Baez would like to have those two shrinks on board.
    The best part of the week was when Cindy took the stand. I really thought she would be put on earlier but I really didn’t know if she would throw George and Lee under according to Casey’s plan. I finally exhaled when Cindy said she stopped looking for Zanny 6 weeks ago. My wife and I watching intently, dropped our jaws at the same time. So that coupled with Cindy not acknowledging Casey when she left the stand and Casey throwing a fit, about ready to throw herself on the floor, brought about hope while we watched. The part that really pissed me off is Casey waiting for the jury to leave before the fit. She comes into court with smiles and talks it up with the DT and as soon as the jury comes in she puts the “I’m the victim look”!!!
    I can’t wait for Lee to take the stand and say “I no longer believe everything my sister says”. You remember the look Casey gave Lee in court when they asked him about giving information to LE when he told Casey he wouldn’t. We have several more weeks of this and I see the torturing slowly starting to turn.

  23. Addie
    May 30 2011

    I’m REAL curious to see how Lee answers while on the stand. Mallory shocked me with her answers. IMO she was just a little too “soft”. I keep wondering too what Lee’s “immunity” is and all about. Wonder if we’ll ever know.
    Casey knew better than to throw that fit while jury was still in there ! ( BTW, so glad others saw the entirety of it too ! ) It took all 3 on her DT just to shut her up. IMO, they weren’t “consoling” her at all. Bet they wanted to choke her ! LOL
    Watching the “trial of manipulation” worries me a little. Surely there is no one person on that jury that is buying into that “poor pitiful me ” act. And surely no juror will buy into Baez’s theatrics. I would hope and pray that a jury can see through this whole “mess”, as we can. Is anybody else wondering about “ineffective counsel ” appeal after and if she is found guilty ? I keep wondering if this may not all be a game for Baez too ( for Casey, on appeals ). Any hobo off the street could present better than Baez, IMO.
    But, State is laying a great foundation ! I am so proud of their professionalism and for being so thorough. Had a friend tell me how boring the trial is because State keeps going over and over some details ( that seemed minor to them )……….but they are leading up and following up great, I think ! Covering ever piece of a question Baez could ever lay out there.
    I just hope and pray there is finally going to be a time when justice is done and all this is turned around and all about Caylee, not Casey.

    • damagdpets
      May 30 2011

      I really believe, if found guilty, you bet there is an appeal for in effective council. I have watched Judge Strickland and Judge Perry tell Baez politely, he does not know how to write a motion. He was corrected in court too many times. I do believe in the system….if guilty she can appeal and in about 10-12 years it might be heard by a higher court. I can wait. By the way…..I watch the twitter comments to know when the jury is in or out to see how Casey changes her look and attitude. You can believed she was coached up until Saturday when Cindy didn’t acknowledge Casey….

  24. CptKD
    May 30 2011

    Great post, Andrea!
    And a big ‘thanks’ to your Brother, Tom!

    I couldn’t agree more, that Baez is one of
    the ‘worst of the worst’!

    I’ve seen some pretty ‘nasty’ attorneys in
    some of our Couthouses, and STILL –
    Baez has them beat – Hands down!

    I know you posted a reply to one of my previous entries on the
    ‘gas, grass, etc.’ post from last wk – Thought I’d post my reply back here…

    Re: “CptKD! Thank you for explaining this horrible condition. I am very sorry you’re having to deal with this….”
    * You are so very welcome – Thank you for giving me the opportunity and place to ‘let it out’!

    Re: “It took me some time to read this…. I have been running, running, running like a nut lately but I have had your post on the back of my mind to read carefully and respond to. …
    * I’ve noticed that you’ve been working alot more, as of late – I hope you’re taking some breaks in there…and thank you, for thinking of me! :`)

    Re: “I am so glad they have diagnosed you with what the real issues are.”
    * As am I! Finding out what it really was, was horrendous and shocking…But NOT knowing, was even worse than that!

    Re: “I’m glad you were able to withstand the dental procedures… I can see how it would be problematic with your condition. Dental procedures are bad enough, but to have to withstand anesthesia, too… well, that’s just awful… The side-effects of that are tough to deal with, I’ve always found.”
    * Ever so slowly, things are getting better – Stitches fell out yesterday, and so that’s alleviated some of the pressure in there. Thinking, my body was finally starting to reject the foreign material being that it was finally almost healed up. Took longer than it would normally – But I’m just happy that it DID in fact heal up. Regardless if it took a little longer, there was a chance at it NOT healing, and becoming infected instead…
    As for the anaesthetic!
    I wish I could of brought some of that stuff home with me….LOL!
    It is definately hard on the body, and takes a while to work itself out… that’s why I’m going to have to wait a while before they continue on with the next procedure. They cannot sedate me so soon after being anaesthetized…

    Re: “Now, something that I want to be sure you know, my dear… ”
    * I’m listening….. (all ears – LOL)

    Re: “You can write a book on here and it would not concern me in the least. You write as much as you’d like to ”
    * Whoa! I CAN write a book here? I’m sure there are days when I probably COULD no doubt, write a novel! May just happen yet…. LOL!

    Re: “You are a wonderful writer and you have a terrific perspective on this case, the law, and law enforcement. So, you just write and write and write to your heart’s content!”
    * Thank you so much! I’ve always loved writing, and I’ve always loved my responsibilitites and duties with LE and the Canadian Court System.
    This Anthony case, along with the ‘Spector’ trial on the other hand, have given me great opportunity to learn much about American Law as well –
    I LOVE it!!!! Being that it’s also given me opportunity to meet, and even stumble upon, some great folks, read some great blogs, and also be able to share in, and participate in the ‘goings-on’ with regards to this case!
    Sucked in from the start… I shall be here til the end!
    And so I, thank you – For writing the great posts that you do, and giving us a great ‘place’ to share in that along with you…

    Re: “No apologies – ever!”
    * I know – I know… “SPOLOGIES” – Only!

