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cindy’s agony

It was a horrible, horrible day in Courtroom 23-A for Cindy Anthony.

I kept thinking, “Oh dear God.”   Seeing Cindy collapse on the stand as she listened to the 911 call in which she reported Caylee missing, was gut wrenching. Heart breaking.

Anyone watching Cindy – forced to relive July 15, 2008, felt her pain.  But, not Casey.  She sat there looking like black granite, stone cold, blank and hard.

It was as if Cindy was reliving the moment when she over-heard Casey telling Lee that Caylee has been missing for 31 days.  Bringing back that time was brutally painful.  Agonizing.

Cindy heard the 911 calls today.  This was probably the first time she’d heard them.

As the third 911 tape played, Cindy slouched down in her chair – collapsing under the rail of the witness stand, unable to hold her head up while dissolving into the most heart-wrenching sobs.

A trial-watcher today said that Cindy was sobbing in the courtroom bathroom during the break.  Her sobs could be heard down the halls of the courtroom.

It all came rushing back to her, it seemed, forcing her to accept the cruel reality of Caylee’s death; Casey’s guilt.

Who could walk in her shoes? 

There but for the grace of God go I.

I realized today why Cindy Anthony was living in denial for so long.  She needed to live in her own dream world, where time stood still, or went backwards to a time when hope would spring eternal for Caylee, the love of her and George’s life.

The stark difference between Cindy’s heart-wrenching agony, and the bland-hearted stare of Casey Anthony was so unbelievable and surely not lost on the jury.

The Cross Examination

I saw some of Jose Baez’ cross examination.  He did not disappoint and did his level best to help the State of Florida make their case.

Baez threw into Cindy’s face questions about Casey’s imaginary friends.   Baez wanted the jury to know how odd Cindy was to continue to believe in “Zanny the Nanny,” suggesting that Cindy Anthony was a lot like Casey, in that respect.

In fact, Baez asked her a couple of times, “aren’t you and Casey a lot alike?”   Now, was he suggesting that Cindy is somehow disturbed like her daughter?  What was the point of that line of questioning?  There was no point.

Oh, Baez did not disappoint today. He was his usual self, though not as hard on Cindy as he was on George.  He knew better than to destroy Cindy who was already destroyed.  He could kiss his defense good-bye if he attacked Cindy.

Why did Baez have to keep saying “Zanny the Nanny” in his cynical way, even after Cindy explained that Casey called her Zanny?

Baez just has to get little “digs” into people.  He is not happy unless he’s editorializing, making fun of witnesses, trying to show how smart he is – what a good, dramatic lawyer he is.  The truth is, he was, unbelievably, even more ineffective today.

Baez would like the jurors to see a disturbed Cindy, and a deviant George.  The jury, however, will say, “No, Mr. Baez,  Casey Anthony, your client, is a monster.

Listen to Casey’s jail call, which the jurors heard today, and you’ll learn all you need about how Casey Anthony ran the Anthony’s lives until she finally destroyed it.

Today was so difficult to watch…. I am so sorry for Cindy and George Anthony.

I had trouble watching Cindy testify.

It is difficult to write about it.

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