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baez the abuser (of justice)

In the State v. Casey Anthony case, attorney Jose Baez is trying to weave his own version of reasonable doubt, using George Anthony as bait.

Does Baez really think this abuse story will add reasonable doubt to lessen Casey Anthony’s actions during those 31 days of her  beautiful-life, bliss?

Oh please.

His allegations are so outrageous, and so poorly planned, that it makes me wonder what the heck has Baez been doing these past three years?  What was he doing?    Apparently not much.

No lawyer – especially if they’d never tried a death penalty case – would play with someone’s life like this.  How could Baez pretend he has what it takes to defend a case that cannot be rationally defended?  Most lawyers would have explained to Casey Anthony that her case cannot be won, there is too much evidence against her, and she needs to discuss an alternative sentence, i.e. a plea deal.

Furthermore, it should be malpractice for an attorney to take a case he doesn’t have the experience to defend.

Just because your client says they’re innocent doesn’t mean the lawyer has to believe it!

You may think, it’s easy for me to sit here and judge.  And, that’s true. However, anyone with a single iota of common sense or appreciation for the law, will clearly see what I see.

The Baez Scam

What Baez has created in only the first week of the trial, is the opportunity for the jurors to realize, in no uncertain terms, that his client is indeed guilty.

Baez admits she lied; she’s irresponsible; she made up the Nanny; she lied to Law Enforcement; to her parents, her friends, and even to her boyfriend.  Why?  She was abused, Baez claims.

So, how did he come up with these abuse claims?   Clearly this came from the letters Casey Anthony wrote to Robyn Adams while in jail in which Casey Anthony has discussed her past.

I will say that it may be true that Lee did something to abuse Casey, because she told Jesse, and Tony about it.  However, I would not doubt that the Lee allegations are a figment of her imagination and a ploy for attention or sympathy.

Lee Anthony received special attention in his teen years as a result of some form of autoimmune problem.  He was unable to play sports and I believe he was out of High School for a while during his rehabilitation.  As such, Lee received special attention, and no doubt Casey was jealous.  It appears that Casey was jealous of the attention and lavish gifts and love that Cindy and George Anthony heaped on Caylee.  I wonder, did Casey create a lie about Lee to get sympathy from her mother?

The Young Girl

When Jose Baez referred to Casey Anthony as a young girl, it was to present her as a victim since her youth.  An attempt to try to get the jury to see her as young and harmless – as a young loving mother.

Mr. Baez says in his opening statement,

Casey cried and cried and asked for her father’s help.  She should have been stronger and called 911, but her death was covered up.  Why did George do this?  Why did he cover it up?

Why did George cover it up?!!  Wasn’t Casey a party to this, also?  Poor young Casey, she was deathly afraid of her father who threatened to expose her as a neglectful mother.

Just a pile of nonsense!  Pure, unadulterated nonsense!

When the State of Florida plays the recording of Casey from the jail in which she sounds like a witch who could care less for her daughter, the jury’s eyes will be opened WIDE.

When the jury sees the jail tapes – the cold, calculated way Casey reacted to questions about Caylee, and calling herself the victim, they will know who Casey really is.

When they hear Casey’s reaction (in the jail videos), cynically saying, “Surprise, surprise,” to her mother’s mention of the rumors that Caylee drowned in their pool, the jury will know George had nothing to do with Caylee’s death.   And there was NO drowning.

If Caylee drowned (and we will never know if she did or not), was it due to Casey drowning her?  Did Casey intend for Caylee to drown?  Is that why the ladder was left up?

I don’t think drowning is a plausible scenario given Casey’s reaction in that jail video.

The Anthony’s Attorney Intervenes

Last week, the State of Florida filed a motion in limine to require the Defense to stop the references to items not in evidence, such as the abuse claims.  Judge Perry granted the motion and the defense responded with a speaking motion to declare a mistrial.  Of course, that was denied.

At the close of Saturday’s testimony, Mark Lippman notified the court of the Anthony’s wish to file a motion in this case.  Judge Perry asked the State and the Defense if there were any objections.  The State (of course) did not object, the Defense did.

Judge Perry will hear the motion tomorrow morning, at 8:30 a.m.

Attorney Richard Hornsby wrote a superb post about this.  You will enjoy reading it, I promise!  The Hornsby post.

The best outcome from all of this would be for the Judge to give the jury an instruction to disregard the Defense statements about the abuse or the drowning.  We all know there is no evidence of drowning!

There is no evidence of abuse other than Casey Anthony’s self-serving letters to Robyn Adams.  The problem for Baez, the jail letters with Casey’s abuse claims are inadmissible.

To introduce any abuse into the trial would have to be from Casey Anthony herself, on the stand.

Is Casey that bold?

Who’s the Abuser?

There are two abusers in this story, and they are two peas in a pod:  Casey and Baez are the two abusers of justice, truth, and honesty.

With any luck, Judge Perry will drop the curtain on this ridiculous fiction – this moronic abuse of the truth.

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