    I will keep that in mind from here…
    And ‘thank you’ , once more – You deserv it, and more!

    • May 30 2011

      Thank you, my friend! I am very happy to have the chance to chat with you on here…. you always bring so much to the table, and I love that you can are able to research and answer questions for all of us here. 🙂 Your experience in LE shows, and is appreciated, big time. I especially thank you for giving so much here despite the illness you suffer with…. The fact that it gives you such delight, delights me!

      I should get back to some normalcy soon. I have been teaching for the past two weeks, all day in a classroom, and it’s exhausting – especially when I’d rather be watching the trial!!! LMAO!

      I wish the trial was happening today – on Memorial Day, since I’m off…LOL, Judge Perry didn’t ask how I felt about this, my goodness!

      Peace and love……. 🙂

  25. katydid
    May 30 2011

    I understand Cindy now, where before I didn’t. As long as she believed Casey, she had hope that Caylee was alive……as soon as she started not to believe Casey, she lost her grandchild. What I saw on the stand Saturday, was a woman finally grieving after 3 years. As we say in the south, bless her heart.

    • May 30 2011

      Very well said, Katydid…. I totally agree.

  26. Rob
    May 30 2011

    Hi Andrea, As usual your thoughts about this case are so very accurate. Since last Tuesday, when Baez gave his nauseous opening statements I have not had the desire to comment on this case. Prior to opening statements many people had commented that Casey would throw her parents under the buss. Now we know, she has. Baez and Casey deserve each other. I do hope the jurors will not fall for his ridiculous statements. One has to wonder, would a person sit in jail for three years, knowing they were charged with murder, when in fact an accident occurred? Would a grieving mother enter hot body contests, get tattoos, party shop, steal money, and lie about a nanny and a nonexistent job? Casey is truly evil, and I never thought I would say I feel sorry for Cindy and George Anthony……But I do!

    • May 30 2011

      Hey Rob,
      Boy, I know what you mean…. since the opening statement by Baez, the case became even more sordid. You’re right, we all knew that George would be thrown under the bus – but never, never could anyone have imagined it would turn into this! This is the most absurd and creepy allegation of all time. The reason it’s so awful is because there is nothing to support it!
      Can Baez be so inexperienced that he thinks this will fly???? He knows a drowning cannot be proved, so that “could” be a possible theory, but to claim what he’s claiming goes way beyond inhumane.
      Me, too. I never thought I’d feel for Cindy, especially, but I sure do now….

  27. shipdog7
    Jun 4 2011

    I can’t help but wonder how Baez would feel if someone accused him of sexually abusing his daughter?
    I know now that the Anthony family were told by Baez about the defense theory he would be using.
    Even though George was asked if he had discussed how he was to respond during his testimony by the defense…… he answered no.
    Yet no way can a mother and father sit in that court room and listen to horrible accusations against them.
    They were told early on that the only way to save their daughters life is to throw accusations and innuendos out there and hope the jury buys into it.
    What would you do if your daughter’s life was possibly in your hands?
    Would you say take me instead?

    • Jun 5 2011

      HI shipdog7 – I totally agree with you!! That’s the sick bit about this – Baez and Mason are Fathers, too! How they could come up with such a foul way to create doubt, or create sympathy for Casey is disgusting.
      If they can prove it, that’s another thing, but to just lay it out there is gross and indecent.
      How could they proved such an allegation? Though Casey? OMG, she lies about the nose on her face, so no one will believe anything she says!!!!

      I think George and Cindy were warned and warned again that should they react, shake their head, or do anything to draw attention to themselves, out they would go from the courtroom. So, despite the horrid innuendos, they were stoic.

  28. Elle Emm
    Jul 19 2011

    I read your blog with interest post verdict. I wondered what you (and your brother) think of Baez now?

    Personally, I preferred him to Mason, who I found mumbling and bumbling (especially his Kronk questions) and PAINFUL to listen to. At least Baez kept the pace moving, and didn’t bore me. In fact, he was the easiest of all atty’s to listen to. And I think that this particular jury actually liked him. Perhaps they could identify with him (they don’t seem to clued in from comments they’ve made).

    I think the point you made about Baez trying too hard to copy the TV lawyers is exactly why the Jury believed all the crap he spouted, over the actual evidence. They are used to tv lawyers. For most it was probably their first experience with lawyers. And if you base your thinking on tv, Baez and his antics was probably the most ‘professional’ lawyerin’ those 12+5 idiots had ever seen.

    • Jul 20 2011

      hi Elle Emm,
      You know, I agree with you – I’d never thought of it, but I also preferred Baez to Mason, though I didn’t like either of them very much!
      i still think Baez is a lawyer who needs a whole lot of improvement. I still think he was over his head, and didn’t play by the rules or respect the judge or the system. BUT, I do have to give it to him, too. He DID come a very long way in this case. He learned the science as well he could and did a reasonably “okay” job in a lot of respects. His closing was very good, and the jury liked him, which blew me away. But, it’s different seeing it on TV than in the courtroom. It’s possible that in person Jose has a lot of charisma that helps him a great deal in the courtroom. I wouldn’t doubt that’s the case.
      LOL! Love your last paragraph especially…. 🙂


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